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  1. lol. Rambling on? I personally would suggest some sleep, but hey... who am I to say ;)
  2. Well I didn't mean it in the way that anyone worships it, but in a way that everyone always refers back to it... or something :confused: Well I might find it interesting to live that way... for a while. Oh whoops everyone flock to MTV now, Jennifer Garner is PREGNANT! "OMG JESSICA SIMPSON AND NICK ARE FIGHTING!" "BRAD AND ??? SEEN ON BEACH TOGETHER!" I mean seriously, my sister comes home from school and is asked, "What did you learn in school today?" ... "uhm, Brad so needs to stop fooling around with other women!!!" makes me sicckkk Maybe not wanting to live in Baghdad, but maybe one where there was no money, television, or material posessions. Hey, maybe I want to be an Idian. Yea, that's it! "This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered, civically ignorant sheep. . . . Have you considered that your society might be better off if half of you were dead?" -- John Titor Beautiful quote. Off topic, but hey... "Today's Tommorrow's Yesterday.-Twiztid " Today's yesterday's tomorrow would work too. You got tomorrow misspelled. :D
  3. crazy... I do hope "western civilation" fails and all though. Thinking of hundreds of billions of people living like the way we do for the next hundred years makes me sick.
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