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  1. There must be a way to lure actual time travelers to this forum :) I was thinking. The John Titor story is still all over the internet after all these years. Surely time travelers in the future will learn about this hoax as a way to cover up their time travel activities. I can imagine a lecture in a 2036 time travel class: "Y'all just mention an IBM 5100 and everybody will be convinced that you're not a time traveler." Anyway, belated happy 2012 to everyone! :)
  2. Hello fellow time travel enthusiasts... I hereby want to express my sincere apologies for leaving the forum so sudden and I hope you will all welcome me back. I see that quite a few people are still active on the forum and I hope I can engage in discussion again. Kind regards, Roel
  3. I think it's disturbing that the death of the pope is getting so much attention. While 400 to 500 people were dying in Indonesia as the result of an earthquake, people at pretty much every newsstation decided that the (upcoming) death of an 84 year old man was more significant. Sad! People need to get their priorities straight. I hope they find a more sensible successor. One that - for instance - promotes the use of condoms, instead of discouraging people to use them. Roel
  4. Shapes are a human concept. If we have to look at the universe as some kind of shape, I'd suggest we take simplest the shape we can imagine. The more complex you make it, the more human it becomes...
  5. Mmmh, funny, a friend of my mother mentioned this particular year. She said this year will be a year where we will transcend to a higher level. She practices Reikki. Roel
  6. judgmential :) Lets talk English here guys! Much easier for everyone to understand.
  7. Still, if you would be so kind to use one thread instead of 10, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Roel
  8. Wow... I wonder what's keeping me from moving this thread to the Time Travel Claims forum. Probably just laziness. Nothing to worry about folks ;)
  9. Re: Fallacies About God & Life Once you die, there's nothing left to process the information with. Think about the oil example I gave earlier in this thread. Once the oil flows from the pipe into the sea, the oil looses its original function. Information flows into the sea of energy and loses its coherence and significance along the way. So yes, I do believe that in some way our physical form is an essential part of our selfawareness. No, not at all. The reason why I do not wish to read "Conversations with God" is because of the apalling self-righteous tone that was very present in the excerpt. I consider myself open-minded, but at the same time very down to earth. I refuse to unthinkingly accept ideas that are contrary to my believes. Especially when the writer, in this case, thinks he knows it all. The title sounds more promising to begin with, so - after reading the interview - I might give this one a try. :) Fair enough. Same applies to me though. You can say it's there, but as long as I don't experience it, you can't expect me to believe you. Basically, yes. But let me rephrase that. In 28 years, none of my senses have been able to even sense a slight indication of what you claim is there. Although you might think differently, your argument is just as strong or weak as mine. All you do is provide valid scientific facts or theories and blindly throw them in the blender along with some spiritual ingredients. And when I disagree, you'll just say something like "It doesn't matter what you think, I'm right anyway.. you'll find out someday". It's not a choice. I just don't experience it. Also, it's not limiting at all... You are limiting yourself to the hallucination you have tricked yourself into believing. Kind regards, Roel
  10. Re: Fallacies About God & Life Uhm, that's hardly torture, is it? I don't think you and Ray are being ridiculed any more than I am. :) Soon, soon :)
  11. Re: Fallacies About God & Life True. And I don't think that will ever happen. I'm simply not capable enough to debunk any of your scientific or mathematic descriptions. BUT, you haven't been able to demonstrate that your science is inextricably linked to the existence of a self-aware creator. That's what I mean when I'm talking about "the thin thread between science and spirituality". You will find an answer for anything in the Quabalah, but that's only because you are so eager to find it there. Your theory will stand, even if you take Quabalah out of the equation. If you reread the paragraph you will notice that I am trying to get across that scientific knowledge is being shared. So although you might claim that many scientific facts can be found in ancient texts, they never gather new facts with help of these texts. It was definitely not my intention to talk about tensor mathematics or how comprehensible it is. It is ironic though that you managed to give a very simple and rudimentary definition of tensors. If that's what you think I am saying, you haven't been reading. Sure, there is a creative force in me. My brain allows me to create and manipulate things. Other people can do the same and affect my 3D-timeline. I'm simply stating that there was no self-aware creator that created life as we know it. During our lives we consume energy to do certain things. The construction of our brain, for instance, allows us to process information and to store it in our memory. When we come to the point where we are unable to consume energy, our brain loses its function and the information in it is lost. Even if this information can leave our brain, it will be useless without something to process it with. I like to compare it to an oil pipe that ends in the middle of a sea. The oil flows out and becomes useless because there is nothing to process it with. Just as sure as you are certain that they can escape. So now I am the one taking statements too literally? ;) Yes, but we also have a common sense of what's right and what's wrong. Anyway, the statement does not seem very significant to me. It's even a bit silly if you ask me. Replacing "right" and "wrong" with different descriptions is only making things unecessarily complicated. Or perhaps there is no creator. If someone wants me to learn Chinese, the best thing he can do is communicate in Chinese. But at some point he will have to give me some translations in English or Dutch, or else I will never understand the language. Instead of making up excuses why I am unable to communciate with our so-called creator, why don't you explore the possibility that this creator might not exist? Wrong. There's an infinite number of sides I can assign to concepts, only in this case I decided to assign only two. I could have come up with 1 or 3 sides, but the fact that there are two sides is based solely on a coincedence. Obviously not. If god "wants" to communicate with me, he's clearly not getting things his way. I have always considered god a big zero. :) Zero is also the number of gods that actually exist. Either that, or you've been walking the wrong path all along. The problem is that you think you're already there, which - regardless of what you believe - probably narrows YOUR scope. Even if that really were the case, it would only be because you behave no different from the guy that wants to convert me when I'm waiting for my tram on Central Station. It's really quite staggering how a smart man like yourself can lower his standards by saying "no matter what you believe, I'm right anyway". Because that's what you've been doing the entire thread. I'm still quite busy finishing my new place, hence the late hour postings ;) As soon as I allow myself some time to take pictures, you'll be the first to know. Kind regards, Roel
  12. Re: Fallacies About God & Life Oh yes, I agree. The most common misconception about god is that people actually believe he exists. The most common misconception about life is that god created it. Sure... These are indeed fallacies about god. Why? Because, in my view, he doesn't exist in the first place. That's not really a fallacy. We are seperate from each other. The fact that we are all part of this "sea of energy" we've been discussing, does not mean we are not seperate. It's the way that energy is "molded" into different "shapes" that makes us seperate from eachother. That's a fallacy indeed. There is enough, but it is unequally divided. It depends on how you look at things. There are two sides to this concept: For instance, I consider myself to be a much better human being than Hitler. Ironically that is - in a way - the same mistake he made. So yes, in a way it is a fallacy to think that some human beings are better than other human beings. After all people who believe in god are just as good as people who don't believe ;) If anyone or anything is capable of creating an entire universe, is it too much to ask to communicate in such a way that I can sense it? Even a dog does a better job communicating with me. So lets change this statement to: God does not exist and is only real to those who want to believe. I did not reply to some of the other statements, either because I agree or I don't find them interesting. However, this statement is obviously NON-FUNCTIONAL and therefore wrong ;) Think of it... if there is no right and wrong, how can there be fallacies????? Geesh. Not on my shift ;) Your personality and knowledge are in your brain. In my view, that's the only place they can reside. When you die, your brain no longer holds this information and consequently your knowledge and personality are lost. Let's not try, shall we? ;) Yet, I can create and achieve things, I can give and receive love and I can be happy... All that without the help from a (non-existent) creator. Sigh. There's the thin thread between science and spirituality again. At least scientific knowledge is shared in a comprehensible way. What new facts have we learned from the Quabalah that haven't already been discovered by science? If the Quabalah really holds so many mystical truths, then why don't the people who understand these ancient texts share this information so that we can all learn from it. The answer is probably "patterns". Whenever a scientist makes a new discovery, a Quabalist will find a matching pattern somewhere and say "oh look, it was here all the time, right under our nose". I might be wrong in thinking so, but you haven't been able to paint a different picture for me.
  13. Re: Fallacies About God & Life Okay, there are two sides to this story. 1) If we look at the classic image of god, we can easily say he's never made an attempt to communicate with me. God in the traditional sense is supposed to be omnipotent. Therefore any attempt he makes, is succesful by definition. I've never noticed anything whatsoever, so obviously he has never tried. 2) You could argue that the classic image of god is inaccurate and that he did try to communicate with me, but somehow failed. That means he's (1) incapable of communicating, (2) doesn't wish to communicate with me, or (3) he demands an effort from me. In all three cases he did not make an attempt to actually communcicate with me. Roel
  14. Re: Fallacies About God & Life I was on my way to a nice warm bed, but I had to reply to this particular passage in your post. I'll reply to the rest of the post later this week. Anyway. I know for certain that god has never made any attempt whatsoever to communicate with me. That's a plain, simple and irrefutable fact.
  15. Re: Scientifically sound Bible... Perhaps you're in need of a faster processor ;) Yes, but not all events are worthwhile. And again, just because you accept it as the truth, doesn't mean it is. Many things are structured in a 3x3 matrix, or 4x4, or 5x5 or 10x10 or 11x18 and so on... That's not necessarily because it has anything to do with Quabalah. Your brain is looking for patterns again; it's a talent we sometimes use too often. But you are no different. You refuse to accept the possibility that you might be wrong. You're merely picking out the arguments that confirm your own believes. Just because I don't accept your version of the truth, doesn't mean I'm limiting myself to anything. Of course. And I'm pretty sure that you're a very good teacher of aerospace engineering... However, teaching other subjects might proof to be a tad more difficult. What you're doing in this thread looks more like preaching, rather than teaching. And since I assume you actually do want to teach me something, I hope you use this feedback to become a better teacher. Besides, you need someone to keep you in balance and on this board that someone might just happen to be me :) And still I say that we were not meant to have this discussion. The fact that we're having this conversation is totally based on coincedence. And again, that's the fundemental difference between my thinking and yours. You should think about the possibility that there are some things that do not serve a specific purpose. You totally missed the essence of what I was trying to get across. If indeed the solution turns out to be simple, you'd be able to give me the simple solution. Since you don't seem to have a simple solution, I think you haven't really found the truth either. In my opinion that's not a simple solution, but (in my eyes)a false statement. I would have chosen for "Energy = Life". Simply because I am still under the strong impression that what you call god, is not selfaware and in no way autonomically capable of thinking or making decisions. I find the tone set in this excerpt close to repulsive. It actually gave me the creeps. My impression is that the writers' view is just another one of those fallacies... Although I must admit that I'm kind of "judging a book by its cover" right now. I clearly stated "..when I try to solve a problem...". I agree with that statement to a certain extent. But we've already discussed that earlier in this thread. I'll be more than willing to review any of my believes when confronted with new facts. Right now, I'm off to bed Cheers, Roel
  16. Re: Hap The belief in God is no more illogical than the belief in Extraterrestrial life forms. Although I am an atheist, I do acknowledge this statement. I believe in God, just as much as I believe in aliens... Roel
  17. Re: Charlie's earthquake prediction! Thank you so much... I've spent days trying to remember who made that prediction. It is kinda freaky, isn't it?
  18. Re: Happy New Year, Roel! Oh boy... talking about kitchens :) It took a while, but finally the kitchen installer decided to finish installing my kitchen in all his goodness. Not that he was very quick and precise, but I guess I have to be grateful nonetheless. Especially since things could have been much worse... Both the bathroom and my floor will be taken care of in january. If everything goes right most of my furniture will be delivered by the end of january. The corian looks really nice. When I bought my kitchen I had to decide between two nice solutions. One of them was corian, which looked really nice. However, my kitchen is white already, so I decided to go for gray cesarstone. I'll take some pictures when my floor is ready in the third week of 2005 :) I already read on your website some time ago that you like to cook and these pictures will only confirm that. I noticed the little painting of a windmill next to your countertop (the one with the oven). I'm kinda jealous of your refrigerator :) I don't know what you call this model, but over here we call them "Amerikaanse koelkast" which means as much as "American refrigerator". Cheers! Roel
  19. Re: Scientifically sound Bible... Thank you very much. Of course I wish you, Ray and everyone on the board a very happy new year. May all your hopes and wishes come true! Kind regards, Roel
  20. Ray, of course that's not true. You derived this year from the Bible Code, since you claim that every major scientific discovery is in there... ;)
  21. Re: Scientifically sound Bible... That applies to the both of us. Does that make us foolish people Ray? But still linear, right? ;) If you aspire to be a teacher I only have one advise: don't give up the dayjob ;) But seriously. You haven't been teaching at all. Teaching is not a matter of forcing your opinion upon people and laugh contemptuously at their "limited senses" and their "lesser state of awareness". If you have the feeling that you are teaching and learning at the same time, I'm curious after what you have learned so far. I think we share the same problem (or challenge if you wish): You believe something that you think you know to be true and so far you've been unable to get it across. I believe that some of the things you say are untrue, but just like you I haven't been able to get it across. Yes. That's an absolute truth! In my opinion we were not "meant" to have this discussion. That's a fundemental difference between my thinking and yours. You mean the Sepher Yetzirah? It's not only difficult to understand, but apparently it's even more difficult to explain it to others once you understand it. You could ask yourself why something that - according to you - holds so much of the truth, is so difficult to understand. I've come to believe that the truth can be hard to find out sometimes, but in the end the solution always turns out to be simple. Also, it was not my intention to "reject" it. Reading the text seems like wasted energy to me, for the simple reason that people like you and OvrLrd don't seem to understand it even after reading it. I sincerely hope that the book gets better after this, because judging from this excerpt it's exactly the type of book that is most likely to induce my gag reflexes. The thing that strikes me most, is the arrogance and the preconceived tone in which the writer decides to express himself. This spiritual arrogance is what has caused you your greatest sorrow as a species. I wonder if anyone else has noticed the irony in this phrase. We can look away from what's happening -- the sudden and eruptive disintegration of life as we know it -- for only so long before the fact that we really are in big trouble presents itself to us in ways that we cannot ignore. There are two simple rules I always keep in mind when I try to solve a problem: 1) do not make the problem seem bigger or more complex than it is 2) do not look for big or complex solutions when dealing with small or simple problems I think mankind has indeed worked its way into a mess, but I don't think it's as bad as some people want to make us believe. Funny enough, it took me less than a heartbeat to believe that. I can literally "feel" that you actually worked on projects that will probably raise some eyebrows in the future. I know that what you are saying is true, because I know you have a certain amount of knowledge. You come across very confident in this case. The same applies to your 3x3 matrix and some of the other ideas you have shared in the past. Your ideas are sometimes close to brilliant and they sound very plausible to a certain extent. Yet I do not get the same feeling when you talk about divinity, the creator, god and all the other things we've been discussing in this thread. I think that, although you've accepted those things as a truth, somehow you're not as confident as you might think. Yes, but never the other way around. And again, I can't blame people for finding patterns. After all that's what our brains are good at. If all these "new facts" were already told in mystics texts, I'd like to see someone come up with a "new fact" from these texts. You might want to take a look at this. Yes. I will even admit that science and spirituality are akin. On the other hand I think spirituality is a very wide concept. I think I've mentioned before that perhaps - in a way - I am just as spiritual as you or anyone else. It depends on your definition of "spirituality". Yes, we have a spirit or a soul. However, my concept of a soul is probably quite different from yours. Also, I think "spirituality" and "the divine" are not inextricably linked. Kind regards, Roel
  22. Re: Scientifically sound Bible... First of all, I'm not solely dependent on other peoples' experiences. I depend on my own senses AND those of others. Furthermore your advise is based on the false assumption that you and Ray are, by definition, more aware. I'm not as stubborn as you might think. Try to keep a more open mind, instead of thinking you're more aware than others. Well... it's not even an issue in the first place. I'd like to keep an open mind until there is some scientific or even spiritual evidence that god exists. So far the provided "evidence" is best described as "the emperors new clothes". As a desktop publisher I've been doing that for the past 8 years :) Colors carry no secrets for me. In the end all colors are light (or lack thereof).
  23. Re: Scientifically sound Bible... That will save me a lot of typing. Even though I'm almost certain that you are abusively applying science, I do not have the mathematical knowledge to actually refute your statements. So, if you will only accept a mathematical refutation, I think it's better to just drop the subject and agree to disagree. However, in my opinion I've sufficiently refuted your application of the uncertainty principle earlier in this thread. I've even brought forward some comments on your application of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which you have conveniently put aside. Sometimes I get the feeling that you are here to preach, rather than debate this subject. Roel
  24. Re: Scientifically sound Bible... Like I said, my senses are just as LIMITED as your senses. We already agreed to the fact that we, as humans, don't get the full picture. What I meant was that your perceptions are not necessarily an accurate representation of "reality". Both our perceptions of "reality" are different, but your version is not in any way better than mine, although you like to think it is. Roel
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