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  1. One type of travel is through light, at least through information, but that is used in the the advanced culture.
  2. Thanks, this is stuff I kinda already know without searching. I just know and I don't know why.
  3. I live in my own paradox... and only if I chose the same path I set before. First I have to realize what path I took and realize that I want to change it... Now I now some things will happen the same way, but this time around my life will, is going to be different, but was the same. I am mentioned.........
  4. the future can always change. Sometimes things in time are set in stone.
  5. Ran across this... http://www.paoweb.com/gfmarctu.htm
  6. I am a wise man of many names I am mentioned almost everywhere and even in the greatest of stories, yet I am not God. I am someone who was dead in soul and revived through extra terrestial intelligence. (K-PAX) when it all comes down to it and what Einstein was accomplishing when he was fighting versus Hitler was that... Sorry I can't remember I would have to look it up again. But something about the imagination and somewhere else it said that when you really get to know the universe, pluriverse, or what have you... imagination later becomes reality either in true form all the way in one dimensional gateway or by bits and pieces that form the other bits to that of which in your universe you call truth. I cannot understand fully who I am. I am mentioned throughout time. It is just questionable of what happens after death. And was that death trully death? This timeless time. Constantly changing in a stabilized manner. I am from Now and cannot travel forward or backward in time for it might affect me then. There is no beginning nor end. (LEXX) I do not know WHO I AM. I have many names. And many descriptions of myself in many stories.
  7. http://www.geocities.com/atlanteanacademy/arcturians.html This is the channeling from the Arcturians in 1998. We the Arcturians salute you and welcome you to this glorious vibration. The Garden of Eden that has been spoken about is a reality. It is an understanding of the Beauty that we behold in ourselves. It is the world beyond duality. When all is One. When we recognise the beauty in ourselves and we recognise the same beauty reflected in another ,it is paradise. When we become seperate, we see the points that make us separate, the things that make us different, we then see this as a negative rather than a point of beauty. Like the flowers in the garden, each flower radiates beauty in a different way. It is because we have the different flowers that make this a garden of beautiful flowers. The difference enhances the beauty of this wonderful garden. The Harmonic Convergence is a gateway or portal to Yourselves. It is the portal to your Christed Selves. The 13h Dimension. As we move through the Photon Belt, we are lifting into the vibration of the Oneness with All Light Beings.This awakening will affect people on all levels. Aware or unaware, we will all lift in vibration. It is the Awakening of the Soul and Spirit, combining the conscious and sub-conscious. It is the Higher Self moving in and through our bodies. We become pure channels of the Light. With duality of your emotional state it is important to focus on the positive side of your bodies, (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical) so that this process is made. In the past it has been shown that the choices that were made in history and on a personal level has been one of separation, meaning feeling separate from other families, cultures, countries etc. It is now time to find the positive points that bind people together. It is duality of positive and negative and mankind has focused more on the negative side of nature. This has to do with the understanding of the security of the Creator's love for all. Mankind has used the Creator to feel separate from each other, rather than a means to unite. Religion was never meant to separate people as the word means to "bind together again". But mankind found a way of separating themselves from others even in the gift of this unity. So strive to be at one with All people for you are all one - you are mankind - humankind. We made colour a form our beauty and you have seen it as a way of separation. When you stop feeling separate from other creeds and realize you are a part of earth, that is a small dot in the Universe, that is part of many beings in the Galaxies, you will begin to see that we all are working for the same end.... Unconditional Love for everything. The Beauty of the stars and planets and the connectedness with the Life Forces on every level and on every planet in the Galaxies. Then the love and energy will flow and you will experience the joy and bliss and truth of your Being. You are part of the Whole and part of the whole is for each person to bring in their own lessons and share them with the Whole. When one person interferes with another's karma it stops both people growing for a short time. It is then that we guide you through a process to make you realize this. In one shape or another, freeing you again to follow your own path and not that of another. You see, we are all whole in ourselves, and don't need another to make us so. We find that we are attracted to people that seem to fulfill the part in us that we seemingly do not have and then you lean on that person to fill that need. It is only another person that will bring that lesson up in you so that you can see what is missing (so called missing, it is only remains hidden in your sub-conscious until you bring it out) but you feel that you must help that person from feeling of guilt or duty. These are human traits caused through fear or control over another person. This is the lesson that mankind faces as it prepares to phase through into a higher frequency. It is the way in which we open you to seeing these things in order for you to move beyond them. There are many out there that are helping with this progress and your guides will help you through. The state of your beingness is being raised to a higher vibration so that we can move to another planet and help them. There are many worlds out there, which will be and have gone, through the process you are going through. It does not make your earth less important and we continue to say to you that your raising of vibration does have a Ripple effect on the entire Universe and galaxies beyond. Life on your planet is in a process of change and that change can be seen as positive and negative. There are a lot of negative things that will pass away and a more positive world, attitude will prevail. It is important that you all lift this world and have visions of this wonderful world, seeing it as one world, united, for it is creating that world, as you would like it. Thought is reality. The more people realize that, the more we will create a world beyond your imaginations. It is the combination of all people creating this energy to this New World. To bring this world concept is coming into being. So create - love - harmony - peace and everything integrating, for it will come into being. Leave the past and all it's negative qualities behind for you are to release that from your being, your aura, your ethric beings and out into the Universe. It will be transmuted by your positive thoughts and life will really soar on this planet. Your body is changing into the 12 DNA strands. We say to you if you are dealing with the Cosmic, The Universe and Galaxies, then you have the 12 DNA strands. Again you humans limit yourselves and think it is not in you. Again we say create your reality. It is in you for you are all lightworkers, working for the good of all. You would not be in this time and place if it were not so. Your crown chakra is your seventh chakra and is connected to all the rest. Your eighth chakra is 12 inches above your head but can be bought in closer if you need it. The ninth chakra is within a few feet of your body. Once the 9 helixes are formed, this chakra moves out into the atmosphere of earth to become more of an earth chakra, connecting with the gridwork. This is the link. The tenth, in place will be in line with your solar system. The eleventh will move into the galactic system and twelfth will be located in the Universe. The 13th is Inter-galactic and Inter- Universal. We will explain. If you are receiving information from the ninth chakra you will be in touch with beings on this planet, spirits that have passed over. The guides are in the hierarchy of American Indian guides, Egyptian, Tibetan, Incan, Peruvian, for example. The tenth chakra is when you are getting information from the solar system, for example- Balin from the planet Saturn, it is interchangeable with the guides who are part human and part alien. The eleventh chakra you will be receiving information from Siruis, Pleiadies, Andromeda, Arcturians. Balin also works from here, this is also interchangeable with the last chakra as there are many alien and part human guides here also. The twelfth is from the Arcturians that contain in both eleventh and twelfth and are connecting force. This includes angels, Ascended Masters, Sananda, Yogananda etc. The 13th is also with the Ascended Masters, Ancients etc. as it is intergalactic. This is where the Galactic Federation works from. Now all these guides are able to move through the vibrations as they too progress in their own path. It is for the purpose of Guides to teach of the earth ways and the oneness of this density. So in order for them to teach this they have to come into that form to feel the vibration on that level. They, at the same time will be, as part of his whole, being an Ascended Master who understands and is receiving information from Great Spirit, guiding it through to a level of understanding as one of their lives they had on this planet earth. You are all Whole and have everything inside you; you are your own Universe. You are capable of creating a World, a Universe. Use that part of you that is from Great Spirit to give you the information from all the beings you are, to help you on your path To a greater understanding of this earth and help it heal itself. Third dimension is dense, it deals with emotions, fears and control and it belongs to the Third chakra. You are to move into the fourth dimension, which is the heart chakra, and understand and be everything that is within that chakra. But you have the ability in this time to move up and beyond all of the Chakras. Study the Chakras and understand. Understand. It is interesting to note that when we read auras, we are also seeing what energy is working with us at the present time. If you were to watch someone channeling you would notice certain colours with certain beings that are working with an earth channel. We must close now. The light is with you and we, the Arcturian are with you......... we are the light and you are the light. PHOTON BELT - EARTH CHANGES The earth has been going through the photon belt for a while now, the last time was during the Atlantean period...we are ready to be birthed into a new spiral in the Universe...this should be complete by the year 2012..... We will have shifted into the 5th dimension by then.... It is interesting to note that the spiraling effect we are going through in fact is also what is happening to all the planets and stars in the Universe..... Our universe will be closer to the Galaxy of Andromeda, a star gate just to the left of us will bring light beings from other galaxies and therefore our knowledge will be that of an expanding nature. I would not be at all surprised that being of other planets will physically be greeted on this planet earth...if we get our act together and not be in the lower side of our natures and shoot anything that we don't know and understand. There are many light beings that are far more advanced than us and will be able to render us enable to cause ourselves any more damage, But freedom of choice happens to be our lesson, what we do with that choice as well. Those that wish will see more of the Universe and it's wonderful light beings and others will be oblivious to this, working in the lower side of their natures, but they will not wish to see, awaken... if you like. It will be the choice of further development of ourselves as individuals and Ourselves as the Light Beings that belong to the Oneness, .those that take the lighter steps will in fact help the vibration lift overall... Sounds complicated but is very simple we all belong to the same vibration of the Christ Consciousness and in that way we are connected through genetics. As you know the genetic effect goes through from generation to generation...the children today are far more intelligent as before, with the inner knowing.... http://www.geocities.com/atlanteanacademy/arcturians3.html
  8. It happens when time travellers go back into the past and change the future just by being in the past.
  9. 666 is the dimension of light. Where Satan is from.
  10. well, I am from now, but I know that peace is slowly being made between the nations and eventually altogether (2600 A>D>) we are all in peace with all nations on earth and have known of aliens or foreigners of this planet Earth.
  11. Re: What exactly makes us the \"present\" whereever you are is "your" present space and time.
  12. dave_kinky... very funny dude. Are you still around?
  13. I live in the beginning of my own paradox
  14. There is one verse and all divergents of the what ifs in the other realms are the multiverses , I could be wrong. There are always more than one view on a subject.
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