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  1. I went back to that board the other night and that guy TT2048 was there with some other people. One person was able to get him to talk about what is suppose to happen in the future. He or she divulged some supposed information regarding the future. He said that the next vice president of the US would be an african american and had the last name Powell, presumably Colin Powell. And that within the coming week around July 2nd we would see a failed terrorist attempt and geological activity, in or around the states of California and New York. Someone asked him who would win the world series and he said that the Dodgers would win the world series. I personally do not buy his story, but it did sound interesting. I tried to get him to explain more about the way he supposedly got here but he just said the same thing again about some Mallett bridge and that he did not understand everything about it.
  2. I do not believe that the person was asking you to request for their permission in order to post. I do believe that they were saying in a rather nice way that your continual nonsensical posts should be toned down in frequency. I looked back at some of your first posts, they were readable and posed sensible questions. For some reason, you have decided to become irrational and have been making new topic posts every few minutes about nothing(this is not an instant message system), it is pushing other more interesting topics down and in my opinion is taking away from the board, at least it is to me because I feel that I am having to hunt for something because it is buried under posts which you are making for no apparent reason. Since you live in Florida, I do not think you are a foreigner who does not have full grasp of the English language, so I do not know what is wrong. I do not know, maybe I am the only one who is a bit bothered by this? :(
  3. Hi Penny, There is no certainty in the possibility of time travel. However, science fact does indicate that there are certain scenerios which seem to allow for time travel. In other words, Einstein's General Theory of Relativity does have solutions which allow time travel. This is not to say that time travel is in fact possible, since GR does not take into account quantum mechanical affects. In order to truely know if time travel is possibly or if it will remain just a bunch of hollywood bs, one needs a theory of quantum gravity. In almost all time travel scenerios, one can not travel back beyond the point at which the time machine was made.
  4. On another note, suicide is not a way out of anything except life itself, and that does not mean just life on earth it means you end your life here, there, anywhere. I just hope that when you realize that you can not build a space craft, that you do not pull a Heaven's gate scene with you and your two other companions.
  5. Quote: "And I know of another parallel world, were the people are really messed up and they are brain damaged or insane somehow, but luckily, there is no communication between our reality and theirs." What are you talking about, we are that universe. Just kidding. But on a serious note, John Titor was not from the future. The reason I say this is based on his story with the central point being his "mission". It just did not make any logical sense for someone in the future to invest time and money into a project to send someone back in time with the knowledge that that person could not return to the same exact universe (Since John stated that travelling with a zero percent divergence in time was not possible hence he would return to an alternate universe). Of course, he only decided to acknowledge that after we pulled away at the story for awhile. [This message has been edited by Trott (edited 13 June 2001).]
  6. Rick, again I did not say anything about Hermitian operators connecting to space time, I was simply pointing rgrunt to look at the current theories of modern physics. When attempting to propose something new, first look at what is already there, second ask yourself what does this theory offer that the exisiting theory does not explain. Another thing is can my theory predict anything, and in order for it to be able to do so, you will need equations so calculations can be done.
  7. Trott


    Rick, I believe I was talking to rgrunt about what he was posting with regard to particle physics. I listed some textbooks which I felt that he might be interested in looking at. I mentioned Dirac braket notion in the sense that I did not believe that Griffith used that in his quantum book, and that for a good introduction/use of it to look at Sakuari's book. I did not say anything about Hermitian operators. But as far as particle physics and space- time go, it is not too difficult to do the derivation of Einstein's General Relativity equation from starting with a spin 2 massless particle.
  8. Point particles produce nasty singularities. That is why they are hopeful of the extended nature of strings since they are able to "smooth" out the violent nature of the space time foam. As far as electrons being surrounded by something, they are, they are surrounded by virtual particle pairs. These virtual particle pairs essentially screen the electric charge of the electron. What we measure as the electric charge, e, is actually a renormalized charge resulting from these virtual particle pairs. So, if you probe closer and closer to an electron what you will discover is that its electric charge increases the closer you get because the screening is less and less. If you are interested in this stuff, I would suggest reading some texts. I suppose, Griffiths Quantum Mechanics would be a nice introduction. Also, Griffiths Electrodynamics would be good as well. Then you might try Weinberg's field theory books. Also, Sakauri's text on Modern Quantum Mechanics could be good as well, since I am not sure if Griffiths uses Dirac bra ket notion, I know that Weinberg uses it.
  9. RE: \"the formula of live\" Anyhoo, I guess there will be a memorial service held next week?
  10. I was thinking, you know Planet of the Apes was not that bad of a time travel movie. Of course, you are not absolutely certain that it is a time travel story until the ending. The odd thing about Frequency was that the guy was able to remember the alternate time lines. I think my favorite scene in the movie is near the end, when temporal ripple passes through the house.
  11. That is a possibility, I guess. However, I would expect that humanity will either destroy itself, be destroyed by some outside force(meteor or asteriod) or find its way into the outer reaches of our solar system before our own sun enters the Red Giant phase of its existence. As far as the possiblity or impossiblity of time travel. Godel showed us that there are certain mathematical statements which can not be proved or disproved with mathematics. Time travel may in fact turn out to be one of those fantastical ideas in physics lore which cannot be proven or disproven. That is not to say that there are serious considerations for considering it unlikely based on our current knowledge of the universe. But then again, when it comes to the subject of time, we are basically without understanding. If you look in the scientific literature, you can see a changing view about time, more and more scientists are investing in attempting to understand what it is, (although it may sound odd) what its physical properties might be. This may be a result of string theory which brings into question what are the physically properties of a dimension. Anyhoo, even if humanity is incapable of building a time machine, if time travelling is indeed possible, I would imagine that such natural phenomenona would occur somewhere in the universe or even be realized by some advanced civilization elsewhere.
  12. I agree, Frequency is probably the best time travel movie so far.
  13. Noname is correct. There are two known forms of temporal paradoxes. They are the consistency paradox an example being the grandfather scenerio you speak of. The second type of paradox is the bootstrap paradox. This type of paradox is like what Noname was saying, if an oldman gives me a time machine and some time in the far future, I go back in time and give my younger self the time machine then who invented the time machine, this is a bootstrap paradox. I am sure there may in fact be other paradoxes but these are the two general classes which place the most limiting constraint in scientist's minds about whether time travel is in fact possible.
  14. anachronism means displaced out of the natural sequence of time. I suppose that could in some sense describe time travel.
  15. Some have posed the idea that the space-time manifold may in fact be a non-Hausdorf manifold. In layman's terms, it means that now may have had many different pasts and may have many different futures.
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