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  1. RE: A question even Einstein couldn't answer Dear Chrono and Notime, I appologise for the lack of clarity in my last two transmissions for I was on a timer and therefore was in a hurry to write what I had just thought of so as not to forget it. I will write again to expain with clarity and accuracy. However I will write a short summary of what the above mentioned theory suggests and then later write with clarity the math and scientific evidence. In short the theory suggests that compression and the velocity and acceleration are all the same. The theory also provides a means for calculating absolute position and supplies a mathematical theorum that differenciates absolute position from relative position. The theorum shows how to calculate the absolute position of a mass body at an instant in time by taking the relative position and its relation to compression to solve for the absolute location of the mass body. It also shows how a mass body one can travel back in time kill his grandfather without stopping his birth and his existance by utilizing the energy that propeled him to the past to replace his grandfathers survival in sustaining his existance. This is all found out by taking into consideration the manipulation of times topology in the afore mentioned thought experiment. sincerely, Edwin G. Schasteen
  2. RE: Director's \"proof\" image The only problem I see with utilizing two pyramids is the turbulance created by the spinning of the pyramids as a result of its topology. Upon splitting the field with a the niney degree out of phase alternations with a differential strength of plus and minus 45 percent per cycle will translate to an infinite turbulence manifested in to oppossing forces of infinite strength within the vortex which already produces a increasing amount of singularities exponentially. Where the amount of singularities increases exponenetially with each cycle. This is with a uniform mass such as a sphere producing the affect. If one were to take into comsideration the extra opposing infinite force produce by the spinning pyramid model on the amount of singularities produced in a period time 0 to time1 would increase in number an additional square root of the original plus the origanal number of singularities per time. A greater yield of energy will be aquired the output will be infinite modulated wave with a finite carrier wave of infinite density. Edwin G. Schasteen [email protected]
  3. This is enterasting I have always heard that mass that travels at the velocity of light has infinite mass however one may note that a photon does have mass even though it travels at the velocity of light. As for the oscilating affect itself is what a alternating current motor from producing a magnetic singularity. In order to compensate for this affect I have chosen a firing sequence that will keep the lines of flux at transfering to th intended pole by allowing the coils to fire out of phase just before the coils reach ninety degrees causing the weaker half of the field to spin along in the same direction as the flux lines. As for the discs producing the tubulence I may use a series of silicon tubes stacked on top of each other and place mount the tubes around the sphere of each disc I will have to do the math but as long as the measurments of the tubes and there spaceing is correct the and if the tubes are at ninety degrees to the center mass we can canscel out certain frequencies of the electromagnetic wave. We can use a radio to adjust with frequencies to cansel at the edqe of the disc. If we canscel the write amount of frequencies we will alter the field so that the negative portion of the magnetic turbulence will be ninety degrees out of phase with the positive portion. Or running a transverse current through each of the stacks of silicon tubes with each layer stacked at ninety degrees alternating intervals will most likely canscel the entire spectrum if the right amount of current is applied by forming an effective electromagentic trap. Edwin G. Schasteen
  4. Yes the tachyons would themselves have a negative mass but exist within the region of the pulse which is accelerated in N space at the velocity of light giving the causing the forward edge of the pulse to have an infinite positive kenetic mass mind you only within the region where the tahyons exist is superluminosity possible on account of the relative infinite density and considering the extra dimensions added as a result of folding hyperspherical spacetime to a point. Also, I believe that superluminisity follows after cantorian mathematics for the simple fact that were are dealing with transfinites. Let us consider the logic behind the negative mass at superluminal speeds. The equation states that as a mass accelerates to the velocity of light the kenetic energy absorbed by the mass aproaches the static energy contained in the mass. The kenetic energy acts in an opposing manner to the static energy. Trying to apply a quantity of kenetic energy to an equil quantity of static energy is the same as trying to force to objects of equil mass to the same space at the same time. To do this requires the application of infinite work upon the two objects(kenetic infinite * static infinite). Therefore there is now difference in applying an infinite kenetic force to an object to accelerate the object to a velocity of light and applying an infinite kenetic energy to compress the object to a singularity. Therefore there is now diffence between acceleration and compression in relation to light speed velocity. It takes an infinite amount of energy to compress a mass to subinfinity or te velocity of light the mass becomes infinite to compress it further will makee the mass attain a higher level of infinity ... negative finite one?! I think not the math must follow cantorian math so lat the next level is equal to infinity times infinity, which is the same as infinity plus infinity in our dimension but negative finite one in superluminal land. So negative mass does exist and the definition of finite is a quanity of exponential acceleration insinc with a time incremental exponential diminishment of the inverted square of T to infinity with completion at t0. As for the temperature of a mass that is absolute kelvin the velocity at which the thermal energy is transfered to the quanum fluid is super luminal thus enabling our mass to be compressed to infinity with the thermal energy from the compression arriving at a point in the past enabling our mass to maintain a constaint temperature of 0 unless causality causes the new mass to atain a temperature as a result of the cause and affect nature of the beast. However this will only accure if the mass and space time creates a lupe with the ends of the fourth dimension being confined to the same space time which will cause to points in time to exist at the same time in the same space giving our mass an infinite density. a mass with infinite density that is zero degrees kelvin is a super conductor of thermal energy and conducts thermnal energy at the speed of light through the medium. As for null force I anticiate that there is no difference between infinitely large and infinitely small. For at the instant that a mass is compressed to a point the angle between all points on the infinitely small mass and all other points in the universe become infinitismal. Thus the universe would become an infinitely small point to a mass that is infinitely small. Because at subinfinity all fractions of the mass become equivalent thus making a mass containing an infinite number of half divisions each equil to on making the mass infinitely large. For infinitely large is an infinite number of ones and finite is an infinite number of halves and zero is an infinite number of ones. Thsnkyou for your input it has helped clarify my theory. What do you think of the above model? inquisitely, and respectfully Edwin G. Scahsteen
  5. I am currently worjing on a project to produce a power supply that may enable time travel and interdimensional travel by producing the needed energy level in order to accomlplish such a feat by drawing energy transdimensionally into this dimention by constricting the lines of flux of a magnetic field to a singularity thus intensifying the strength of the field to infinity according to the inverse field law where the strength of the field is proportional to the inverted square of the distance and the laws of kenetics of three dimensional mass that states that the kenetic energy needed to compress a mass to half its volume is increases exponentially to infinity as the mass approaches a singularity due to the fact that the density of the mass also increases exponentially as the mass approaches a singularity. By placing two iron discs one above the other and giving both of them an opposite magnetic polarity by running a current around each of the discs in opposite directions. The northern flux lines of the top disc will connect to the southern flux lines of the bottom disc thereby giving the magnetic fiels the topology of a cylinder. There will be additional coils on the top and bottom disc which will fire in such a sequence as to start the static lines of flux to seek new poles on the top disc the lines of flux will accelerate clockwise and on the bottom disc the flux lines will accelerate counterclock wise causing the lines of flux of the static field to wind up in the center giving the field a new topology of an hour glass. With the proper firing sequence the magentic field at the center between the two discs will be focuses all the way down to a singularity at which point the field will increase to an infinite strength. At this point any further torqingof the magnetic field will cause the field at the center to split as a result of the splitting stress caused by the winding of the lines of flux and create a gap in the space time continuum chanelling energy with a greater then higher infinity then the magnetic field. The result will be the emission of an infinitely intense pulse of energy most likely medeated by tachyons into this dimension with at the velocity of light with an integral constant density regardless of the distance from the source(it does not follow the inverse square law since it is and infinite number of ones and not zeros that the field is measured by)this acceleration outward will result in the production of a hyperspherical inverted black hole with a curved event horizon pointing at ninety degree angles to the iron device greating a bubble of gravitational force around the device trying to pry it apart. With an infinite gravitational force trying to pry it apart and an infinite magnetic force trying to compress the iron device to a singularity the result will be that the device will maitain its structural integrity as a result of the ballance of these two opposing forces in act upon the iron object. With the nergative time facter as a result of the energy being in the form of tachyons the field might be self sustaining as result of the fact that the device tachyon energy causes the device to travel back in time creating a closed loop in time where causally the causing event of activation will by confined to beyond an infinitely small point allowing the tachyon emission to become the original event that tore the origanal gap in space time allowing the energy to transfer into this dimension whcih gives the tachyon field an infinite density for the fact that two energies are confined to the same place at the same time. Edwin G. Schasteen
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