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  1. Re: The THREE Methods - Categorized RMT, This is much more interesting than the bogus TT stories that hit this site every other week! It's the exact reason why I (and probably many others) came to this site in the first place. So, thanks for making a topic like this! I look forward to helping the wagon out as much as I can!
  2. Re: The THREE Methods - Categorized The definitions certainly help out. I am all ears and lets hope that I understand it enough to even ask a ? back! But, the more definitions, the better! :) EDIT: RMT, is there a site on all of this that I could read up on to get a better understanding or a book?
  3. Re: TEEM - Time, Energy, Effort, Money I would like to, RMT, but I don't think I would be of much help since some of these things are hard for me to comprehend. But it seems very interesting indeed!
  4. Oh well, I guess we will have to wait for the book to come out! :)
  5. Yes, I am interested in your short story too RMT. It would be an intriguing read..
  6. Re: Chrono-Buster!!! Remember when I said this... ... Well I am Chrono because "I" predicted the Lizarans were going to use up our oil and that's the reason why it is so expensive now in your time period. It's just a start! It will be $10.00 a gallon by 2010! That's the reason why oil is so expensive now!! Those dang Lizarans!! Belli's all big from our oil! Cake was chocolate and kinda old, but good
  7. Re: Chrono-Buster!!! How can you be Chrono if "I" am Chrono??!! :confused:
  8. norn_iron, Relax brotha, I am just trying to educate people on the current topic. You can believe what you want to believe! But, I would appreciate you keeping your fruitless and mordant comments to yourself. If you don't see the bird flu as a threat, which I don't blame you because neither do I, then move on to the next topic of discussion. Thanks! :) There is no reason to be inconsiderate!
  9. Though you and many others probably do not know, the 1918 Spanish flu was an H1N1 strand. This one strand spread through the world in 1 year killing over 30 million people. With this being said, many believe that the Spanish flu originated from birds. "The comparison showed that the hemagglutin of the 1918 virus was of the H1 subtype belonging to a subgroup of strains infecting human and pigs, but also sharing avian determinants. Sequence analysis indicates that many avian characteristics are present in critical locations of the hemagglutinin gene such as receptor, antigenic and glycosylation sites suggesting an avian relationship." web page So, from your post saying... ..One would begin to think that you meant that this virus could not mutate and only stay within the bird(chicken) population. Contrary to your point, avian flu has in fact traveled to other animals (and humans) already.
  10. Bird Flu: Serious Threat? You forsee the Avian Flu as a major threat to the world. You forsee the Avian Flu as a major threat to the USA. Both of the above None of the above I just wanted to see everyone's opinion on this...thanks! :)
  11. I couldn't have stated that any better Ovlrd! Good post..
  12. Agreed! Now, everyone wants to mimic the adventures of the people behind JT and hopefully get as popular as him. He was the first and if his equivalent were to come now, no one would take him seriously because of past issues with all these TT's. Seven years ago it was a good idea to make up TT stories but that time has come and gone.. The first is always the best and then people begin to grow tired of the same shenanigans once they are played over and over again. Someone said in another forum, "Talk about beating a dead horse," and that's exactly what all these alleged TT's are doing. It's getting OLD people! With each and every NEW/USED story, our awareness tends to drift towards the growing grass outside as a much more appeasing sight, rather than reading these bogus stories!
  13. Re: Question #3 RMT, Personally, I do not believe that you stepped over the line at all. If these alleged Time Travelers want to post on this forum and try to make us believe that they are from our future, then so be it. Their stories will get debunked unless they can come back with the PROOF of being a time traveler. I find it hard to believe that someone can travel through time and not know anything about the machine he/she traveled in and/or time travel itself. Imagination is one thing but improper grammar, lack of sufficient evidence/support/storyline and the dodging of questions asked by experts is another. The people/liars that come on here claiming to be something they are not should be delt with in the way it has been handled by RMT. If you want imagination, maybe we should open up an imagination thread so that these people won't need to pretend that they are TT's. They will still be able to make up their stories and it will then eliminate the debunking of them! Some of these stories are pretty good and could gather some interest if they weren't all played out to be REAL time travel stories. -Roo PS- It's getting every close to blueberry season RMT. As I drive through town, I see the blueberrys getting riper!
  14. Ok, just making sure chrono... I will keep my eyes open for this on that particular date.
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