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  1. Saw this on the front page of digg.com today! Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now The Mystery of John Titor: Hoax or Time Traveler? "An investigation by amateur sleuth John Hughston, who also goes by the name “Razimus,” uncovered a mysterious P.O. Box in Celebration, Florida, belonging to the LLC. A group of friends with some downtime between gigs at their production company checked out the P.O. Box themselves but found nothing worthwhile."
  2. What bar sells 12 packs of beer. Any bar I've ever been in sells beer by the glass or pitcher. Also, most people don't call it a 12 pack, I mean there are 12 packs of beer, but that saying is usually reserved for something like a 6 pack. Then you say you pocketed the beers, a whole 12 pack? Or did you leave beers somewhere? The whole way you describe the experience and write your story just sounds like BS. But anymore I'm a pessimist, I think it's all bullshit.
  3. So the member was using a proxy for his posts, but before that he posted here without proxy, and that same IP address was also used by another handle on TTI? How do you know this Darby? And if you do know it, why don't you know who? TOS agreements like many agreements online are subject to change at any time without any warning. Couldn't the TOS agreement simply be rewritten to exclude this particular member thus outing him? And you say "owners" I thought there was only one owner, MOP, I guess I am wrong again?
  4. You misunderstood me Darby, probably my fault. I am trying to imply that the John Titor posts on forums such as TTI (here) and other's that have been copied, were meticulously pre-screened BEFORE John Titor posted them. He/she/they went through the post, fixed many grammar and spelling mistakes, and then posted. I was not trying to imply someone else had gone through the posts after the fact and fixed them up. No, not that at all. I am saying that the posts were scrubbed thoroughly BEFORE they were posted. I am familiar with the origination of the IRC logs with John Titor that Yariesa posted. It is those logs I am referring to, when I was attempting to compare them to the John Titor forum posts. There is a major variance in the spelling/grammar that can only be accounted for by someone writing something, analyzing it, fixing spelling/grammar mistakes, and then posting it. This implies purpose, and not just someone "chatting" with other people online. For example, I will post this message right away without previewing it or re-reading it. John Titor did not really seem to do that. But whatever.
  5. Nope, the public posts were thoroughly scrubbed. Meaning they were shined to a polish, someone went through, fixed mistakes, spelling, grammar, then posted. Highly suspicious. In fact none of the errors committed during the IRC chat could be identified in ANY OTHER POST that the supposed John Titor made... I've been busy but I'll be back around soon if anyone cares.
  6. I disagree. I have been reviewing the original JT messages, in comparison to the IRC chat logs, and have made some interesting finds. First of all John Titor DOES have a grammar/spelling problem. Only posted messages were free of most of the issues. I guess that is the difference between reading, reviewing, and posting, as opposed to just typing in IRC. Unless those IRC logs I've seen are not confirmed to be from the same supposed "John Titor"
  7. What important message do you wish to convey to me? I don't think you'll get ahold of John Titor though, pretty sure he's long gone.
  8. I chose the handle because of personal reasons. I don't know why it would freak you out. Ren is short for Rendered, as in Rendered Unconscious.
  9. Thanks Darby. You know who is who. Now I am going to respond to the other Ren.
  10. You are the crazy guy going around passing himself off as Ren. Well I was using the name long before you. This is my account, and I have no affiliation with you or your claims to be John Titor #13955931 or whatever. You didn't start this thread in 2004, I did. Please nobody confuse me with this guy, people who know me know I am nothing like this guy. I don't look like him or talk like him. I also don't claim to be John Titor from the year 2015. I've seen your posts on Paranormalis mr John Thomas (Ren) and you are an absolute loon. Please do not involve me in any way with your lunacy. So just remember people, RenUnconscious <> Ren (John Thomas) This can be confirmed by Darby or RMT or a host of others here on TTI. I just don't want my name being dragged down with the trash and people confusing me with this guy. Thank you.
  11. Who's this Jacob Time? You know its funny you mention thailand though just heard about that in the news, I guess we are going to sell them 4 aircraft carriers or other sea going vessels and China isn't too happy about that.
  12. Maybe I'm wrong here, but weight and mass are two different things are they not? My mass is the same but if I goto the moon I weigh 1/6th as much and if I'm in zero g I weigh 0 pounds effectively.
  13. That is weird. Is there any way that guy could have known what he knew? I have previously had a bad experience with this site so I havn't been here in years. But when my experience happened it was the first place I looked for again. I don't know what to make of it though. I keep wondering if I met a time traveler..
  14. So something has been bothering me all week, last Sunday and I remember almost the exact time because it was between football games. I had just got done watching my team win and there was about 15 minutes until the 4:15pm kickoff. So me and my girlfriend decide we should really have some chips and salsa to munch on for the second game. There is a store a block away, well less than a block maybe half a block. But around the corner too. We walk to the store and we walk in front of the pharmacy to get there. On the way back with chips/salsa in hand in our baggie that I was carrying we turn round the corner and go behind the pharmacy. Its daytime, its a short 20-30 feet, so its never felt dangerous. Guy jumps out from behind an air conditioner and dumpster that are behind the pharmacy. He jumps in front of us, we were so startled I dropped the chips and pushed my girlfriend behind me, thinking this guy was going to attack. He screamed, and loud. really loud, we were thinking we had to get the hell out of there and right away. So as we start walking backwards so we can still look at the guy, kind of shuffling, and not even bothering to pickup the chips or salsa I dropped. Oh and the jar of salsa broke so I figured it was a goner. This guy starts saying. "wait, Wait, I know you, I do, I know you." he's talking to my girlfriend. So now we are thinking he is totally crazy, I look at my girlfriend and she looks at me and then flat out says "no I don't know him." then says to him "I don't know you" This guy then spits out her life history, where she was born, raised, where she grew up, how many times she moved, different states she lived in, duration. He said it so quick it sounded rehearsed but he also paused a few times as if he was remembering something he read. Then this whole thing got really weird. Hence my debating posting about it here. The guy says, and I will try to do an exact quote/paraphrase. "Your daughters name is Evey, born Dec 22nd 2012." We told him, we weren't planning on having children that soon. And didn't really even like that name very much. We tried to politely walk past him now. I picked up my bag of chips and salsa was leaking out of the bag now. He was calmed down, but as we tried to walk around him that is when he side stepped rather quickly for such an old guy. I think we walked at least 5 feet to the right of him but he just darted in front of us, put his hand on my shoulder and said. "You don't understand, I'm from the future. One possible future. One probable future." He said some more things that were just names and places but they didn't mean anything to me. He was mumbling to himself more. Now we are just humoring him and trying to get away, politely but determinedly. At this point I remember thinking why the hell havn't we just left back the way we came. I really think its because of his eyes, he acted very weird, and was very old, but his eyes had truth in them. If you believe in that kind of thing. Finally, he was letting go of my shoulder, but still looking me in the eyes. He had to look down because I'm shorter. He was at least 6 foot tall. He said this last thing, and its really haunted me and I've debated bringing it up at all. I'll tell everyone but I don't have any answers, just more questions. "A terrible tragedy will (something) your country, before the end of 2012. You don't have to worry, you will survive and thrive. When it happens remember back to this day Zach." (and he used my name, my real name, a name neither of us told him, so now my heart was pounding.) I was trying to ask for clarification on the "tragedy will what?" it sounded to me like he said beharken but I looked it up and that's not a word. I think he meant that it would befall this country. I asked him, but now he just turned, started walking away from both of us. Then I start asking more questions that pop into my mind. Obviously, like "What, what's going to happen?" I remember repeating that about 3 times. He kept walking but turned his head around in a freaky weird way. He said "Planes, Trains and Automobiles." I yelled "What? What does that mean? More terrorist attacks?" But that was the last thing I heard from him, the last thing he did was shake his head in a definitive "No" to my question about terrorists. Ok, now I got that off my chest, its documented. I am hoping the guy was just a loon, but he knew my name. How'd he know my name? I swear I've never seen him before either, he's not the kind of guy you would not notice. Me and my girlfriend have been discussing it ever since, I think she's letting go of it, but I am still wondering if I met a time traveler. If anyone else runs into this guy, try not to be so freaked out that you don't ask him any questions sort of like I did. He's 6 feet tall, at least, had a very long face, grey skin, lots of those liver spots on his arms. Was very skinny. but he was spry. He could move so quick and fluid, I wonder if he had those wheelies on his shoes but I doubt it. I'm just saying thats how smooth he moved. He had brown eyes, brown/grey eyebrows that were very long. He was mostly bald at the top but had hair on the sides that stuck out. He had a big nose, very sharp, pointy, straight. He basically had very large features all around, big hands too. He had on black pants, a long sleeve white dress shirt but it was really looking worn and dingy. Rainbow suspenders. He had big feet too, probably larger than a 10. Wide and long, brown, leather. Had tassles. He had white socks on. His voice sounded unique, like he could do voiceover commercials. In fact honestly he reminded me of that homeless guy that they turned into a DJ. Some older african american gentleman. That kind of deep voice. And that's all I remember about him.
  15. I found info on JT's original AOL.com account. That info remains with Darby and only 1 other person. So unless Darby is JT, the name should be the ultimate (non-fakeable) proof of whatever you have. Lets see the guy answer that question. And because of the relationship to the account holder, there is no question that to the real JT this would be common knowledge. Btw I'm back if anyone cares. Even if they don't.
  16. It says something. ask those who have seen it. there must be a few by now? I can also tell you I dont even know what it says! if anyone can read it please post it immediately. Just retype it to us so we all know what it says.
  17. It says something. ask those who have seen it. there must be a few by now? I can also tell you I dont even know what it says! if anyone can read it please post it immediately. Just retype it to us so we all know what it says.
  18. Making anarchy work 101 - Step 1 ) eliminate all those who's preconceptions of culture, government, rule and class, do not fit into your new society Step 2 ) eliminate all leadership roles, there are no leaders just a collective of responsible persons who won't do anything half-arsed Step 3 ) eliminate all forms of jealousy and greed, for they have no place in an anarchistic society. There must be no fear, no violence, every individual is responsible for themselves as well as the whole of their community. Step 4 ) laugh when you realize you've eliminated 99.44% of the population! Thats the only way this thing will work, unless you can reprogram a human being like a computer. Creedo?
  19. I'm more afraid of small, vegetarian salmon (salmon swim against the current...)
  20. and before we all start going and correcting everyone elses spelling, please, don't get me started I believe the word you were looking for is "alot" /btw this is a new timeline //the reticulans are coming to take you away young skywalker ///only not soon enough?
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    What in the world are you talkin about eh? //oops my bad!
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    The true number is closer to 100 billion neurons, and at least 10 times as many support/helper cells known as glia. That number would be around 1 trillion. add this in with the overal amount of actual cells which contain our DNA and you get about 2 trillion. then add in the bacteria which basically keep us all alive without us evening knowing it and we have up to 100 trillion cells in our bodies, the majority of which are in our gut. And although it is the neurons themselves which do the firing, the glia make the connections, so they are truly what give us consciousness. It had been said einsteins brain may have been even smaller than average, but the vast amount of connections he made, are what gave him his genius.
  23. Re: The Church Of Chronohistorian's Greatest Hits dave is neither kinky nor interesting /lame
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    Quiz Who was expecting something more sophisticated than "Name that author"? 1) Nobody 2) Probably everybody 3) Nobody else but me?
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