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  2. Internet has returned, and my Xbox is nice and full! Post your gamertag here and I'll be happy to add you.
  3. Reminder that this works just fine on a normal flat screen too. Even NetPlay with someone using VR on their end works Such a brilliant project.
  4. This thread is for the general discussion of the item EmuVR. Please add to the discussion here.
  5. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://play.google.com/store/apps/details%3Fid%3Djackpal.androidterm%26hl%3Den_US%26gl%3DUS%26referrer%3Dutm_source%253Dgoogle%2526utm_medium%253Dorganic%2526utm_term%253Dterminal%2Bemulator%2Bandroid%26pcampaignid%3DAPPU_1_ITNvYs6SM87az7sP5cCXgAo&ved=2ahUKEwiOp9yv1L_3AhVO7XMBHWXgBaAQ8oQBegQIDBAB&usg=AOvVaw184ZVX2yqNsRFlviN1e3OO
  6. Hi Cosmo what sort of games do you play on Xbox live??
  7. Rager35 I'm on most days,feel free to send me a friend request.
  8. If you'd like other members of TTI to be able to find you on Xbox, feel free to share your gamertags here. You can find me at: Cosmo6014 I've not been online recently because satellite internet, but give me an add and I'll add you back when I'm done being a caveman.
  9. Cool, makes more sense seeing the setup and nested folders - thanks. Glad I kept a Windows machine running - it could be handy for this as I see it's the only supported desktop environment right now. I guess you'd just use a standard PC controller. Wish I would've kept that too lol. My fear!
  10. You can use 2D mode! It launches like a normal game with normal controls, and the VR part comes in when it detects your OpenXR device (or something). I don't know the controls, but playing on a normal screen is possible. The biggest thing about playing on emulators is it never looks right... This makes it look right, VR or not. The game comes with the room and the models, but you have to supply the games, videos and custom artwork. Everything is very easy to customize, just takes time and an idea of what you want to create. Here's a couple screenshots showing how my custom labels are set up so you can get an idea: If you had video files for all your Sailor Moon (or whatever), you could drop them into the Videos folder and have a VHS for each file available in-game. I put on Back to the Future last night. Something I noticed right away is the light from what is showing on the screen affects the environment. Very immersive... If I didn't have a wife and kids to pull this thing off my face, I'd end up the same.
  11. "Pretendo Zapper" That's great. Yeah it's probably been since about '90-92 when i last played and suffered that dang dog's reactions. I have a strong feeling that if I use EmuVR it will be in 2D mode. Somehow I feel locked up in cyberspace enough without dropping a bunch of cash on a headset to further isolate me from the real world. Are all the Sailor Moon tapes included or does that represent locally stored mkvs that someone linked to? I know someone in my home who would get a real kick out of those although they honestly would rather have the real VHS tapes.
  12. I played Duck Hunt, properly, with a Zapper in hand. I haven't been able to play the game like this since at least 1998... Such a simple thing that sparked something bigger than I expected. What a cool project. The possibilities here are unlimited. If you have the means to grab a VR set capable of running EmuVR, there's a NetPlay feature that lets a few friends join up and hang out. Maybe we could do something like that for Time Wizards once we get far enough. Check this out, wait for the song: This hits me right in the feels.
  13. I spent tonight getting this little VR paradise looking more like home. The closest thing to time travel this side of reality. Here's the project I've been messing with: https://www.emuvr.net/ They have done an OUTSTANDING job on this. I cannot believe how enjoyable it is to strap a brick to my face and play Duck Hunt in cyberspace. Barring any side-work landing tomorrow, I'll get on a stream and show how some of this works.
  14. Unbelievable. I'd thought the original images of the room were photos. Ugg dragging me into the metaverse kicking and screaming.
  15. Can you turn the whole place upside down and break everything? I'd be curious to see how it handles you throwing stuff at the walls, turning the room into a giant pile of debris.
  16. Ultra jank 5 second demo to make sure I fixed my link cable problem: Check out that bedhead.
  17. Now THIS is time travel. Scenes from within EmuVR, something I'm aiming to stream on Friday to show you all. I may or may not have a VHS tape of Back to the Future in one of those VCRs...
  18. This is the closest to time travel I've ever been. Will show you guys tomorrow.
  19. Now that would be entertaining. I suppose if nobody's gone after Steins'Gate, they won't come after me. Steins;Gate actually makes somebody money LOL. For real though, anything I made like that would be more like Easter eggs (timely!) or fanservice. Fulfilling a sequence of events that Titor did and realizing "hey....", or having a closet full of 5100s your "predecessor" collected. Stuff like that would be more fun than a straight adaptation. I'm more referring to the game I've got in mind than the VR experiences here, but you get the gist As far as Back to the Future, I love the idea of building out an explorable Hill Valley. No real "game" in it, just the parts of their world that we know and ways to have a little fun. Fish the almanac out of the dust bin, find Biff's broken cane in the gutter outside Hilldale. Make Doc's Rube-Goldberg machine dump some more food on the floor for @Einstein . I think stuff like this can put the "Institute" in TTI in that we figure out ways to travel through cyberspace and time to study and experience mysterious phenomenon or fun things like this. Excelsior!
  20. The interface looks so similar to Adobe Premiere Pro that it gives me PTSD. You might be aware that people have made GTA hacks for the DeLorean and/ or BTTF DeLorean - Titor game built in UE5 sounds cool! Hope it wouldn't get opportunistic action from certain alleged stakeholders in the story.
  21. Stuff like this is what I want to create: How cool would it be to drive around downtown HIll Valley in your DeLorean? I'd build it myself as none of these meet TTI's exacting standards for Back to the Future canon.
  22. A few days ago, Unreal Engine 5 was released: For those who aren't into this stuff, Unreal is a game engine that specializes in photorealistic environments and production quality visual effects. They use this to create environments for shows like The Mandalorian, and it provides movie-quality effects in real-time. That's cool and all, but what makes this special is how ridiculously accessible it is to start building with it. I know a little programming, so I thought it would be interesting to see what I could do with it... And there's quite a bit. Anyone can bang out a "game". That's not what I'm aiming for. What I want to find ways to experience and share all of the crazy stuff we're interested in, and be able to get as close to witnessing these things for ourselves as is possible. I also want to do it live, and have your ideas influence where we take things. One idea I had was to recreate a section of Hill Valley I could drive around in with my VR DeLorean... That would be fantastic. I think it would be amazing to use these tools and build recreations of things like The Phoenix Lights, or John Titor's machine... But done in virtual reality. To that end, one of these has just arrived at the TTI Labroatories: There are plenty of "horror" VR experiences out there relating to Slenderman and other stuff. This isn't about jump scares or anything like that. This is for curious minds who want a taste of the unknown and an experience created by people who love the thing being experienced. Through this, we will create the Time Travel Institute as something we can all share and experience. We will travel to interesting places and explore strange worlds. There is a backstory to the "TTI Expanded Universe" that I've been working on for quite some time, and I'm excited to share it with you soon If you could have any time travel or paranormal experience, what would you choose?
  23. There have been NUMEROUS times that I misheard or misread something. Sometimes my misunderstanding is for the better, sometimes not so much. I had rather know a disappointing truth rather than act on my misunderstanding (my perception). My interest in time travel is primarily about discovering the truth. People's perceptions of the truth have done enough damage already.
  24. I don't really believe that this would count as time travel. It is certainly an amazing breakthrough in virtual reality technology, but it is not time travel, it is a simulation of a certain perception of the "past" or "future". One wouldn't be able to alter timelines, see new things, or discover something no one else has, because someone would have coded that program and all possibilities would be realized, aside from any minor bugs or glitches.
  25. Virtual Time Travel has been around for a very long time, to both past and future. It's called TV and Movies. I love old John Wayne westerns and WWII movies.
  26. I wouldn't say it's useless, it just doesn't offer the exploratory and "discovering the unknown" factors that most people want out of an experience like that. Supposing something is so well documented as to have no question about its accuracy would be satisfying enough for some people I think... Or in cases where the point is simply to experience the spectacle of it all vs. doing some kind of fact-finding mission. If you were to stick me in a holodeck where I could watch the Hindenburg go down or witness the chaos of trench warfare in WW1, that'd be close enough for me as far as those things go. But you're right, it still wouldn't satisfy curiosity about things that are unknown or improperly documented.
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