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    It will be four pages long!
  2. Alex is that you? If so, glad you finally found a woman. :) Snow
  3. To Jim: I have a recent time slip as well. Again shared with my husband. Very strange. An extra phone has appeared in our office, on the wall. Everyone says it has always been there – we know better. To susuemetoo: Revising things to fit the way you wish them to be – still. The group was Eight – not six. You so make me laugh lady! It was exclusive in that it was not to be added to. Oops! Subtracted from? Well apparently everyone is at risk . . .LOL. It is so obvious in your posts at cc.net that you have not let this go . . . that you are not convinced it is a hoax . . . that despite your protestations, it is still ALL about you. I have been able to read cc.net recently, apparently once you clowns realized you had blocked the people you wanted most to see it haha, I didn't even have to sneak in. Thanks for that! And of course I got email from you (and Peter - thanks for keeping me updated Peter, I almost missed it!), accidently? While cc.net seems to have no problem insinuating that I was part of a team that did this hoax not one of you has written to me about it. I'm guessing that all you 'groupies' have refrained from actually writing your accusations to Sara personally as well. Why? Because you STILL believe it. So tell me, who has told Sara who she really is, eh? Anyone? LMFAO I so already know the answer in my heart! Question for Cary: Is the financial stuff matching up? Scooter – Hey Hey! What an awesome super double, triple agent you turned out to be. Sure had me there dude, sleuth on! Yeye – smiling at ya! I sure wish your bluff had worked. SL – Heaven help us all if you ever become as smart as you think you are. Thank God this is only a periodic obsession for me . . . since I KNOW it isn't me, ya'll need to keep digging . . .
  4. I happen to believe that from personal experience - the veil is very, very thin. It was the "rock that found me". A small, handle sized, piece of brown petrified wood with finger impressions as though it had been used as a tool. It appeared on a shelf and I felt connected to it so i carried it with me always. It went missing and reappeared some months later. It is gone again. Do you have it? :)
  5. Oh, I like this one: PETER'S CIA Teasing . . .
  6. Man, this thing is starting to give me chills. Peter, How about Manilla Curse = Nuclear Islam? Yikes
  7. Yeah, Zeshua - How about an answer to my email response of 11/12? Pardon my whine and pass the cheese.
  8. Neither does acting like a member of the staff on a board you are only a member of. LOL Fun to watch though. Peter I like your new treatment of 'toss my foes a reference' better than the last one. But the New Science tie in blew me away!
  9. How many people are blocked from reading that thread, eh? Grrrrr
  10. Such intelligent people acting so silly! Surely you know how good you have it here. There are places on the net that have Mod-Gods and Nazi-Admin who would be more than happy to take sides and send one or both of you packing. Enjoy your freedom and move on. Just my opinion - GROW UP! Sheesh . . .
  11. Rainman: You are too smart for me man. I didn't really comprehend what you said, but it sure sounded good. Are you going to have a crack at actually unraveling it? Peter, Yeah, I know. Me, too Yeah, but you handled the last two lines together, didn't you? Lord, I hope not, Peter! I can see her maybe as a latter day Nostradamus. She is religious but so was Nostradamus and she isn't any more clearly understandable than he was. My opinion is, she was trying not to change the future very much - but I could be wrong. She was extremely concerned with time quakes. I wonder if Nostradamus did the scrambling for the same reason - so that it wasn't able to be used to alter the future? Maybe I'm getting too old, maybe I'm lazy - I can't get this thing and I feel like it wasn't meant for me. That doesn't keep me from wanting to see a solution though :) While you certainly did make it sound reasonable, it doesn't "feel right." Peter, have you considered the repercussions of being shown to be able to translate Zeshua into accurate predictions? :)
  12. You really think so? Maybe the whole poem is tossing the foe a reference? Zeshua has other means of communicating with her friends. You asked what she was fishing for. Maybe she is searching for the person who understands what it actually means? Or the one who wrote it? Maybe at this point in time it is a work in progress to the anonymous author. OR maybe SHE wrote it. The closing - I will respond in time. Respond in the thread in time? Respond to her foe in time? In time for what? I will be disappointed if it doesn't shape up to have literal, unmistakable meaning, so I can say "OK, I get it!" If this is predictive, then eventually we will understand it. I liked the Islam thing. That one I understood. :) Definately Zeshua likes games and puzzles, codes and ciphers, hidden messages, double meanings but sheesh - this one is rough - I appreciate your attempt to translate it, Peter and Risatalisa.
  13. Good sleuthing, I think? I'm only getting a big headache. Shouldn't it make sense? I mean I can barely get passed the fact Zeshua has called this a poem. If that's a poem, I'm an otter. This is the only part that makes any sense to me: So that poem is penned anonymously next year? Maybe it will make sense next year? sigh . . .
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