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  1. ah, Darby - my mistake. It has, albeit fleetingly, been created. I was thinking from a different context. I was merely considering the 'consciousness of matter' principle. In order that we might try going somewhere different with it. It may or may not, indeed, float - in bulk. I should say though, if it was charged with something else, it may not 'decompose'. Perhaps this example is not a good one as it will be speculative to most, rather than the accepted - recorded history. Perhaps another avenue all together?...Though, as you are better (Darby) with science - it might have be interesting if you explained what the 'Bombardment' of atoms does. a what others can relate to better. And i request it for my own benefit too. As far as i am aware in public records, Its half life makes it very hard to study its effects on the environment. within a vacuum. Also, atoms can 'float'. If you pack them too close together, they will generate a mass so heavy, that, on its biggest scale, in theory, might distort time and space. I refer to speculative science and its notion of type 2 supernova, specifically. Interestingly, a healthy star would appear 'breathe' inward AND outward at the same time.
  2. "Never be possible"...I'm guessing you mean it has "not been observed/measured yet" and "by the right people". You see, the problem with Titor and the 'Philadelphia experiment' (which incidentally, took place near Montauk and not philadelphia.) is that people get caught up in the pop-culture. They grind down notions of alternate World Wars with Hitler as the victor, then sprinkle in 'Reptilians mating with females' a touch of 'grey aliens sniffing aerosol cans'. Its just a pretentious conspiracy soup with not get-out clause. It plays off the boy scout in all of us...but teaches nothing that you can take with you, after the phantasy ends. There is a force so strong, that it pulls in all planets that touch it. That is a fact. So we are looking for a form of 'energy'...that is beyond light. One that if strong enough - even light itself cannot escape A black hole has a gravitational pull that has been theorised to create the effects of time distortion. I would not get to wrapped up in the blackhole itself. Rather the force it exerts...The power that would seek to pull a million planets together into one. One that itself, may also wish to pull the energy that sets up the potential for space/time back together again. Its counter opposite, may be what is causing the universe to 'expand'. One thing that intrigues me...is that IF ununpentium exists...why 'might' it float of it's own accord? Just humour me, at least....
  3. Re: \"Agreeing\" with interdimensional counterparts This is odd....i could have sworn i posted a reply to this mentioning Anti gravity, DNA and a couple of other things. Also you were correct...'opposite universe' was a poor term. 'Mirror' was certainly the more apt description. I did mention this again in my last post that is now AWOL. I deleted the original reply then posted another. Perhaps i messed up the post reply function. Will try and write it again tonight.
  4. Re: \"Agreeing\" with interdimensional counterparts 'Mirror world' - would be the direct, opposite counter part for this reality. 'Altered state' in this case specifically - would be to percieve the direct, opposite sensation to normal stimuli. I.e. sensing Heat when there is only Cold. Within which you had gone through a mental doorway into that mirror reality. obviously there is a bit of an issue in disgussing this scientifically because there are any number or arguments that will state that this is not measurable and is merely a placebo. Each argument for each point of view, ironically has its counter-argument. Merely throwing it out there for thought. I tend to be of the oppinon that perception is rarely created, rather acquired from sensory input under Will. If regular perception is radically altered, it is because you are not currently percieving regular or a usual reality. It seems that the double helix of DNA could hint that we are all looked into a reality with an integral counterpart. Which may indeed be what allows the material aspect of the mind to interact with a mirror world. Just as 'matter' needs it's 'anti-matter' in order to exist. Everything has its opposite. I was merely suggesting that a direct mirror world would likely be easier to scientifically prove, eventually, than a 'many worlds' senario.
  5. I think it is perhaps wrong to suggest it is not possible to comprehend 'god'. Maybe that is so under our everyday perception and mindset. The human mind, fortunately, does not appear to be constant. And neither does 'God'.
  6. Re: \"Agreeing\" with interdimensional counterparts what about a mirror world? Is it possible under altered perception to perceieve a mirror world (or specfic sensation) when all those around you observe the opposite 'normal' world/sensation. If it is proved that the mirror world exists, then it might suggest that other could potentially exist too. In my opinion, science should look into this before trying to observe infinite potential across 'infinite' numbers of universes. They might start to look at DNA...before Gravity.
  7. Seems that what was now termed 'philalephia experiment'...was something instigated by a small collect of individuals (it was not instigated by beliek, nichols, von neumann etc) these people never really go into the origins of how, why and importantly WHO stage and funded the experiments. Regardless, those that did - enlisted the help of 'others' (people not technology or aliens, rather your plain old average joe human) in order to create an intelligent hold on the working. these people were aware and not controlled. it was during the philadelphia exp not montauk. Note i call it a working rather than an experiment. During the time of montauk, they could access what is termed by the new age as the earths 'girds'. Without this aspect there would be no time travel. The philadelpia experiment had no control over the doorways. Others had to be enlisted to assist. This aspect was kept more under wraps than anything else. Ask yourself this; why has preston nichols never tried to recreate it will all his knowledge. the so-called time-space-lab of his (some time back) was quite phoney. a delta T antenna hastily stuck on a pole somewhere, is not going to do much by itself. None of these main, alledged participants used to publicise and sell books have really tried. Neither do they dare discuss other parts of the really story behind this much distorted subjct.
  8. Re: We May 'Survive' Death Through The Nature Of Time Your subconscious mind nor your brain can observe 'no time'...in essence neither can function without some kind of perception in motion. That virtually being one of the few definitions of time iself.
  9. Re: Rythm of Time That really is a simple, (and subsequently) significant truth. Importantly, together they appear to be the structure of ORDER. They seem to hold together the LAWS of the universe. You could say that mans ability to create music, is and always will be his greatest 'material' achievement, regardless of the seemingly limitless other things he will discover. It is where he uses his WILL to create his own order. Many greek mystery schools would describe a Magician's destiny to utilise his WILL in ORDER to sing in tune with the song of the universe and within every action he contributes. Our fascination with Music is an extention of this impulse. These principles, together, easily open doorways - because it is in their nature. Time itself is merely a manifestation of these prinicples. Its a shame that this thread probably wont develop as it should!
  10. OllyB


    there are only so many ways of painting the same picture. Perhaps your 'release' will prompt some new discussion in the subject..?
  11. Re: Earth's Crisis I see yet another potentially balanced thread is hi-jacked buy the doomsday gang....
  12. Re: Earth's Crisis I think this is the point aswell. It is inbedded within us in the same way that 'aliens' have been inbedded into the collective consciousness. Just like pavlov's dog, we are being trained to react in a certain manner to specfic subjects. There is a double bluff within this process, also. If a genuine 'doomsday' messenger does ever appear, you will think he is a nut-job. In the run-up to this potential event 'they' will put you in a house of mirrors and churn out nut-jobs left right and center 'genius' would be an understatement for some of the mind(s) behind this. Transient is also correct that some-people would even find the notion of the 'end of times' as a relief. The great work is too hard and our spirits are too worn. This mindset applies to all other armageddon senarios that are doing the rounds currently, and it is not a naturally occuring one either...
  13. I should also state that they are taking orders for the Transdimensional Radio TM, directly to their newly built, 6 story/25,000 square ft - high-tec research facility. address is; P.O. Box 111 12 cannards Way Upstate Somewhere Cant remember the rest Florida USA
  14. Well, you tell me where else on the internet you can find a thin piece of copper, glued to 5cms of 12g copper wire with a caduceus wound rubberband stuck to the bottom for UNDER $5000. Not only that but one that can communicate with chronohistorian, who is based in 2575. (please note: this is a 'research' device and subsequently may not do what it claims. Future Horizons may not be held liable for 'non working' Items)
  15. I think it is time for me to reveal; Titor is a fake. I know this for a fact and have this on good authority from Chronohistorian (yes i still keep a transdimensional radio(TradeMark) he send me in the Mail. It appears that before chronohistorian (the last historian of 2575) single-handedly won the galactic warTM by slaying the last Lizarian, The school children of time year 2575 A.D. Who were sent to replace him (despite him being the only genius that passed the training to take his original assignment) were playing a practical joke on us primitive earthlings. There is a saying in 2575, 'All beings in 21st century are moronic and easily fooled'. I guess they were testing it out. I have heard a rumour that the time guard on duty that day had fallen asleep. I didnt believe this at first. Until chrono informed me that people of the future did not know how to lie. I think you will agree that there is no way, for that very reason, that his information can be wrong. He also maintains regular contact with me over Xbox Live. I once asked him how he managed to link in to 2009 to play on Halo 3 so often. He always signs out at that point, saying something about 'time storms' disrupting the delicate time cords that hold our two realities in place. He also said that details of the Transdimensional radio TM will soon be made available at the Future Horizons Website. Detailed schematics will sell for the bargin basement price of $1500.98 And a fully working model, which main components include a thin piece of copper, 5 cm of 12 gauge copper wire and a rubberband (Quartz crystal sold seperate) will retail for a frankly remarkable price £5000.95 (excl shipping). Stock probably won't last long - so reserve early to avoid depression. I Once asked him, if he would ever return. He said "not for all the timecake in the known universe"... .... ...hang on RMT...how did u....?!!
  16. Im not really sure something as simple as a 'coil head band' is enough to control an electromagnetic device. at least something small in the context we are talking. I understand the idea and the fact that this 'scalar' radiation is 'alledgedly' a force that pervades all others. but i have always has a problem with the notion that brainwaves are magically absorbed into an electric current and subsequently exert enough influence to change its resonance (regardless wether it can be detected or not). The otherway around, certainly, but the minute electrical waves projected outward by the brain is practically nothing to a high voltage current. Also, how is a device with no software going to now how to decode and amplify a particular thoughtform. If we put aside romantic notions for a minute, does anyone here seriously know how to even begin to start writing code for that...with a sneer and a wink - i'm guessing not! Because make no mistake, singling out a single thought from with complete precision and amplifying it is the only thing that will do. Harder still would be for the 'driver' to focus on the thoughtform enough for any secondary device to recognise through all the noise. The Alpha state of trance is not enough (in my humble opinion) for a decent fixation of a particular thoughtform. As many hypnotists may know, bridging the gap between the conscious and unconsious mind in the alpha state, in any meaningful way, can really only be done with hidden phrases (NLP) and subtle gestures. In other words there is to much interference still. Theta is best as Delta offers no control (at least not solo) but you must go deep. I dont know many people that can slip into that state an lay on the cusp of Delta whilst retaining conscious direction still. Which means there are probably other states of consciousness and brain activity that are more likely to be practical.
  17. There have been a few people like that on this forum. When our lives are so lacking in mystery and excitement, we eventually seek to fabricate it at all costs. There is not one of us here that has not been guilty of this at some piont in our lives. For some though, it ruins them. I can think of one in particular. I also suspect this. And i also suspect the reality is stranger than fiction, and probably far more profound. This is why i believe only those that understand the 'proof' offered, will be able to validate a likely 'time traveller'.
  18. What a sorry statement, 'chrono-historian' would have loved you! After all, if they want to assume the identity of a time-traveller, and for us to accept this context together with their 'information', then surely they must give us something that would support their identity. Otherwise what right do they hold to scrutinize our skepticism. The longer their 'predictions' take to unfold, the less valid they are. I think that a few threads have mentioned the pitfalls of predictions. Personally, i feel that if a timetraveller was posting on this forum, a prediction would be the last thing they would offer... perhaps a concept, or some offering of maths/scientific theory that would support they are of a more advanced in mindset than your average titor. All those that want to hear stories of doomsday, will pass on through, while your true audience will give you a wink and a nod until the rest clear off.
  19. I don't see why. If a 'time traveller' was, frankly, having a slow day and felt the need to spilt his guts onto an internet forum. Should he not provide adequate proof, or at least something we can all agree is a valid offering to support his/her claim? So far all we have had, are merely things to sink our teeth into. And poor old Ray, i think, is probably running out of tooth-picks by now.
  20. I was also alerted to another notion a while back. This may be too abstract for most people to warrant any merit from it... It was put forth that; if an "entity" that was non physical (more accurately, from a frequency we would not associate with the norms of our 'physicality'), was to enter into our reality, They may cause unintentional interfence of certain types upon the space and time grids that structure our reality (a bit like trying to listen to a radio during an electrical storm). Objects close-by, may travel through both time and space. Or, they may travel through time within the same space and vice versa. Things may age, objects may move, food may suddenly become stale etc. complete by-products, rather than willful actions. This is probably the single greatest reason why the soviets studied the alledged 'poltergeist' phenomena for so long. Remote Sensing with this kind of knowledge about how Mass, Space and Time are linked could potentially gain you great distance over your 'competitors'. Also - if such entities do exist, and have noticed us...what could we make them do for us...? As for the dream state, We may be causing the same phenomena in someone else's reality. That however, is merely speculation on my part. I think there are many different aspects and forms to time-travel that are not outwardly obvious straight away.
  21. I shall be sure to do that, ray!
  22. It has not quite made it to the cinema over here yet. But i am also looking forward to watching this. Your recommendation makes it all the more intriguing, Ray!
  23. Creeds had a problem with the topic of "aliens", and he never quite got his head around it. With all their money, no government or private group has made contact either publically or privately with "aliens". I have little doubt that some select and very private ones have made contact with something "else", however. Since funding classics such as "The Invaders", these same groups have pulled enough wool over our eyes to implant another context into our unconscious minds. Which serves a different agenda. of course, some people even fall into the trap in thinking they are 'getting us ready' for the truth. Nothing could be further. The Titor story is but just another - rather lower budget - example of inducing the same armageddon mindset within willing subjects. I find it ironic that creeds used to talk about sex and aliens in the same dialogue, i expect he very un-intentionally dithered around the truth without even realising...
  24. LOL!! I take it you have not bought a titor T-shirt then?! I prefered chronohistorian's story...; - Lizard people - time travelling school children - Anti-history AI It was like all the components of a classic southpark episode in one forum thread. I still have found memories!
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