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  1. We are taught this and our separation will destroy us. It is about to tear my life apart where I could only be able to survive outside since no one will let me inside a home even if I have the money to afford one. It's getting ridiculous and out of control. I got called the cops on for a simple religious discussion that I thought was safe. We aren't safe from ourselves anymore. No one wants to help anyone anymore. Everyone is looking out for their own needs which in turn backfires on the whole. We need each other. Simple as that but people are so worked up about fearing this little thing or hating this little thing about anyone that it gets in the way and separates us so that we can't work with each other or survive. Something needs to be done and I don't know what exactly but I'll be out on the streets soon it seems and it might be harder after that point. It's becoming a reality to me and I hope it doesn't for you but it may soon well be. Be prepared, the beginning of the worst is coming soon. Something must be done and I don't know where to begin.
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