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  1. Maybe you should call that show "Ghost Hunters" that comes on sci-fi and let them figure it out. From what I have read, if you are not making any of this up, I would guess that something strange is going on in your apartment. How long has this been happening, ever since you moved in? Maybe try getting rid of that doll, it may be possessed in some way, see if that helps. Supernatural beings can be attached to certain objects (dolls, jewelry, furniture) and these beings can in fact go wherever these objects go... :confused: Ghost Hunters
  2. A computer chip based on the esoteric science of quantum mechanics has been created by researchers at the University of Michigan. The chip might well pave the way for a new generation of supercomputers. Employing the same semiconductor-fabrication techniques used to create common computer chips, the Michigan team was able to trap a single atom within an integrated chip and control it using electrical signals. Two Places at Once As of yet, the technology is not applicable to typical desktop PCs or servers, but quantum computers are said to be promising because they can solve complicated problems using massively parallel computing. That is accomplished by the quirky nature of quantum mechanics, said Christopher Monroe, a physics professor and the principal investigator and co-author of the paper "Ion Trap in a Semiconductor Chip." He explained that that chips can process multiple inputs at the same time in the same device. "With quantum mechanics, an object can be in two places at the same time, as long as you don't look at it," he said. The quantum computer architecture can store quantum bits (qubits) of information, where each qubit can hold the numbers one or zero, or even both digits simultaneously. When a qubit is added to a quantum system, the computing power doubles. Thus, the quantum machine can crunch numbers at a rate that is exponentially faster than conventional processors, said Monroe. New Spin on Semiconductors Electrically charged atoms (ions) for such quantum computers are stored in traps in order to isolate the qubits, a process that is essential for the system to work. The challenge is that current ion traps can hold only a few atoms, or qubits, and are not easily scaled, making it difficult to create a quantum chip that can store thousands or more atomic ions. A string of such atoms, in theory, could store thousands of bits of information. In the chip created at Michigan, which is the size of a postage stamp, the ion is confined in a trap while electric fields are applied. Laser light puts a spin on the ion's free electron, enabling it to flip it between the one or zero quantum states. The spin of the electron dictates the value of the qubit. For example, an up-spin can represent a one, or a down-spin can represent a zero -- or the qubit can occupy both states simultaneously. Applications for Cryptography The quantum processor is made of gallium arsenide in a layered structure and etched with electrodes using the same type of lithography process as those used to create today's computer chips. Each electrode is connected to a separate voltage supply, and these various electrical voltages control the ion by moving as it hovers in a space carved out of the chip. The next step is to build a bigger chip with many more electrodes, so that it can store more ions. There still is a lot of work to be done to learn how to control lots of ions in one of these chips. It won't be nearly as easy as it was with conventional computer chips, but at least we know what to do in principle, Monroe said. "This type of integrated chip structure is significant because it demonstrates a way to scale the quantum computer to bigger systems," Monroe said. "It has applications for processing very large [data sets] such as in cryptography, for example, and there is a lot of interest in this by the government." Article
  3. Re: 1st Annual \"Titor Was BS\" Party- 1 Jan 2006 I hope y'all had a good New Years. I definitely toasted to the end of the Titor saga. In the upocoming Olympics in Torino, I look forward to watching the USA compile about 32 medals (11 gold, 11 silver, 10 bronze - my prediction) leaving them with first place in the overall medal count. Anyone else want to predict to see who gets the closest? Then, the person that is the closest can say that he/she is much better at predicting the future than Titor. Ha ha. Medal Count for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games This may help..
  4. Looks like some people need to get a life (eDDs and weedinitup) and stop spamming up our message board with nonsensical banter. It seems as though you all need vacation to wrap up and get back to middle school (no offense to anyone that is a member of this community that is in middle school).
  5. Here is another one.. PHASR Non-Lethal Weapon
  6. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! :eek: I think I let that one out on behalf of the entire TTI message board.... My boy has 111 posts and they are all from arguements, I feel bad for you!
  7. Re: I'm from the future commodo sileo in english
  8. Re: I'm from the future I thought it was code A4539056??
  9. Re: Hurricane Katrina ties it all together (Civil haha, I really didn't read this post until after I posted onto the "WORDS FOR THE FUTURE, by John Titor," that jmpet made up. Crazy to think that I said that at the same time this came up!
  10. Lol...i'd prefer Alabama Slammers :) in a Memphis Tenn. shot glass. Then we can graduate to playing power hour with Disney World shot glasses. I mean, since it's going to be one of the last memories of Disney, we better take shots of beer to that! Ha Ha Ha. I love being sarcastic! Only a month and a half away. I can't wait to see what they come up with next to keep his story alive...
  11. haha...we will all celebrate at RMT's Titor is BS party :D :P
  12. I couldn't agree more RMT and Rhudey. But I don't need scientific evidence to know that the Titor story is BS, it's all just what you believe in and how you believe it. And I believe you can give all the evidence in the world to these guys that Titor is BS, but they will never give up. They will continually twist his words around and try to prove that all of this is going to happen, even though the EVIDENCE suggests otherwise. You have to look at both sides of this arguement that has been going on for god knows how long. Think about it this way, if the same type of person claiming to travel from the future came onto this board NOW, would any of you believe it? Or do you just believe Titor and no one else just because he was the first of his kind? I really believe that someone like Titor would not even get his story believed in this day and age. We were all gullible back in 2000 when he first posted but now we have learned that it was just all a bunch of BS being thrown at us, at least some of us have and that it is VERY easy to make things up over the internet. And some of us may have not believed Titor from the start, and it looks like those people (RMT) should have been believed in the first place. Words are easy to manipulate but scientfic evidence is not, which has proved why titor is bs, from his fake pictures to the predictions that NEVER came true. You all just fail to recognize that and just hold on to hope that one day the world will NOT be a better place, and that's something I don't understand...
  13. Re: What could be brought back as proof of time tr a taped broadcast (either radio or TV) of a sports event. Such as 2010 Super Bowl. This would in fact be the best possible evidence anyone could have because it is almost nearly impossible to fake.
  14. Re: Offer more than \"I think\" On your site, what does picture 7 of 18 show? I know its a timeline, but elaborate on it...
  15. I tend to be on the opposite side of this. Maybe JT, a hoaxer, read the Nostradamus prophecies and made his story revolve around the likes of that, which wouldn't be a hard thing to do. It also would give him a base for his story, he would just need to elaborate a little.. :yum:
  16. lol..see someone points out the same thing as me!!!
  17. Hey creeds, What do the Stardates mean? For example- STARDATE: 8390..I know that's not the date. I always wondered what they meant...
  18. Kirk- "Kirk to enterprise, One Whale to beam up." Scotty- "There be whales here..." Great movie, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  19. Re: Titor's Collapse Still Nowhere In Sight Indeed..
  20. Oh don't get me wrong GS, I agree totally with you that it changes. I was just talking about the likes of JT or the others that I posted that claimed they were from 20-25 years in the future. I believe that oral language may change somewhat in this time but written wouldn't change much at all besides a few words and how you relate them to other words. Like I said before, look back at the 80s. How much different are they to this time period (in written language). But again, I agree totally with you that 100 - 200 years in the future, TTs should and would have trouble identifying themselves with the time period they were traveling to. But 25 years in the future, it would be hard to distinct them from our time period if they were to travel from 2030, or at least they could do somewhat of a good job in almost sounding like us. And this is all just through posting on the internet. If you were to meet them face to face and have a conversation for days among weeks, then I believe you could tell that they were from a different time period because people tend to be 'different' in person. Trust me on this one, I am a marketer and most of my clients after talking to them on the phone or through emails, are totally different in person which is sometimes good and at other times, bad. And with this being said, we should just meet with these 'supposed' TTs and see for ourselves! :D
  21. Agreed. I mean if you think about it, anyone who time time travels is going to be schooled in the area in which they are traveling to. For example, if I wanted to travel back to 1925, I would be schooled in the events happening during that time, the content language they used and so on, such as WW1. And like you said, they are not going to just take someone off the street and ask them if they want to be a Time Traveler. I would think that the Time Traveler would take some sort of test on where they are going. Writing and speaking skills would be an important topic to study if you were to travel back to a time where there were no computers, computer skills would be an important topic if you were to to travel back to our time because of the typing and internet skills needed. And this all goes back to the to the previous posts...I don't think they would speak that much of a different language if they were from 20 years in the future. 100 years would be interesting but if they are being schooled, how much could you point out from just a post that they speak a different slang? I wouldn't think there would be enough evidence to prove that but hey, I could be wrong :P
  22. The Big Bang Theory is basically the model for the formation of our universe. What happened was, about 10-20 billion years ago, our universe was only a finger nail wide (all matter and energy was contained in this one small area) and thus a gigantic explosion happened that created the universe we know today. When scientists discovered that the universe was ever expanding, it could no longer be considered infinite. So that means that there must have been a beginning and an ending. And today, we believe that the universe is still expanding and some even say that it will collapse in the future. But that is all speculation and everyone thinks differently about that.
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