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  3. Originally shared by @Mayhem in Discord: Love seeing these two together. Nothing can ever top their chemistry and the magic those films had.
  4. I the video looks amazing and also, in a lego version looks nice and also looks like Back to the future in lego style and everything is similar to Doc and Marty travelling in time in in the movies. It would of taken practice and also, a lot of planning and making it just right so it works and all the characters do what they are meant to do in the video. I, reckon it is amazing with the modern technology what can be done and also more can be done now and also used the right way a lot can be done shown by this.
  5. You at work or something where they filter the internet? It's a YouTube embed
  6. I came across this while goofing off at work today; thought it was too cool not to post here A ton of work must have gone into making this!
  7. I know what it probably is.. but I can't tell you until you sit through my ads.
  8. That's a phenomenal trailer not worthy of a TV movie. But it is "TV" so my guess is it's an incantation that puts you into a trance that lets you see the future.
  9. While I don't know what "their version" of The Secret is, I would be willing to bet that part of "The Secret" that their teaser clips refer to is something I have been discussing; namely, that Information is more powerful than raw Energy. Beyond that, I must say they have used one of the most effective forms of marketing to get people to tune in: titillation, mystery, and suspense. I tend to agree somewhat with Razimus that this may turn out to be a whole lotta nothing. But yet again we see that Time Will Tell! Just trying to stay on topic! RMT
  10. my guess... the secret is probably just some publicity stunt to hype someone's point of view. the first thing I thought of by looking at the clues aka promos, is that is looked as if it could be related to the davinci code hoax, the hoaxed list of members of the secret group of people which was found later to be a hoax, but whatever it is I doubt it's a secret and if it is I doubt it's worth knowing.
  11. http://whatisthesecret.tv/ what is the Secret Everyone??
  12. Hi Simon. What did Arnie Swarzenegger say the T-1000 was made of??? They were on the bike and John asked him is the T-1000 was more advanced. Arnie said something like 'epimedley polyalloy'. It came up when I put on subtitles. Im sure the typists at Page 888 arn't scientists, so I was wondering what 'epimedley polyalloy' actually is. The T-1000 was some kind of liquid metal so maybe it has somehting to do with that. Do you know what he said, SimonB?
  13. As you probarbly already know, The Terminator and Terminator 2 propose two different quantum mechanics theories.. I.e..The Terminator proposes 'predeterminancy' or a single circular universe. Everything that happens is pre determined. This grand scheme can not be altered by time travel..Any time travel that occurs has already effected the flow of history as it was always going to..blah blah.. This makes pretty good sense, as when Skynet tries to alter the past, it instead succeeds in maintaining it..single universe no way of changing 'fate'. The 'single reality' theory is actually 'proved' right at the beginning of the film.. There are two separate time incursions, the Terminator and then a little later Reece. They both arrive however, in the same reality. If the alternate reality theory was in effect, an incursion is not pre ordained, thus creates a paradox - hence an alternate reality is formed. Two separate incursions = Two SEPARATE realities skewing off from the origainal timeline. The Terminator and Reece are no longer in the same reality and could never meet..They could only end up in the SAME reality, by utilising the SAME incursion.. Terminator 2 however, proposes the 'alternate reality' theory. This is 'proved' when the team manage to successfully prevent the creation of Skynet, thus preventing the nuclear holocaust.. I refuse to believe that it is possible to change the past of your own native reality as this is paradoxical and nonsensical. The 'tool' or person of change must first exist in order to attempt the change. Both films present reasonably plausible theories, but they cannot BOTH be correct. I'm afraid that each negates the other. Time travel is either paradoxical or an integral part of a single reality. Some films/tv shows seem to think that you can travel into your own reality's past and only create a paradox when you interact with someone. This is irrelevent. You either arrive in your native reality and carry out the actions that you are predestined to, hence making time travel part of the original history of your SINGLE universe. ...Or, the process of time travel itself is a change to your original history, thus creating a paradox, straight away, as soon as you arrive. Your actions would then be followed through in the new reality that you have created and you could never return to your original native reality. Every further incursion would create a new reality....No back tracking. So as I said, Time travel is either an integral part of history..hence one reality only = The Terminator. Or it is not integral, any incursion immediately creates a paradox, hence multiple realities = Terminator 2. One does not allow the possibility of the other.. I think that it is very important to realise that to begin to understand the possibilities of temporal mechanics, you have to think of time from beyond human perspective. Time is a whole. There is no question of it being complete or not. From our linear perspective, we can only see part of it and that's our problem. Tommorrow we can see a bit more and on and on. But the universe and time are really one and the same thing. From our perspective we can't see the whole of either, yet they do exist as whole entities. Time travel into your past, if physically possible has already happened which means that it is not paradoxical, but part of your universe/reality. You are where you are today, partly because of it. Or time travel into our past has not already happened and so if phsically possible, would immediately cause a paradox and a parallel reality that skews off from the original universe at the point of incursion. It is either part of our past or future history, or it isn't. It can't be anywhere in between. Don't get me wrong, I am fond of both films and it only adds to their enjoyment to scrutinize them in this way. It is a blunder though..
  14. I have heard of a uk tv programme that had an article about a future person or organisation that sent a computer back through time to shakespeare time or thereabouts. Is there links to this or a book can anyone shed any light on this for me. Please e-mail me with your reply or post it on this site Ted the pope of reality
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    New TV Show

    Make sure that you inform people that there may be strong possiablity that time travel may have been done in the past. T.V. shows like X-files and X-Factor have done shows dealing with time and space. We may not understand or be incontrol of it but it's still out there. I believe the pass is the answer of our furture, and our tool to move ahead.
  16. There's lots of great theories here on this message board, as well as at the Time Travel Institute, proper. Theories with simple (even "stupid" names that everyone can understand. Stuff like: the "Ghost Theory" - You can travel back in time, but you take the shape of a disembodied person, unable to affect time in any way, thus avoiding any time-altering paradox. This is also similar to the "Time Window Theory" where you can LOOK back in time, but not travel into it or affect it. the "Kill Your Grandma Paradox" - Travel back in time, kill your grandma before your mom is ever born, and you're screwed. Because, if your mom is dead, how can you be born? This is usually associated to several quantum dimension theories (i.e. when you travel back in time, you're actually affecting other dimensions/time streams, but never your own) the "Beacon Theory" - Recently, "Chris" on the message board proposed the theory of "loopholes" - that time travels can only travel back in time to a place where a loophole has been created for them. In effect, a beacon of them to travel to. Which is why no time travel has ever travelled to our time, or beyond our time. Because no beacon has ever been created. When a beacon is created for them (say, in 2014), they will be able to travel back in time from their present (say, 2208) as far back as 2014, but never further into the past than that. Some of these theories are explained in greater detail on the Time Travel Institute's webpage, under "Methodology". While the institute is fictional, the theories put forth are real. Thank you, Raul Burriel/Mop [email redacted]
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    New TV Show

    When will the programs air?
  18. Hello. I am producing a series of programs for The Discovery Channel on the concept of Time Travel and am open for ideas and/or story lines we should consider. Our target demographic is 18 - 40 and the material should be solid without being intimidating and dense. Ideas and suggested interview guests are welcomed. thank you. Don Young
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