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  1. Malcolm


    You can generate gravity, just an object to a piece of string, then swing it around your head. There you go, you've just created your own gravity :-)
  2. Well, it's hard to say really, are dreams about the future really someone/me, tapping into a possible future event. If so, then yes, I have had a message from the future. It's not one I really like though, and I hesitate to repeat it here, but I will say that it involves a war. I hope it's just one of those crazy dreams you sometimes get, but when each following dream shows just a little bit more from the last dream i do start to wonder.
  3. How do you know creedo? What proof do you have about time travel eh?
  4. Titor is a fake, he/them have not predicted anything that has come to pass. It was a group of people who thought it'd be a blast to wind up sad little people who should know better. It would also seem that someone/group, has now got money making ideas out of this fake. What a coincidence eh? I would say that if anyone believes the fraud, then they are incredibly sad, and they really should learn not to gulp down lies like that. Think about it, the person calling themself titor, was sent on a mission, he isn't supposed to be known when/where he goes, but oh look, he starts mouthing off on the web, a place with no one central computer, so that 100 years from now you'll still find this stuff we're chatting about being found and read. I for one would stop the fool from going back if i found out what he was doing. Just don't go on about time anomalies because of this, I don't care to discuss that. If I was a TT, and I had to go back in time, which fills me with a depressing dread anyways, I wouldn't be stupid enough to tell people I'm from the future, I'd go back, do what I am told, maybe get annoyed at the stupid humans from that time, but I'd go back to the future, finish my mission, then relax and grab me some mushroom soup, a good hunk of bread, and some cool refreshing water. Then I'd read Mein Kampf, and laugh gently to myself about the 21st century and its high polluting ways...
  5. Unfortunately another prediction bites the dust :-) How annoying, it would seem that people in the UK are just as moronic as the USA peeps. Well, what else would you call it when they elect a lieing piece of ...., and they beleive what the fool says!!!
  6. Lol! Really? You have proof of this? What's satan ever done to you, you poor deluded soul.
  7. Didn't happen, so what's next 'AlienChild'? Blair?
  8. I have an idea, to those that feel ol' Nostra' was a seer, post here all the stuff predicted for the next 5 years, or more if you wish, in advance of it all happening of course. Then we shall see if the chap was right, I suspect that nobody wishes to post the truth about Nostra', of course it is well known he did drugs, it was his way of trying to forsee the future. Most shamans did/do the same.
  9. Re: worst food, you've ever eaten? I'll add any alcholic beverage to the list of horrid stuff, although of course it isn't food, it's still the worst stuff I have had to consume.
  10. Interesting that the theory of relativity is being questioned openly in some circles about how it is flawed and recent supernovae observed haved blown the relativity bubble apart. Still, if some scientists wish to continue working in the dark ages, who am I to stop them? They don't bother me, I just go merrily on my way, doing my own thing, not getting my funding, d'oh!
  11. It's not the science of wormhole formation that is the problem, we know how to make them. We just cannot fathom how the heck we can keep a wormhole open for even a nanosecond, even if the size of the hole was just enough to send a data packet through! The amount of energy required would of course depend on where you wished to send the wormhole, but we do not have the energy required to do such a thing at present, not even with the whole worlds energy, put into this nanosecond micron thick wormhole enough for data to travel through. I think we calculated how we could get the energy to do so, but I didn't think many were willing to blow up the sun.
  12. Nostradamas was a drug fuelled chap, he wrote this stuff down whilst high on who knows what. And you people take it all seriuosly? Lol and stuff! I've more chance of ruling the planet than any of his predictions coming true. Erm... Do you not think it funny how most predictions from this 'visionary' are only sussed after the event? We all remember the famous Hister prediction don't we? Hister? Well it was either Hitler or nothing in my book. So, he did not predict anything that has come to pass, show me a prediction sussed before the event then I will believe you, and to make it work, he needs to have had a higher proportion of hits than misses.
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