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  1. You're too trusting. When time travel and especially where astral projection is concerned, it's best not to trust anyone until there's concrete proof.
  2. Creedo's gone! Man he was funny back in the day.
  3. Who is he? And why do I feel inclined to disbelieve this muppet? GS
  4. The concept that a British intelligience officer would just open himself up for random questioning is laughable nevermind the fact he was asked about a hoax. GS
  5. OMFG! God is not real! Qronos is not a real time traveller! END of! GS
  6. Re: The THREE Methods - Categorized They have it is serbia or somewhere near there, I do remembe reading about it. GS
  7. You can't read can you. So you certianly haven't seen Qronos' antics on the other threads. GS
  8. Basically Creedo is saying; 'I really dont know what else to say, and RMT's post count is rapidly encroaching on my own, and he posts useful info, and I mostly post shite. Damn my mental condition.' GS
  9. How Jack Bauer managed to win a game of connect 4 in 3 moves? GS
  10. From my post it should be obvious, and from looking at Qronos' post number that he has posted before. Therefore check out the whole thing 'Peepo' (sounds like a 13 year old girl to me), before you register to pretend to educate the mighty GS. Besides all I did was call him 'nutty'. I also respectfully told him to stop his lying and hoaxing, and did nought other thn point out the TRUTH, not put him down. My post is addressed to Qronos, not to you. So pipe down unless you want to add something helpful. What was I adding, your feeble mind might just be asking? I was impressing upon newbie, impressionable muppets (that insult isn't too bad for you is it?) like yourself, that Qronos is nothing other than a bad, hoaxing, LIAR, and not someone to be believed or counted upon for information on time travel. GS
  11. Why bother using this word at the start to build my hopes up of you having written something meaningful to read. Nope, same old shite. GS
  12. Qronos are you kidding? Your a nutty 15 year old who has just become radically poltically aware, and tried to impress that all on us. It WAS funny, now it's over and not funny, so please give it a rest. GS
  13. Oh go already Qronos, no one who uses 'LOL' is really a time traveller, 'nuff said really. GS
  14. RMT, aren't you worried creedo might actually find you one day? I would be, even though he'son the ohter side of the U.S. I think it would turn out kinda like the film 'Cable Guy'. lol GS
  15. Ren, I am very smart mate, trust me on that one. The U.K isn't gun-free, there are shootings but nowhere near the U.S level. RMT, I was just stating an ideal not saying the U.K was gun-free. I think Britain is experiencing crime rises due to erosion of self-defense laws by greedy, money grabbing, defence lawyer scum in U.K. The sooner I can defend myself with a weapon in my own home the safer I will be. At the moment in The U.K., if you defend yourself you must do so with no weapon even if you are attacked with a knife etc, if you wish to avoid being sued, or getting convicted. I admit that pisses me off, but I don't think more guns in the U.K is the way to go. GS
  16. Yeah, please stop qronos, it is a pathetcially crap hoax. This is exactly whats wrong with the US, this, 'gung-ho, I need a gun so I can get them before they get me' attitude, is not a valid reason for having a gun. I would much rather not have a gun and be part of a gun free nation. There will always be a chance a gun could help me defend myself better, but I don't think its worth it, even if I'm defending myself against people with guns. Which altoghter becomes mor unlikely when you have a gun free culture. GS
  17. Re: UFO's Looks like a hubcap would 30 feet in the air. GS
  18. I thibk the reason for Titors hoax is both financial and political. We can only guess though because, although there maybe talk of a movie and other side-offs, I don't think it will ever happen. However, the best explanation is definitely some geeks, with no life and nothing better to do. GS
  19. Re: He's getting better What about yourself creeds? You getting more sane? GS
  20. But if you did, you would be free to do so. Freedom is not a human made conecept, it is perceived as human. The basic example being someone locked in a cell, and some one not. Simple, lack of freedom and freedom. So why pose pointless questions of what would the free person do that the imprisoned one can't. Freedom is both physical and mental you are right about that. But... Think of people states 'freed' from dictatorships. History has shown that yes they don't know what to do with the freedom they now have, but in time they appreciate it and come to value it very highly. Your example also crosses into truth, as a principle, they people probably at some point did question, 'What was outside?', but were not told the truth, but a lie. Also, if no one were to tell them anything, neither truth not lie, then, human nature would compell them to investigate what lay outside. Every argument must be rational, this is just pedantic. If you are gonna use ridiculous extremes to justify it then you will never be really appreciative of freedom. Freedom is earnt, through toil, whether it be war, or the construction of a space ship, freedom becomes greater as man advances and he can construct and accomplish more. Usually when one questions why can't I do this? It leads to scientific or technological break through, the 'what if?' will always make us more and more free. GS
  21. Good_Scientist


    Re: Euro Trash? I gotta take issue with this. Europe is connected geographically to the third world, but if a United States of Europe were to form I think you Americans would find yourselves playing second fiddle. RMT, you don't normally come out with stuff I disagree with, but here, c'mon. I think in WWI, you'll find resoundingly that although you joined the war, the vastly inexperienced and ill-trained american infantry was nought but cannon fodder for the german army. We definitely, beyond all doubt, were the major force in acheiving this victory. In WWII, your help was a major part in the victory in both pacific and european theatres. We could debate all day on whether your involvement was the 'deciding factor', but I feel it would be disrespectful to the memory of all veterans, so we won't debate this. I personally don't want a US downfall, or civil war, just a national reshaping of morals and education. After all you have done!?!? We aren't going over the WW's again, so what else have you done? Am I missing some key part of history? Many 'Euros', cheered for the downfall of the British Empire too, its no biggie. But really to the rest of the world, America is a massive time-bomb, threatening to engulf the world in war. Debate this if you want, but I think most, if not all, other nationalities (maybe even elements of your own) will agree that the US is more dangerous to the populace of The Earth than Iran ever will be, or Iraq or Vietnam or where ever the perceived 'Axis of Evil' appears to be. Maybe its because after all you do and ever will do, most of you are still european's, ethnically, culturally, politically and linguistically. You should really be the 'exiled Euros' or the 'Euros in Denial'. Here's a measure of the sentiment I should share with you; not my own opinion, but hey. I was recently talking with a French friend who said that there is a nationally murmurred joke about the US. Which basically states that if they could go back and decide not to enter The American War of Independence, then they would not (there is some punch line about what they would give, but I can't remember it). The significance? Well without France joining the war, Holland and Spain would never have done so, and you would not have won your independence at that time. GS
  22. Good_Scientist


    Another hoaxer gone, I'm sure another will come soon, if they aren't scared of permanent brain damage from creedos posting. GS
  23. It's funny how when you challenege these people for just a moment they fold like wheat before the Scientific sickle, weilded humbly, by myself. GS
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