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  1. Lots and lots 'o' beer, and you may find some at your local Liquor Store.
  2. Maybe the people who experienced these time cloud thingies were just drunk. *shrugs*
  3. Hey Enforcer, we have some good time travel games here in the present. Ever played Chrono Trigger? That's where I got my name from.
  4. A classic paradox... There seems to be so many of them these days. One possible solution is that you wouldn't be creating any sort of paradox. When you go back in time you might just be entering another timeline, not effecting a single thing in your own timeline. In the new timeline you never found a portal in the first place. At least I think that's how it goes.
  5. I didn't say I was worried about it. I was just presenting my prediction for the future. I have lots to do, but I had five minutes, nothing else to do, I just made it up as I went along, didn't know what else to do with it so I posted it here. It's true that we don't worry when our computer shuts down, and that's because there will always be someone to turn it back on. If all the universes disappeared, but would be left to turn it on again?
  6. Alright. This little thing was created by me and no one else. One thing: Ultima is what I call all the universes as a group. Nothing Is Immortal Nothing is immortal... Everything must perish at some point... Even if that point is when our universe collapses... At the end of time... But when all we know becomes no other than a void of nothingness... Does it mean the end for all the other infinite universes as well? Or is harmony within the Ultima nonexistent... If there is no connection between the universes... Then how can the parallel universe theory be correct? If all universes within the Ultima are identical... Then should not their end be at the same time? If so, then everything that has, is, and ever will be in existence shall be vanquished... And if so, will anything ever come into existence again? Or is the once Ultima simply doomed to be an empty space of absolute nothing... Nothing is immortal... Even the Ultima, the supreme existence of everything... Is highly unstable... As to vanish from the overlapping of memories... To which man calls time... -Crono This was just made up by a pitiful kid, or me, so don't expect it tp be flawless. Thank you.
  7. Fate has already planned out what everyone will ever do at the beginning of time. Past, present, and future has already been documented and all time traveling that will ever happen has already occured. It least it's interesting to believe that. Perhaps Christopher Columbus was a time traveler that knew that the world was round and nobody else in the year 4067 AD knew that and dared to find out. Maybe that's why he went to the past to prove that so colonization would be made on the other side of world. -Crono S. Chrono
  8. Oh yeah. I experience deja-vu at least twice a day. Except I think that my first visions are in my dreams. Then that event happens the next day. -Crono S. Chrono
  9. Nanotechnology terrorism was listed in DISCOVER magazine as one of the 20 most likely ways the world will end in the next 20 years.
  10. How do you make your posts look like websites? Is it just because you're a Moderator? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <font face=Times new roman bold font size=4.0 color=blue>Not really Crono, just basic HTML</font> ;) <[bR> <A HREF=http://Tap-Ten.org">TAP-TEN Research </A> T.A.P.-T.E.N. is a non-profit organization that involves a majority of its research in the exploration of time travel, gravity displacement, unified field inertia, and electrostatic propulsion. http://http://Tap-Ten.org <FONT SIZE=-2>Show me more like this</FONT> </FONT>(edited 02 November 2000).] <This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 03 November 2000).>
  11. I heard that in order to teleport something you must first make a clone of the object at the final destination and then destroy the original. I don't know if this is true or not, but if it is, don't expect them to be telling you this, especially if you're the thing being teleported.
  12. A:No, unless you count the fact that time flies when you're having fun. B:See A C:No D:Once I get I get a hold of that technology from the government. E:Not really. F:No G:Probably in the future in my free time. H:I know what the speed of light is in mph. I:Of course it is! J:The government has the technology right now.
  13. Yeah, they get to invent those technologies but WE don't. Expect those cancer cures and such to come out later as an invention of the government.
  14. If I were able to travel back and forth through time I would try to right all the wrongs and stuff like that. I wouldn't necessarily use it to have fun. Also reliving the same day over and over might get boring after a while. Just ask Bill Murray. And finally, if you stopped time, would you stop aging? Because if you did, then you could just stay like that forever. All you would be missing out on is interaction with other humans.
  15. I think there is two ways to look at this Jiga Watts. The first one is where you can actually change the past so it effects the future. If you were presumed dead in the future, then you could go back to the time right after you left and nothing would have been changed. However if you leave again, it will just be the same as before. The second one is where you can't change the past, and you'll only be creating a parallel universe. What used to be your future is now your present, and since what used to be your present is now your past, you can't change the past, so you'll still be presumed dead at when you left off. And so you can still go back in the past and live there as usual, you won't be changing the future. I think that's how those theories go.
  16. RE: The \"ROSWELL\" Paradox Isn't that little voice inside your head your conscience? Or maybe just aliens trying to communicate to us telepathically. Anyway that subject about how if that spaceship thingy at Roswell hadn't come down proves how fragile the timeline can be. In about half of all parallel universes it didn't come down, and so, as you said, we haven't advanced since the 50's. In others, it did come come down and if it was an alien spacecraft, then in yet another half the government had decided not to cover it up for whatever reason and who knows what would have happened after that. <This message has been edited by Crono (edited 24 October 2000).>
  17. I think I have Michio Kaku's book too! It seems a little more complicated than The Search For Other Worlds.
  18. You can watch the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I think that has something to do with the subject.
  19. In response to Echo VII everything in probably every universe would have to stop for time to stop. People would have to stop aging, atoms would have to stop the smallest motion, and everything would have to look exactly like it does when you hit pause on a movie. Although in the future we may have nanotechnology to help stop death from old age, but those little robots would have to keep going to prevent aging. Thus time freezes could never exist.
  20. Exactly NoTime. The reason they call them parallel universes is because they are all parallel to each other. Just that one thing that seperates all the universes could be big(cave men decided that it was too hard to invent fire, thus we all live in caves) or small(someone in California decided to vote for Al Gore than George W. Bush). Except one thing will always be the same. You and I and everyone else are there. Sure, we might have died at age 6 or we're terrorists in Russia, but physically, and probably personality-wise, we are still the same people. All universes are at the same time period as we are. All universes probably had their Big Bang at the same time.
  21. What I meant about the parallel universe thing is this. If you didn't want the Civil War to occur, then you would have gone to the past and kept it from happening somehow. But if you could travel to other universes, then you could find one where someone made a choice that ended up keeping the Civil War from ever happening.
  22. I know this doesn't exactly go with the topic of time travel, but I just want to voice my opinion. Humans are composed of nothing but flaws. Money, greed, inability to withstand time, need for sleep, food and water. If you take all of this you'll find that even computers can be considered a superior species than us(if they have a conscience). Anyway, the meaning of life I think is to enjoy it. Pretty much everything that humans do violates this. And you can't rate a mind by an IQ, or a college degree. I just wanted to tell you what I thought. That's all. If you have the time of day, tell me what you think. Oh yeah, and to stay with the theme of time travel, I shall tell you this. If parallel universes do exist, then they would make time travel into the past obsolete, for you could just go to the universe that has the final results you want for this one(since every universe is different in a very slight way). Thank you for reading this and if you have any comments please don't be afraid to respond. THIS is all. <This message has been edited by Crono (edited 16 October 2000).>
  23. Ah, pretty much about half of the stuff you read on the Internet is made-up. I'm just impressed that the author was able to come up with all of this by himself.
  24. Recently I bought a book from amazon.com on parallel universes. The author was Fred Alan Wolf, and his book is called Parallel Universes: The Search for Other Worlds. It really is a great book! It tells what a person traveling into a black hole would see, and something about how the future affects us right now just as much as the past does. I recommend that you buy this book! Here's the address: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0671696017/o/qid=971580172/sr=8-1/ref=aps_sr_b_1_3/104-4475151-339993 Also, I must thank rgrunt for what he said about me and madslick in THE ACTUAL WAY TO TRAVEL TIME. I would've thanked him there but the thread was closed before I could respond.
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