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The Creation of Time from Substance and Space

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The 'problem of time' can be 'solved' by observing that 'time' is a computational artifact originating from the 'change' in the states and configurations of substance (matter) at all scales and levels of complexity in the space of an evolving Universe. 'Change' results from instabilities in the configurations of matter, which are driven by the fundamental forces into more stable configurations. The reconfiguration processes resulting in the hierarchical forms of matter throughout the universe are the fundamental sources of 'signals', which carry 'information' from one material system to another. The process of pairing signals, from one changing system (a standard clock) to 'observed' signals from another changing system, creates 'time labeled' information states or 'infostates'. The difference between the time labels for any two infostates is defined as the 'time' elapsed between the two observed events. 'Time' does not exist a priori, but is in fact a computed measure of change. The 'logic' involved in producing time labeled infostates is illustrated using a 'T-computer' model. The construction of a 'direction' and 'dimension' for 'arrows of time' follows from the 'time differences' between labels for the time labeled 'infostates'. The set of all time labeled infostates forms the basis for conventional 'time' coordinates.


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