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  1. Dear Gentlemen: From my view, returning to a younger self is quite possible and has happened many times. By this I mean a 42 year old who becomes 23 years old in his physical body. Now my question is this: Is this age travel somehow connected to time travel? Note that age travel violated no physical laws and causes no paradoxes that I am aware of. But perhaps the 42 year old exchanges his body and re-enters his 23 year old body. If any one has any insights on this question, please let me know.Thank you. Sincerely Yours, Harry Petersen [email protected]
  2. Dear Gentlemen: Time travel and/or age travel occurs to those who accept its reality. For example, by some clocks, I may be 42 years old; yet, with belief in the non-reality of time, I may be 14. This is not some faint hope. To the contrary, Gentlemen, those who pray and accept the reality of age travel will see this truth revealed to them. More than a "truth," they will experience it for themselves. Good Luck in You Quest, Harry Petersen
  3. Dear Sir: Thank you for your notes about time interpretation. Yet, in the end you conclude that time travel is not possible. It appears as though your idea is that the sense of time is a psychological phenomenon. To view time as a psychological response is logical if the set of input data is limited. First we have those who have experienced the future in their dreams. Now one could claim this is confusing a dream with reality. But those of us who have had vivid dreams-- almost wide awake dreams know better. We have seen into the future and we have been able verify this. But perhaps seeing into the future is not proof of time travel. It is proof that the future or possible futures can be tapped into by the human mind. So in a sense time travel is possible! An interesting area of research might be lucid dreaming. Consider this idea as I wish you the best of luck. Sincerely Yours, Harry Petersen
  4. Dear Sirs: Thank you for sharing your concept of parallel universe(s). I suppose this means that time travel is just moving in-between different states of realities. Thus, as we accept things from a broader perspective it may be that we will see time itself as an illusion. If so, does this mean that we will be able to age/time travel? And is this the way so many before us and after us already have time travelled: By seeing time as an illusion and thus there is nothing to transcend? Well, I have questions but few answers at this point in time... Sincerely Yours, Harry Petersen
  5. Dear Sir: Thank you for sharing your pain. I, too, was bullied as a child. Please keep the faith and may God bless. Best Wishes, Harry Petersen
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