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  1. You're too trusting. When time travel and especially where astral projection is concerned, it's best not to trust anyone until there's concrete proof.
  2. Creedo's gone! Man he was funny back in the day.
  3. Who is he? And why do I feel inclined to disbelieve this muppet? GS
  4. The concept that a British intelligience officer would just open himself up for random questioning is laughable nevermind the fact he was asked about a hoax. GS
  5. OMFG! God is not real! Qronos is not a real time traveller! END of! GS
  6. Re: The THREE Methods - Categorized They have it is serbia or somewhere near there, I do remembe reading about it. GS
  7. You can't read can you. So you certianly haven't seen Qronos' antics on the other threads. GS
  8. Basically Creedo is saying; 'I really dont know what else to say, and RMT's post count is rapidly encroaching on my own, and he posts useful info, and I mostly post shite. Damn my mental condition.' GS
  9. How Jack Bauer managed to win a game of connect 4 in 3 moves? GS
  10. From my post it should be obvious, and from looking at Qronos' post number that he has posted before. Therefore check out the whole thing 'Peepo' (sounds like a 13 year old girl to me), before you register to pretend to educate the mighty GS. Besides all I did was call him 'nutty'. I also respectfully told him to stop his lying and hoaxing, and did nought other thn point out the TRUTH, not put him down. My post is addressed to Qronos, not to you. So pipe down unless you want to add something helpful. What was I adding, your feeble mind might just be asking? I was impressing upon newbie, impressionable muppets (that insult isn't too bad for you is it?) like yourself, that Qronos is nothing other than a bad, hoaxing, LIAR, and not someone to be believed or counted upon for information on time travel. GS
  11. Why bother using this word at the start to build my hopes up of you having written something meaningful to read. Nope, same old shite. GS
  12. Qronos are you kidding? Your a nutty 15 year old who has just become radically poltically aware, and tried to impress that all on us. It WAS funny, now it's over and not funny, so please give it a rest. GS
  13. Oh go already Qronos, no one who uses 'LOL' is really a time traveller, 'nuff said really. GS
  14. RMT, aren't you worried creedo might actually find you one day? I would be, even though he'son the ohter side of the U.S. I think it would turn out kinda like the film 'Cable Guy'. lol GS
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