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  1. I believe that, when people finally invent a time machine, it'll be more like some kind of portal into another dimension (time). (But if people would eventually start to travel in time, why and how come we haven't found out yet?) I believe it to be more like a man produced black-hole or some kind of transverter which make us travel with the speed of light. <This message has been edited by Leon (edited 08 November 2000).>
  2. Did you ever have dja-vu? The feeling that you're seeing the same things for the second time? Is this a form of time-travelling, knowing what is going to happen, but finding it out when it's already happening? What if in some way you already know what is going to happen, because you've already witnessed it? That somehow when you die, your spirit travels back into time or to an other dimension and enters your unborn body. Most of your memory has been errased completely, but every once and a while you remember certain events. If that is true, we are all time travellers in a certain sense.
  3. Imagine, a tube magnetically charged.In this tube you have a transport device which also is magnetically charged(I HOPE YOU'RE STILL FOLLOWING ME HERE). So now you have a floating object inside the tube. What if you'd change the magnetic charge of the tube so that you create a thrust. If you'l change the magnetic charge so fast, with the speed of light for example, you have created an object that moves with the speed of light. If one would do this expirement in a place which has a zero gravity surrounding, like space, you have an on-gowing thrust. Therefore one can travel with the speed of light.
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