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  1. here is what i believe about paradox's... if we were to do something that should create one, somehow it would work out. the reason i say this is that assuming time travel is possible, then thats the way the universe was made, so that we could travel through time, and it would simply just open a whole new world of science to us if we managed it. A bit like in the past with ships thinking they would fall off the end of the earth if they reached the horizon, they would of had surverys asking: what would happen if we reach the horizon, would we a) fall off the world and die b) find that theres nothing special about going to the end, or C) find something completly strange and mind boggling? we seem to believe that we could destroy all logic by going back in time, but the truth is probably much more logical than anyones ever thought.
  2. Re: What exactly makes us the \"present\" deep indeed...very bad spelling...indead.....curse my future self for leaving me with bad grama :(
  3. What exactly makes us the \"present\" How can we really tell that what we leave now is the present? If we wnent back in time the people there would feel as if they were leaving in the present, and if we went forward they would feel the same. Is it possible that the present is just some point in the future and that all we are doing is following in their shadow, with no independence, but only an illusion of reality and free will?
  4. oh no, im sure Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell will be rolling in there graves when they find out there 362 page proof that 1 + 1 = 2 was incorect after all their tedious work...
  5. i believe that they are connected in a way. take this for example (and this is a true story): i had a dream which came true word for word. in the dream i was sitting class and everyone was in differnt places (differnt from our seating order (only yr 5 i think)) and i turned around to talk to someone (naughty me) and we were doing maths, and he had drawn all these random pictures in his book, i said "why do you do that?" and he turned to me and just shrugged and muttered "i dont know..." a few months later we all swapped places to the positions of my dream, i just didnt take any notice of it, then a few days later my drew came to reality, word for word, picture for picture, everthing. im sure a lot of other people have had similar expiernces. i am sure you could acount this as a sort of prediction, and a very accurate one at that. The fact that this dream came 100% accurate in real, does that mean it was possibly unchangable? if it was unchangable, then that means that we have not got free will, so if a time traveler came from the future, does it either that he is from a differnt worldline (ie. created a new worldline by coming into ours) or is he the reason that event accuring, ie. fate?
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