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  1. If you were to travel to the past then that which you changed has already happened in the future you knew. I don't think traveling in time other than the everyday time travel we accomplish naturally is possible. The reasoning is this; If you told yourself that you will travel back in time then you can't say NO because you have already done it, this would take away our GOD given right to freedom of choice. If you tell yourself in the past that you will be hurt in the future it will still happen because you were already told about it when you went to the past. "If you know the exact future than you will either try to stop it or except something you can't change. The same goes for the past, if you traveled back to the past then you change something that already had happened, it can't be done if you changed it then it was alredy done before you left to do it."
  2. I don't really understand what you are saying but thanks for answering.
  3. Matthew

    Time Loop

    How can you disprove what I am saying with something someone else has said. theory used to disprove another sounds like you picked sides before you really thought about it. Both are not proven that is why they are theories I just wanted everyones oppions not what someone else tells them to say. If this "theory" called the Chronology Protection Conjecture is a fact then I will take being critisized so rudely.
  4. Matthew

    Time Loop

    If you change the past you change the past you change the future. If the creater of the time machine was killed in that past before he created it, then he did not create the time machine that cause his death. Another thing is if the killer was going to do something in the past than it would have already happened and what is the point of doing something that was already accomplished.
  5. If it were possible to fuse time travel with teleportation, would it be possible to travel back in the past because you would create a new time line or would that just make it possible to pick a destination in the future. If time travel was possible without using teleportation then the machine would stand still while the earth was still moving around the sun, you might end up in the future but not where you want to be. If the machine was to be in space in that place when the planet returns to that place it would collide with the machine. The Earth does not have the same exact path. Planetary pool anyone? This I base on the fact that if something travels fast enough everything else stands still, like in those fancy restruants where they pull the table cloth out from under the dishes without moving them. the same would be applied to time travel without teleportation to counter this inbalance. please reply I think that time travel might be possible but without teleportation it might create undesirable results, and the calculations for both when and where would have to be correct, which would include the exact location and where that location is from the rest of the universe. Remember computers only know what we tell them is true(computer programing). After thinking about it I don't think time travel to the past is even possible.
  6. Matthew

    Time Loop

    If some one created a time machine then some one else stole it and used it to travel back in time before it was made and stop/erase its maker before he made it then it would not have been created in the first place and the whole situation would not have taken place and the person would be stuck in a time loop in which he can't get out of because he does not know he is in one. If this was true then everyone would be caught in this loop and no one would continue their lives at all or would he be the only one along with the time machine creator.
  7. Re: Here's a interesting thought If what you were saying was true than time travel would not be possible at all. If you can't travel to the past because the time machine whould not have been there than the same would be true for the future because you take the time machine with you to the future and it would have to appear in the future where it did not exist in the first place, unless the machine actually made time travel around it instead of teleporting to the time of destination.
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