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  1. Thinking in multiple timelines, and trying to understand this transcript! 2+1 = 3 He was the third John Titor... while the others are asleep. also He moves in time from 2009 to 2000 so is He is still thinking of 2009 2009 +1 = 2010 Right! :devil: Link to Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUgDCYsxx_0
  2. Re: Sign out front a little old. What about a Survival related Forum...on TTI
  3. Is time to consider some types of "time loops": 1. Physical Time Loop In a physical time loop, the space_time loops around to form several closed time_like curves. Since the time in that region is looped, you could only escape it by leaving the affected area. Also, there would be an infinite number of copies of any matter in the area, unless an object left the loop. In that case, there would only be as many copies of that object as many times it completed the loop. This type of time loop cannot be ended or destroyed. 2. Conscious Time Loop In a conscious time loop, everyone's consciousness loops through time. In such a time loop, causality could easily be violated. 3. Probability loops 1 A probability loop is a variation of a time loop in which a situation is told over and over, or concurrently, but with variations in the story, based on a random event ie:a software bug. 4. Repeated single loops These are not time loops, but the repeated going-back. 5. A probability loop 2 Is a variation of a time loop in which a situation is told over and over, or concurrently, but with variations in the story, based on a choice. i think that the 2 Johns experienced the 5 types in these incursions in other time_worlds... and they make some Moebius curves with the original time_lines... and the altervues and time_ripples reflex the changes in the past 10 years.
  4. CNN tracks the origin of Y2K 16 Bug... Microsoft glitch sends texts from the 'future' Link to a Bug, not a feature...
  5. This is the Transcript of the Second FAX for Easy reference: :D An a reference to the Y2K 16 Bug...problem Y2K16 Bug Link
  6. Trojan: Is time to remember some old news you already know...: Link
  7. and some info regarding: The "Naked-Truth" link
  8. Also: Not exactly, but what about "shaking the Space time" in a lab... Link
  9. Warning Some Hard data follow: Link
  10. Trojan: Do you have Titor envy? The Divergence Table: Titor 1 1999DEC28 2.480 2009MAR12 1.900 2000OCT12 2.005 NOV POSTS 1998OCT12 2.500 2001JAN02 2.004 JAN POSTS 2009MAR21 1.941 Titor 2 1999DEC28 2.490 1998JUL29 2.500 2000NOV27 2.004 DEC POSTS 2009JUL29 1.941 2001JAN31 2.004 FEB POSTS 1998OCT29 2.500 Some readings are from Pre and Bush´s Era Others are Obama´s Era, and The Hillary Clinton´s Era :D
  11. Timenot_0 I got problems with these Human verification codes, when you post comments... But this one, on Youtube Well, That Was Easy :)
  12. Re: John Titor Letter 177 tempus edax rerum Hello Pam: There are others YT sites that looks suspicious JT2036 Real JT also Secret song tune yes, we must wait for the facts and study every day to make a decision...
  13. John Titor Letter 177 tempus edax rerum This is the transcrit of the video for those that can´t display flash videos on their mobile devices: Recall 15 here: John, you have to know that your Singularity Energy Power System has a severe fault= It damage the living tissue. Get the new revision of the Visitors -115 element- based at A19G3Z @ 20031111 1930UTC. Greetings to the Council!!!
  14. Darby is wrong in his last assumption! Pamela is so Special!!! No problem with that :) Well, so far if a Bizzarre accident happend and John was divided in two separted entities, you may got indeed 4 sets of fellings regarding John ... oh my! What if didn´t the original John know about the other John ? Just Wondering: i want to know if is possible than the other girl wrote about her part on this "Drama" and post these video or stills of Nebraska... :confused:
  15. I heard/watch the 25 songs on Youtube ... i put the money on this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgK1D3_x6ZQfrom: B52's Lyrics page
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