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  1. I'm gonna say all my theories now. According to science, when you attempt to swat a fly, it will see you coming at it much slower than you think you are, and this supports my theory of TIME INTERPRETATION. Time goes as fast as out brain can process it. What if he had no memory? We would be frozen in place; we would have a new idea every moment, but we'd forget it before we could act. What if we had very extensive memory? Days would go by longer. Time flies when you're having fun, because you're so excited you're not remembering that much other than a few sequence of fun. Anyways, my theory is that we all have time interpretation. An animal's life-span may be short to us, but what if the animal felt it was living for 80 years? Maybe nature needs to limit an animal's life-span because of its purpose in the food chain, but yet the animal continues to have a long life. I think the bigger you are, the more slow your time interpretation is. I think that galaxies make up universes, and universes are like bubbles that exist among seas of universes, and there are giant creatures made up of universes. Like cells, universes die every "second" to these giant creatures. YET, to us, theses seconds are millions and billions of years, and we won't actually die anytime soon, according to our time interpretation. Also, I believe time travel is nonexistant. The past and the future are voids that cannot be accessed without turning back the entire universe. We'd have to turn back the universe, while keeping ourselves in place. We cannot "jump" to a new time. To go into the future, we must turn the universe forward, speeding up everything's motions at extreme speed. It would take quite the technology to do so.
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