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Time Travel Institute BBS

The original time travel forums. Discussion of time travel theories, possible methods, urban legends and all matters involving temporal manipulation.


Time travel claims, experiences, stories and other urban legends. Role-play welcomed.

Free your mind, leave your body and enter the Akashic records. Share your knowledge, attempts and experiences with us!

Science-minded discussions about time machines and other theories as they relate to physics.

Looking across time and foretelling things to come. Discussing Nostradamus, future predictions and the second sight.

Broader time travel discussion, including what-ifs, hypothetical questions and pondering the nature of time.


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Any and all subjects relating to the study or passage of time. History, genealogy, nostalgia, etc.

Weird Science

  • 6.1k posts

Discussing physics, (anti-)gravity, quantum mechanics and other high concept scientific theory.

General Banter

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An off topic forum. For off topic threads. That need off topic posts.


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