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  1. Anti-Christs: Lucifer, Satan.


    Angel Heirarchy obeys God and Jesus disobeys Lucifer and Satan.


    Pro-Christs: God, Jesus.


    God of light: Lucifer... White Owl... God is Lucifer


    God of Dark Blood... Satan aka Raven.... Jesus is Satan.




    Lucifer, Satan, Jesus, God, Angel of the Lord God Jesus. aka Godlike with Heirarchy Goddess. Two Angels with two other angels... separate but one... 1234.


    Origin, beginning


    Astral Plain of space and time.






    Earthly nuetrality of opinion to either good or evil.


    Hellish Heaven


    Heavenly Hell


    Powerful Ruler of the Force


    Angels of 5 is 9 is 1 is 4+1... 1+3... 7 6 5 8 9 11 13 14



  2. 1.2.3...4?5678/\\9...0?


    Point of origin


    fold time


    use space


    continuum disrupted.


    Nuetral beginning






    Nuetral ending










    life World>o


    Dream world>O


    death World


    NO WoRlD>O



  3. Walked up to a wall and said "hi".


    ~He said that he has seen many pass and few stop.


    I ask why(?).


    ~None see me, he says.


    How is that?


    ~I am here, but not, said he.




    ~This is all,but a dream to me. For I have seen all, and heard all.


    Are you God?


    ~No, I am Wall. One of 6 in this box.


    One of six? Am I on the inside or the Outside?


    -yes, one of six. You are inside my dream. Inside me. You are the light in me.


    ?what? What is on the outside?


    -You, in Darkness. Yet have light. ANd here you are in darkness yet have Light.


    What doese this mean? Two of me?


    -No, 3.




    -I am U2. For I am not Dark Light nor Light Dark... I am Grey. I am Gray. Guided Hour Glass... Now I know I am not yet just a wall, but also a transparent Glass switching between worlds. I am the three... You , I, and Him.


    I don't understand you. What are you trying to say?


    -In due time you will know what I know for you will be me in Time.


    In Time....



  4. He is in a parallel worldline... there are two main next to us on one side and two on the other. One being center. and eight other dimensional points that are similar, but not same. Yet only three parallels.


    -------- John Titor 3rd world war. (sorry haven't studied too much of him lately.)


    -------- Fixing to have PEACE


    -------- Chronohistorian---->Peace with "I, Robot" Style environment that could lead into a Matrix style future.


    One is Nuetral events a.k.a Peaceful other two are either negative or positive, yet have something missing.


    Dealing with 3 dimensions and the 4th is time travel.


    All pure hypothesis.


    Mr. Skarpz



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