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  1. Creedo, sweet-heart- I may bust your chops for your inane and unintellible ramblings, but I'd lay down my life for your right to post every little insane thought you ever had.
  2. Your fingernails are dirty. Have you ever thought about a manicure? I mean, I usually get by with soap and water and all, but man... ferchrissakes! ;)
  3. I am the persone who first came up the John Titor T-Shirt idea!!! Expect to hear from my lawyers soon! IDEA-STEALER !!!1!!1!one!!! You owe me $$MONEY$$
  4. Rainman...Ever see the Movie, "Single White Female"?
  5. The Oracle of Delphi made ambivalet predictions of the sort: YOU WILL RETURN FROM BATTLE NOT DEFEATED Now, is it "You will return from battle, not defeated", or "You will return from battle not, defeated". Yeah... never wrong.
  6. Holy crap, Batman. That was a totally coherent, nearly grammatically perfect sentence!
  7. You're not writing a paper. It's a ruse. A ploy. Just *who* do you work for?
  8. Subliminal Messages have been conclusively shown to be bunk.
  9. RMT, Doesn't the term "universe" apply to literally everything, as an infinity? I mean, infinity +1 is still infinity, right? So anything outside of our "universe" is still "inside"... er... my brain hurts.
  10. I *am* better and more patient. It's just so darn hard to read creedo's posts. They are cognitively disorienting. I have to read the same sentence five times before I can determine that it makes no sense.
  11. Creedo, I want to, stab, my eyes with a, pencil after reading your posts.
  12. Tie a piece of rope around it and use a pulley mounted to the ceiling. That should git 'r done.
  13. A B52 couldn't possible carry the Sphinx. It would have had to have been a C-5 Galaxy or a C-141 Starlifter.
  14. Show me a "true" one and I'll sell you a bridge in New York.
  15. Re: To All: could this be a real time travel machi Maybe it's a calendar?
  16. Um... he was a KID at the time?
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