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  1. I just wanted to drop in and say hello again to all my TTI friends. I have not visited in many years so I thought that it is about time I did. G,day to all!
  2. Re: Final Warning from 2026 For All Humanity! URGE Peter, I think that it is a series of ciphers, 40 characters in each. Perhaps one per line. I will analize it when I have time and I will report back here. But in truth I expect another level hoop jumping after that. You can have that task. I'm just curious, thats all.
  3. Re: Pictures Hey bogz, Please expose all that you have on this person. Cheers!
  4. Re: Pictures OK guy's you need them posted here as well. The pictures given to us by Zeshua: Supposedly from 2025/2026!!! #1: A look out her friend's flat. ( what a joke!) #2: Zeshua and her team #3: Cambridge University #4: Cambridge University #5: Cambridge University OK now let it rip! :oops:
  5. Re: Pictures So, Are you referring to Creedo?
  6. I read all your stuff B4. I'm sorry but I think you are wasting your time. A good fiction book or a movie plot is in there though. Now I think that you should drop the "Australia" because your theories are not Australian specific just because you may be an Aussie. Frankly it has nothing to do with Australia. If it was physical proof of time travel evidence on the continent OZ then OK. So rename this thread to. "Strange Theories of Time Travel found in Aussie man's head"
  7. Re: Pictures Please Darby tell us. Name starts with an X? ;)
  8. Re: Pictures Pathetic! What are you suggesting? That the whole exercise has been some kind of reality game of 'temporal' survivor? Zeshua, Always with the upper hand. 'The need to be disbelieved' The need to be believed and to deliver a message to a select few. Compliments shrouded in insults. Puzzles and mind games. Fake photo's and lies. People tried to connect with you and you ruined it! The 'one' that I had the most fear for will be the one most hurt at the end of the day. I will find you.
  9. Re: Pictures Dear Peter, Fraud "In the common acceptation of the word, an act or course of deception deliberately practised with the view of gaining a wrong and unfair advantage. Its connotation is less wide than that of deceit, which is used of concealment or perversion of the truth for the purpose of misleading". - Catholic Encyclopedia
  10. Re: Pictures Zeshua did not keep her promise either. The score is even in my book.
  11. Re: Pictures Oh for God's sake Peter. This line of thought has the potentual of being endless. What is done, is done and if Zeshua was ever real then she would have seen this as history. Meaning that It was a done deal from the first post! Lets not get stupid about it!
  12. Re: Pictures Damn straight it was! It's about time too!
  13. Er, Sorry all we have for you are "want to be" travellers, story tellers or hoaxers. Try next door!
  14. Er, Sorry all we have for you are "want to be" travellers, story tellers or hoaxers. Try next door!
  15. Zeshua, G'day! jmpet posted some questions for you at http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=ttclaims&Number=44961&Forum=All_Forums&Words=jmpet&Match=Username&Searchpage=6&Limit=25&Old=allposts&Main=44936&Search=true#Post44961 can you please reply to those questions publicly?
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