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  1. Re: Let's Talk Divergence... Shall We? Not to back Titor up, but he does say that programming changes from if/then to if/then/maybe.
  2. 1. You're a very funny guy, idiot. 2. I was wearing glasses. 3. Because that's where I put it.
  3. Forgot to mention one important detail... at one point there were two of them. One was smaller. It then went away.
  4. Don't you think I thought it was a plane? I was the one arguing that it was a plane until it proved me wrong.
  5. Hello, Just saw a UFO tonight for the second time in under 3 months. I happened to catch a photo of it with my camera phone. This UFO did the following things: - Bright white light, red light moving around it. No pattern. - Lowered slightly, moved to the left slightly. - Disappeared. - Reappeared very low, dimmed out. - Reappeared a lot higher. ( ) - Brightest point. Still no pattern to the changing of lights around it. - Dimmed down, but still visible, moved to the right until out of view.
  6. trikster35, I've mentioned this more times than I can count, but a lot of people like to ignore the problem. Better make your time machine into a space ship..
  7. I lean towards the compressed length idea, or as I'd call it, "condensed space." Maybe we are referring to the same thing. But I also believe that 3-dimensional space has a zero base value with fluctuating positive and negative values, which ultimately balance out and mathematically return to zero. They wouldn't balance out within our universe, but in a reverse universe that co-exists with our own. A mirror image. Where a positive value here is a negative value there, and so forth. All matter in the mirrored universe would be anti-matter. A positive particle here would be a negative particle there. It would also support why anti-matter doesn't like to exist naturally. Our side of 3 dimensional space +1 -1 -^--v- 0 balance point -1 +1 Mirrored side of 3 dimensional space
  8. I just set my calendar forward and created a file from 2068. Set it back and the computer had no problem leaving the date from the future. Maybe the author of the spyware wanted to be funny and did a simple date change, create file, change date back.
  9. Einstein, Interesting story. If I wasn't as good as controlling my emotions as I am, I would have experienced something similiar tonight. My girlfriend has been distant lately. Tonight she laid out everything on the line and said that she is young and doesn't want to settle down. I resort to emotional control, which takes about 30 minutes to do. I am now in the state of indifference. Earlier, I was not. That aside... Be careful with your time machine idea. According to my future self, time travel cannot occur on the surface of a planet. I used that very suggestion to disprove John Titor's VGL system on another thread. Also, what makes you believe that a future you stuck around? Maybe he got the job done and moved on. Sorry for the short response. I should get going for now.
  10. I have also wondered why I wasn't given more information or a blueprint of some sort. But I follow your logic; maybe I don't need it. Maybe it's something I will just figure out. Can you tell me a bit about your visitor? How old you were? How old he was? How did it happen? How were you approached? Do you know what his means of travel were? I'll try to lay out a clear and basic synopsis of everything that I recall from my experiences. I have to leave for now, though. The girlfriend wants me to go to a party with her. Have a good night.
  11. What I mean is: he told me that when he was younger, a future him did not come back in time to visit him. And, yes, I am just as human as he is. He could take me up into space and through time if he wanted, but he would never be able to return me to my original home. He didn't tell me much about his world. He just gave me a tour of the ship and was extremely professional about things. Maybe I'll get to those principles later, if at all. I wrote some basics over at Anomalies.net a while back, you can go there to see my story thrown on the ground and stomped on. I am from Michigan, USA. We were in a wooded area just outside of a neighborhood. When the ship landed it was further back in the woods. I suppose real life isn't as entertaining as something made up by the imagination.
  12. They come from all of the assumptions built from previous senses data. You are hardly pulling a thought from nothing. The brain is loaded with information gathered throughout your lifetime. The brain is also more than just a hard drive. It processes information like a multiple core system does. There are too many variables to account for and pin pointing them (to find reasoning in randomization -- which, BTW, a computer can also do) would only lead to confusion. I believe it is this complexity that gives us the illusion of independent thinking. How can one being think above and beyond what he is in order to belittle himself?
  13. How do you figure? Might we just be a more complex mechanical system? Think about the stimulants that cause emotion or intellectual thought: Photons hitting my eyes. Sound waves hitting my ear drums. Chemical reactions on my tongue and in my nose. The pressure of any external or internal objects triggering nerve endings. All of this data is sent to the brain. As time goes by, the brain gets smarter and better at what it does. All reactions in the future are processed against what the brain has already collected.
  14. The first time it happened, I was explaining to a friend how time travel could be possible, and why a space ship would be essential for engineering a time machine. Later on in the day he pointed out that a ship was hovering above us. I wouldn't have noticed because it didn't make any noise. So, yes, it did suddenly appear before me. It took us off guard, but I had thrown the idea of; "if I build this thing in the future, I'll travel back to this day." He visited us from a timeline where he had not seen his future self when he was younger. He could take us along (we have been inside, but not in space or time). If he took us through time I don't think we could ever get back. I'm not sure if a new dimension was created or if it has always existed. He visited me just to tell me about the ship and some of how it works. Also, just to say "hi." You might find it interesting that it took him over 18 days to travel there.
  15. Well, here it goes. Although no one really believes me, and I don't suspect you will, I have been visited by a future version of myself on more than one occassion. I won't get into details, as that will only get me yelled at. What answers are you looking for? - Bob
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