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  3. As you can tell from the Livestream tab here, we got this up and running! The motor I stole from the old one works great, no real problems to speak of except first layer calibration. That always takes a few prints to zero in on the best settings. I'm nearly a 1KG spool of filament through and haven't had any major problems though, very happy with my i3Mk3 S+.
  4. Nothin', that's why it's in 3D Printing ;)
  5. Okay, back at it after a flood of work that came in. I printed the other door and some of the attachments for it before the short hiatus: I've got a new print going now for the other front suspension and wheel, and then both front tires. That should be done tomorrow evening around 7PM Central: Check that out here while we play some Art Bell: https://twitch.com/timetravelinstitute2
  6. Up next is the front part of the frame: https://twitch.tv/timetravelinstitute2
  7. There are still some supports in the time engine base I need to get out of there. Not too visible in the picture above, but it's there. Ordered some dental tools to get at those without breaking anything.
  8. This thing is going to be awesome. Printed the top of the time engine and the exhaust over Halloween. It just finished this morning: I'm going to clean a few things up on my end, then get going on the next print. Proper photos to come.
  9. What does this have to do with time travel?
  10. We researched and got a Prusa for our son. He is currently working out a space in the house and a proper bench/table for it to sit on, so we have not yet assembled it. You can check it out here @Robertel for all detailed reviews and guides . I have been patient, but I am ready to mess around with it too! We had to order direct, shipping was pretty reasonable and did not take too long either
  11. These parts are turning out BEAUTIFULLY. I'll get a gallery together showing the finished results after this next one. Up next is the TIME ENGINE BASE. One of the cool parts: ETA is late Sunday evening, about 8 PM. This is a 1 day 10 hour print, so lots of detail. Check it out here: https://twitch.tv/timetravelinstitute2
  12. Today we're printing the passenger-side door. ETA is about 7AM Saturday morning: Don't forget to follow us if you haven't already! Classic Art Bell plays in the background :) https://www.twitch.tv/timetravelinstitute2
  13. First batch was a success! Now printing the under hood/trunk area: ETA is about 11PM Central.
  14. First up is the front-left wheel, rim and suspension: ETA as of this post is about 7.5 hours.
  15. At long last, Titor has smiled upon me and given us the gift of fiber internet. I also finally had the motivation to swap out the Y-axis motor and, praise the timeline, got the new printer working. It's only been six months... No big deal. Last night I had a successful test print to check the first layers and ensure there's no other looming catastrophic failures. So far, so good, so I've set up the TTI2 stream again and you can find that here: https://www.twitch.tv/timetravelinstitute2 I'll update this thread whenever a new print begins, and start a separate thread for the actual construction and painting process. May Titor's cesium clocks guide us through this project, and bend our lasers accordingly.
  16. I stole the Y axis motor off the older 3D printer before we moved, and will get that wired up once we unpack it and have a good place for it to live. We'll pick back up on the 3D printing streams as soon as we have the internet bandwidth
  17. So, everything is assembled and hooked up correctly. Ran some self tests to start calibrating, and there's something up with the Y axis motor. Gotta do some more testing and check the cables and swap out the motor from the old one to confirm, but could be possible they sent me a bad motor. At this point it's a big pain in the butt, and I'm ready for it to be built and done. It's part of what I signed up for though and really love the "craftsmanship" (if there's the right word) of building something like this myself. Once I get the kinks worked out it'll be a beautiful machine that just "works", but good things take time and all that.
  18. Started the wiring into the motherboard, but found I had the power cable for the heatbed backwards. LOL. So my morning has been undoing some steps and getting that taken care of. Cables on the bottom right. Got it fixed, but will continue after a Costco run. Aiming to get this done today.
  19. Heatbed assembly attached to the main frame.
  20. Allergies absolutely kicking my ass today. Here’s the start of the yearned assembly!
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