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  1. Have you ever thought that you may have been someone else then all of a sudden been transported into this body which until you passed into it didn't exist? But you have the memory of the person so you have no recollection of the previous body? If we can find how this happens we can travel to the future bodies.
  2. But you are still displacing the air on Earth. This might make the desity of the air on Earth increace and once again causing damage to all
  3. But do you not think that as soon as the "alien/timetraveller" will encounter difficulties as he/she passess through the earths atmosphere as the heat/pressure will add to the danger of the displaced particles such as cfc's and oxgen
  4. I also have an Idea about the Mary Celeste: Time travellers tried to go back into time to see how the people dissappeared only to kill the entire crew with radiation from a new type of fuel
  5. I have some evidence that time travellers have visited Earth. A few years ago there was an explosion in Russia, Tgnaska I think they call it. This was unexplainable. I think It was time travellers trying to travel in time to see what caused the explosion. I think that they triggered the explosion. As soon as you tavel back in time you can travel to any point in the future up until the point you left for the past. I also think the first time travellers travelled in piramid style machines to reach their destination in time. Sort of a knife through time. The travellers landed in the desert near to where the pyramids have been built today although they did not exist until these people travelled back. The Egyptians based their Pyramids on these time machines in a hope that their dead king would be able to contact these "gods".
  6. Travelling to the \"future\" If you travel at the speed of light towards an object then you will see the light leaving this object before it actually reaches your previous starting point. In fact you will be seeing the light of the object a few feet in front of the actual object so in theory you are seeing the "future".
  7. If time travel does become possible then There are many dangers we must be prepared to encounter. The displacement theory: One of my favourite rhetorical questions is: how do you define nothing? If you want to travel back in time you would have to find an area with nothing there. Including the main gases of our atmoshpere. If we travel back in time we are going back to a place that is occupied by matter Be it pollution particles in the air or even air itself. This would cause a cataclysmic explosion because as soon as you arrive back at your chosen time the matter that you are displacing is moving into other matter faster than light causing an explosion much like the atom bomb. This would render your time machine useless and also you human frame. To avoid this we would have to create a space in time like a vacuum containing no matter whatsoever.
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