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  1. Hello Folks, I have just joined this forum. I hope Im not invading a close knit secret party? Sorry about my other dodgy post. It sounds awfully pathetic reading it back! But I didnt really know anything about it, was just giving y'all the jist of the story I read... Anyway, I was a philosophy student at A-Level. It was always a bit of a head screw but Im so glad I did it. It posed so many questions that I rarely have a blank head as they come back to haunt me. Its terrible at 4am! But I shall get to the point! Determinism. The theory that 'if' we knew every single measurement and detail at the time of the Big Bang we could theoretically predict every single future event. hence destiny and wot not. We feel we have control of our lives but that is really an illusion. Yes, I know its an annoying theory and there are plenty of arguments. Chaos theory (problem of measurement causing changes (but thats not the point, we dont want to know the measurements because thats impossible, it just means that everything is determined)) Er, also the random element of electrons or something... Anyway. Although I have ruined the point I want to make by questioning determinism... it might still all be determined. If this is the case, what implications would that mean for parrallel universes? Would we always just travel along the one branch (There are no others) Or would all the other branches have just started at the beginning. What theories are there to what causes a tangent or is that too complicated to explain? Im thinking now how irrelovant this is as splits could just have been determined too. I think it has been determined that I will get no replies to this post!
  2. Im not going to do this justice so I apologise in advance. I read this story in a reputable paper in the UK today. Unfortunately they dont have an online copy of the story so youll have to make do with my abridged version! Righty. There is loads of evidence from around the world of a wierd phenomena that makes people loose time and end up dazed and confused in wierd places ages later. The paper referred to them as 'time clouds' and sound, from the evidence to be electromagnetic disturbances. people have been surrounded by these clouds throughout history reporting similar symptoms of burns, memory loss, amnesia... They always regain conciousness many miles away from when they encountered the cloud having lost days of memory. The woman who wrote the story has been studying these reports for years and she has come up with the theory, based on Einstein and Hawkings, that they are gateways between parallel universes and switch people over! Wow, how ridiculous does that sound without all the padding! If any of you have access to the saturday Daily Mail 20 Jan you should read it. very interesting
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