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  1. What tour? you still haven't explained what this whole thing is about!!
  2. << goes to make sure the front door is locked >> Erm...ok, i don't think i'm quite getting this. Would some-one like to explain it to me? Secondly (this always seems to happen on the internet) I'm a boy! a 21 year old M-A-L-E. Olly is short for Oliver. There are people in the US called Oliver - right? Plus theres no way in hell i'd be wearing a dress!! unless of course no-one was in and i was a little bored :kiss:
  3. Re: Billy Meier I hate replying to some of Raz's posts. Trouble is i agree with a lot of your comments. But I feel that i present the self image, that if you waved a piece of dog sh*t in front of me and said it was a UFO i'd believe you. Like Montauk, i'm never 100% believe anything. But the Meier case is one of those things that i find is very hard to dismiss. I do take your point on that Film footage - i remember that one too. There is alot more. I have to remind you that alot of these programs like 'the best UFO evidence caught on tape' etc, contain Billy footage. Usually its some of the best you'll see. Especially the one where he has 3 objects dancing around in shot. Alot of his 80's film is actually scarily good. Many people that have seen them have said that the objects are of relative size (ie not models) and would have needed hundreds of metres of rigging equipment to create. Infact this was one stupid argument against him. Trouble is many of his films are not near trees or any other objects. Just the 'ufos' themselves against a Swiss landscape back-drop. The whole Model thing regarding one of the aliens - i also found quite strange/hard to accept, i'm with you on that one. I believe myself that some of the photos (possibly a couple of films --possibly--) were faked and may have been faked by Meier. Meier also had a breakdown at one point of his life - due to the stress of the whole thing (i believe it would also be around this time he might have faked limited things). Still he always maintained that he was for real before, during and after his illness. me personally, i believe that much of the film and photos are for real. His story in general. I totally agree. Its purely down to the idividual. Theres no proof what so ever apart from the metal samples. The only thing i will say is that much of the contact notes are actually very well done if they are faked. And do have a lot of profound things in them regarding global/social/political subjects. Kind of reminds me of the 'Wingmakers' story. You might not believe it, but theres a scary amount of important information contained in the whole thing, that is very relevant.
  4. I've been to a few TT forums over the last few months, I always end-up stumbling across about a million threads on 'John Titor' on each one. I've never been interested enough in personal time travel claims to bother reading about it. Anyone got a link to a thread where the story is explained from scratch?
  5. Hi Raz, Thats quite interesting. I have never spoken to Preston via any means. I'm not really sure about Montauk - especially after i spoke with steve gibbs (he made a very large claim himself). I think that Montauk went on. But i think a hell of a lot of stuff that certain people claim went on, probably didn't. Whats the best proof of Montauk, is that Camp Hero....IS active today, despite claims from the air base. People are kicked of sensitive [public] areas around the base. The claim is, that there are hazzardous materials lying around. Yet the same park rangers (air force security?) let children play in the same areas (potential montauk boys?) without batting an eye-lid. Also the local electricity network has had employess claiming that there is no way that the few buildings that make up the Camp hero base are using up so much power (i.e. the underground base story is most likely true). There is also a building in moutauk town (i forget the name) that Al Bielek was supposed to have gone to. People who have looked around since, Have claimed that the inside layout of the building does not match the outside. That there is 'missing' space. Also the basement area was a constant source of trouble to find out about. (access to montauk underground?). Al also said before this that the building was literally connected up to the underground base. Overall i think there are a number of testable things that suggest that this is a little more than a hoax - for me personally - though i respect your opinion. As for the philadelphia experiement, do believe that this happened. I also believe that it is very logical that is would create many spin-off projects - and that technology would advanvce rapidly with the right funding. Add to that the CIA admitted to mind control experiments (if they can say that, then what havent they said!). But as you said the best lies are linked with truth. So i think ultimately it comes down to individual choice as there is little to no proof for many of the more exotic montauk projects. kind regards, OllyB!
  6. I agree with you on this, I can't see how or why any time traveller would want to post their claims on a forum. It might be fun, but they could never convince anyone 100% or prove it! so what would be the point in even claiming it.
  7. Er, no seriously your just annoying everyone with your rather unfunny stabs at trying to do a spoof chrono-like TT claim. If they were funny, i might be less annoyed. But as it is, its just embarrassing to read. Regards, Olly.
  8. Hi OvrLrd, Firstly, Let me state for the record that i didnt say that, "Billy Meier's story is true". I said as a contactee claim it is exceptionally strong. And there is in fact more evidence to suggest that this story is true than Montuak for example. As far as the photos go, i think there are a few 'black sheep' - even Billy admits this. However most and there are hundreds if not thousands of billy photos in existance - are of very good quality. Many people (lab wise) have analysed the negatives from some of his films. Pretty much all of them came back as not 'being faked'. This is not including the extensive film footage he has taken. some of these films are over 3 decades old and taken by Billy himself. He only has one Arm don't forget and filmed all of his stuff without computer touch ups. Computer touch ups on film footage back then was reserved for million dollar movies, such was the limited technology. Analysists have said alot of them would be very hard to fake today, let alone with a guy with one arm and an old camera in the 70's when computers couldn't do this. There's also a funny story (this may well be a FIGU joke, though) that Steven Speilberg rang up billy meier (in the 70's - even hollywood was inpressed by them!) to ask him how he made his UFO films look so real. Billy's reply in broken english was, "Well, they tell me when they are coming and i just point the camera at them...". Thats not to mention the sound recordings he took of 'plejaren ships'. These have also been investigated with computers and have not been able to re-create the sounds. There have also been metal samples. Most of which have been lost (ie stolen) but there are still official documents saying that they are of unknown origin. Some of the metal compounds contain large amounts of very rare and expensive metals. Again for a farmer with no money (at the time) to his name, this is impossible to fake. Over all, the case is so hard to dismiss, that no-one has really. MUFON claim that they have - then again MUFON as a paranormal/UFO organisation is a total joke. All their investigations in the end have no evidence and purely comes down to their own personal speculation. They have supported many UFO contactee claims that have been since exposed as fake, and have supported many other low quality cases that have little to totally no evidence at all. Most of what you read in regard to 'exposing' meier is either MUFON or related to MUFON 'investigation'. As far as your comment on shadow's. I think on the internet its hard to examine this. You need the negatives. It's also better to view them and the film footage, also some of the things billy has said.
  9. Sarah, If you hadn't of reacted, you would have at some point fallen back into deep sleep and would no longer be experiencing sleep paralysis. I remember the first time i got it. I was in France on holiday with my family. They went into a supermarket. I fell asleep on the back seat of the car. The next thing i knew was that i was conciously perceptive, but i could move. I thought i had sun-stroke back in those days - i was about 15/16 years old (this was about 5 years ago). Never heard of sleep paralysis. Later on i read something which mentioned sleep paralysis and realised that was what i was experiencing. I usually don't feel a presence. But i get exactly the same thing with the whole pulsing magnet feeling in the body And very weird pulsing static whispery noise. Sometimes i get really discomforting throbbing pains in my mouth also pressure pains in my chest. These days i usually know about 1 - 2 seconds or so before it occurs that its going to happen - i feel myself start to fall into it. At this point i mentally focus all my energy on waking up fully. It happens regularly to me nowadays. The best way to get out of it is not to move your upper torso or legs - it just won't happen. Try moving your toes, this should be possible and once you move them, you'll start a chain. You'll become aware of movement in the lower and then upper parts of the leg, then the torso - you can snap yourself back out of it at this point. I find the degree of concious awareness dictates how much success you get with this. If you have that 'zombie' mentality and have woken up un the later stages of deep sleep then you probably won't have the mental focus to do it. For the lighter stages of deeps sleep, this should work. I also take comfort in this fact - at least i wake up in sleep paralysis - rather than going to sleep without it!! You should hear some of the stories of people that go to sleep where sleep paralysis fails!! That much much more worrying. Hope this helps, Kind regards
  10. Hi creedo, I tell you what is most likely Bullsh*t, and thats Universepeoples.com. It is a site that i have been to, and tried to read whilst remeaning in an open mind a couple of times now. suffice to say, it hasn't worked yet. I find the site lacking in consistancy and of anything interesting to say. It seems to me they jumped on the Billy Meier Bandwagon and clung to the sides for dear life. They also seem to support his claims. But also support other things he has claimed as fake. The Billy Meier case itself is an interesting and if read properly very hard to debunk, if possible to debunk. From my understanding the Pleideans or however it was spelt? where a negative sub group of the Plejarens - who brought us here thousands of years ago in an effort to held us escape termination. The Plejarens where here to try and put right some of the wrong doings by this sub-group in regards to certain events. More so, biblical earth religions. They also claim that Earth human-kind originated from their ancestors which created us genetically for War purposes. Which is one of the reasons why we age quickly and have at times vicious natures about our genetic personalities. As for them saying the Greys don't exist, i personally don't remember reading this. I do remember him (PTAAH) saying something about 3 main groups of aliens visiting earth, and that the whole abduction thing was nonsense. Later however he stated that they were taking people for scientific reasons, but that it was not 'abduction'. Taking people against their will? seems like abduction to me. Lets no also forget a small amount of naivety on their part. They are not perfect. For one they didnt understand about 'Lies'. It was apparently Foreign to them, and they were caught out easily on a couple of occasions. There was also a hell of a lot of stuff that seemed to be talked about away from the contact notes, this mainly seemed to be subjects pertaining to the Military. I will however state that the Billy Meier case for a contactee claim is exceptionally strong. That there are many things about it that have been impossible to debunk, despite claims. Also i havent read any transcriptions of conversations with with Greys, Lizarans or any other race thats claimed to be trying to take over the world. The Plejaren contact notes, do seem to have some very interesting and wise things to say. That i do know. Its actually interesting the bad press FIGU has recieved. In many ways there is more evidence to suggest that Billy Meiers story is true than Mantauk and related activities.
  11. Who do you mean by 'goons'. If you mean what i think you do, then i don't think anyone on this forum has anything to worry about. Theres really no 'sensitive' information on this forum that would warrant any interest from outside parties, that may be monitoring the internet. Unless you just mean kids etc are plaing around with PM's?
  12. RainmanTime, Sorry your reply must have gone up while i was replying to creedo. I'm glad in your response to my posting. You are right about this new trend of people finally thinking this way. It seems like the philosophers are no longer dismissing the scientist and the scientist the philosopher. They if anything are starting to become each other and develop into more balanced and (advanced) indivduals. Don't get me wrong i'm no physicist or anything. If anything its the philosophy that has brought me round to science. The more i read though, the more i realise that to get the best (most detailed) view, you need to be adequately minded and open to both.
  13. There is no proof of god. Only suggestible implications. The Montauk 'people' were used in regard to my 'discussion' on time travel. The post was not speciffically about the Montuak project. Therefore i think it was a little picky to single that out. As for the spelling. I am guilty of this i must say. While i generally give a quick once over for sentence/paragragh structure, i usually glance over my wording and don't check specifics - especially on long posts. My apologies if it has caused confusion. I will read the past 2 posts and check for inaccuracies. regards, Olly
  14. Hi Creedo, Yes and No. I've spoken to steven over the phone in the last couple of weeks. He's a very nice guy, down to earth (whitty at times). I think the problem is with him, is that a lot of what he says is open for interpretation therefore gets taken out of context. I have said this on another forum - you're better of thinking in Toaist/buddhist philosophy (not religious) terms on this subject. Especially radionics. Even on projects like Montauk Al, preston, duncan etc all have stated they ended up coming to a point where those involved had to come to realise that there are much higher levels of conciousness. The idea with radionics and the HDR is that you link up your mind with the mind of the universe. You are a fraction of this mind. It is you. however in the material state - while still being a fraction of this universal conciousness - you are experiencing separation. The HDR (similarly radionics in general) is sort of a 'prompt' that helps to allow access to this mind - though technically, gifted and VERY advanced individuals might not need such a prompt (this does not include timetravel, however). I know steven Gibbs likes to describe it as the mind of god. Thats ok for him - but it does tend to leave a sour taste in the minds of people that don't get what he is saying. I can understand this. As you are part of the universe conciousness (god to some people) you too are 'god'. In other words theres no god sat on a cloud helping some 'christian' guy win a baseball game at the same time as letting some kid die from famine in Suddan. God (the universe) is impartial. you have free will to do what you want. By tuning into the mind of god/universe and asking for certain things ie time travel you are using your free will. However if you have negative intentions. Its most likely that you will prevent yourself from TT. Perhaps not even detecable on a concious level. but you won't go. Perhpas this is why some have used the HDR and also not returned. I.E. THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT. You travel with bad intention. Create an effect - then you have to say and learn from experiencing your consequences. Perhaps anyway. Even he admits theres alot on this he doesn't know - just like the rest of us. to give an example of my point before that last statement; I know Al bielek on one interview spoke of how in the montauk project they used antenas/comupter code etc and phychics to manifest objects into reallity. He said that theres probably Tibetan Monks that could do this with no equipment at all. This i also believe, and is more than possible is also done in the same matter. Linking your mind to the universal intelligence and realising as a fragment of it you can do this. To understand it on one potential scientific level you should read quantum physics, how conciousness may effect sub quantum objects. Then read up a bit on basic 'String theory' (if thats possible) ;). Not imagine that the intelligence that governs Sting theory, is linked to you. The entire matrix of our reality has and origin. You are part of that origin. Sorry to get bogged down in this. Its just the simple questions often lead to the most longest of answers - this is probably the reason why Steven Gibbs finds it so hard to exlain the HDR. Its very hard trying to condense this into a reply on a forum. If anything Use String theory to speculate and theorise. This is a place if any where science and 'religious' philosophies will merge. Radionics is one such area where this happens. Radionics is the basis of the HDR unit. Hope this hasn't caused more confusion. I fear it might have. I hate the term religion Biblical religions are very primal and offer practically nothing truly profound to say on the subject they claim to talk of. Kind regards, Olly
  15. I find your posts a bit testing to read. The most interesting thing you've writen in clogging this forum up with is your comments, is on how people clean their arse when going to the toilet. Please if you insist on making all these posts - please keep them in one thread. That way they are easier for the rest of us to avoid. Thank you Olly.
  16. I thought i should just let you know that the schematic that you saw of Stevens HDR unit was an illustration. You can get a proper schematic from elsewhere. I can provide you with one if you wish. The reason why the device might look 'fake' is because it is basically a radionics box. you can find full [photo] pictures of one of these devices at a number of sites including the inside of the box. The unit itself as with all radionics looks pretty un-spectacular. However the reason why it in theory at least 'should' work is that radionics is based on frequency. Time/space and individual reality are also based on frequency - in other words frequency is reality. Radionics practice in the US is hard to find. There are certain laws with regards to radionics in the US (you can go to jail). In Europe, radionics is actually popular as an alternative medicine. In short people know it works but not how. This probably makes the US government twitchy. Not to mention the Multi-billion dollar pill industry - hence the laws ;). You cannot simply through a switch on the Hyper Dimensional Resonator unit and physically travel - its not that simple. first you have to find a 'grid point'. What Steven means specifically is a 'Ley line'. Whether you believe all the implications of a ley line or not, the fact is they exist and are areas of Electro-magnetic anomally - this is fact. These can be tricky to locate. If you activate the HDR in one of these 'grid points' (an interesting fact: many military bases are built along this earth lines - and actually line up with each other) the EM anomally in theory via the radionics box allows a warping of the time feilds in that localised area. In other words it changes the frequency of the time feild around you to the one you want to travel to. This is horribly simplified, my apologies. But the atmospheric fields in the Ley line (or vortex as some people call it) allow for the frequency/vibration within to be manipulated. This is the (very basic) basis on the theory behind the HDR unit (which is atually a little more than a radionics box). Any radionics unit in theory could be amplified and utilised in this way. Though i wouldnt suggest it - it could be alot more dangerous. perhaps its the simplicity of the basis of radioinics, which incidently does require a certain openess and awareness to/of a universal mind - steven may choose to call this good - thats his choice of words, that makes people so skeptical. Just remember that time and space live in unity they cannot exist without each other. As a manifestation in the material universe these too, with be locked into their own frequency.
  17. Of course, theres always the possibility that hes still very much a part of Montauk dis-information. Before people jump on my back about this, all major montauk players could quite easily be controlled in this way. I also don't find it viable that the private funders of projects like Montuak/ P.experiment etc would allow some one "free reign" to expose the whole thing. I know Al claims that both he, Duncan and possibly preston were safe until 2003 due to the time fields correcting themselves on this date (due tpo their time travelling). However there are many ways to shut someone up or take them out of society without killing them. Not that i am saying this is the case, understand. Just that its a very valid possibility that most people choose not to explore. I won't commit to saying i believe this the case, however. note: i am not questioning his ability in electronics or the validity of the montauk project's existance.
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