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  1. Im sure you all probably read this on space.com but it's an "Interesting", haha, article.... http://www.space.com/businesstechnology/050708_teleportation.html
  2. This is true and I agree that technology comes all at once in some areas, sometimes. But look at it this way, South America has different technology than the US and Europe. Even the Southern States in the US have different technology than the North, for example Atlanta and NY. So, it may come all at once in some areas but overall, a lot of disparity rules the world. This may be because certain areas are looking for technology and other areas are not. Now imagine this.....Once we go to the stars, if ever, will we go as one society or as independent society's, such as NASA, A Privatized Company,...etc? And if we go as separate forces, then technologies will be different with each independent country going into space. Once all these different countries go into space by themselves then how would we all have the same technology if we can't even share the technology of spacecraft together. Also, once we all travel in different areas, discoveries will be made to advance each country ahead of the other, meaning different technology for each country...
  3. I am sure there are aliens out there and just like us, they don't have the technology of interstellar travel. It would be a very self-centered view if people believed we were the only life in the entire universe, let alone the entire galaxy. Lets say we have 2 species (A and B). Species A believes they are one of the most advanced species. Species B also thinks this. They then meet and Species A realizes that they are not as advanced in interstellar travel as Species B but they are more advanced in weather control and Weapons. Species B also realizes that they are more advanced in Interstellar Travel and less advanced in weather control and weapons. This could be because one species has better access to different resources for their respective technology. The prudent move would then be to form a trade agreement to advance both civilizations in their respective areas(species A- Interstellar travel Species B- Weather Control and Weapons)...and thus we have one species that is far more superior in one aspect but less advanced in another... Just because one species is more advanced in one area doesn't mean they are more advanced in all areas of their civilization.
  4. Well, if they are visiting us from other worlds, they must be more advanced in one way or another, don't you think? I meant this.... They could be more advanced in traveling through space, but we are more advanced on the home front..things like this. So they continue to watch us to gain information that they can use to advance themselves. Or if they are in cohoots with the govt., then maybe we have some sort of trade going on for information. We allow them to learn from us and in return they teach us things that we have not yet discovered. Kind of like economics and the Theory of Comparitive Advantage, one country that specializes in a good trades that good with another country that specializes in a different good... So two civilizations do not have to be necessarily more advanced in an overall society, they could be more advanced in part of their society. This will make them then travel throughout the galaxy looking for civilizations that specialize in what they do not. Again, this is just a guess and my interpretation on what I think....it does not mean it is right but I believe that this guess does make you think.... :)
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    I believe Time Travel since he also made a thread in another section of this forum. So, this one may just be for Time Travel and since Titor has supposively something to do with Time Travel, then both should be included :)
  6. roorichard


    I think he meant that this post or thread is for proof of anything that we find that has been proven?
  7. The Aliens could have a prime directive like Star Trek in which they can watch but cannot interfere. This could be a main reason for abductions, to erase people's memories because they noticed the Aliens...some have been successful and some may have not, so they keep trying to come back and erase the memories of those certain people. Maybe it only lasts a few years so then they need to keep coming back, this could be an answer for multiple abduction times. I really don't believe that any ET's have been controlling or in contact with our goverment because that just seems a little too far fetched. But, if there was proof to this then I would be the first person to believe it but until then, I will stay on the side of the disbelievers who believe in ET's but not to the extent of them controlling us or our government. One thing I believe is that there are three different kinds of ET's...1) Hostile (could consist of friendly's at the beginning to scout out the world or just an all out "take over") :devil: 2) Friendly(which they don't have a prime directive and try to either ally with a civilization or teach them) :) and 3) Friendly but have a Prime Directive in which they cannot interfere, so they just watch until the civilization is ready. What do you think?
  8. yea, no dice. Thanks for trying!
  9. I also found this quote on some site in which I cannot seem to remember, but what an awesome quote it is... In Gene Roddenberry's future, mankind not only survives, he thrives. The human race has overcome its brutal differences and has fostered a world of peace and equality for all, and is now ready to test its strength, courage and ingenuity in the "final frontier" of outer space. This idyllic vision may seem at times naïve and unattainable to those of us rooted in contemporary times, but as more than one Star Trek captain has said, "There are always possibilities." It is these possibilities that we continually need to be reminded of, and perhaps that is why we keep Star Trek in our consciousness, to inspire us to "boldly go...."
  10. Timeline by Michael Crichton...much better than the movie. The prologue to the book is great, I highly recommend you read that...
  11. "Unfortunately, that is as likely as the world ending before I finish this post" Haha, I got a crack out of that! Good post! lol
  12. Re: To All: could this be a real time travel machi Is that website (www.wellworks.net) a joke?
  13. "Remember the Star Trek "prime objectve?" No interference with life as 'they' know it." I agree with this. I believe that species who are intelligent enough to have space travel also have a way of interacting with other species not yet ready to take on the final frontier. Put yourself in their shoes, what would we do if we were in the midst of space exploration? Since our society is based on rules, there would then be rules for interacting with other species for our own good and their own good. Of course, some species that already possess the technology of space travel may be a society in which they do not have any rules, therefore they would be labeled as hostile. I would then make the conclusion to hoping never to meet a species like that in the near future... Ignorance is a predominately uttered word in the world today. I believe that the people of this world are not yet ready to interact with an "Alien" race and if this ever did happen in the near future, mass hysteria would dominate the world. There are still clashes now about the color of our skin, so what would happen if we met someone totally different to us. This is the exact reason, I believe, why the government is hiding contact with other species, if we ever made contact in the first place. From me saying contact, I do not mean face to face contact, if could easily be radio contact also. Many things in this world are unexplainable, but just wait until the day(if ever) we travel into space. This would totally change the way we live, but would it be for the better or worse? I believe that it would be for the better, maybe not right now, but someday...
  14. I would like to see them too..even though it is roughly 4 years old! I looked for the script code but what website would I be looking for?
  15. It was 7 years ago I remember my friend telling me of these ghosts in his house. First of all, this was a good friend that would not just make up things to scare someone. He told me many tales of these Ghosts, so I want to know what you all think.. First Story: This is the story that I remember like it was yesterday. My friend, lets say his name was Bob for secure purposes, told me of these shawdows he has been seeing in his hallway from his room. There were two smaller shadows and one large shadow. I remember him saying that the large shadow was the mean one and the other two did not bother him. But one night while sleeping, he felt it was getting harder and harder to breathe. Come to find out, one of the Ghosts was choaking him and when he came into school the next morning, you could see faint handprints on the back of his neck. Now, I know this gets hard to believe because I didnt believe it at first but it does make you think. Second Story: In the same house, Bob saw these shadows again while watching TV in his den. He then began to tell me about a bubble going around the VCR. He said it went around the VCR for about 5 minutes and then disappeared. Third and Final Story: Now this story will blow all your minds. Bob lived in a rancher house (one story) and his room was on the side of the road. Well, one day I came into school and everyone was saying that Bob's house burnt down. No one was hurt but the fire started in his room as evidence from the Fire Department. Bob said he had the same episode with the "shadow demon" as I like to call it (the same epidode meaning the choaking incident). The shadow demon then stopped choaking him and then no more than 30 mins later, his room was on fire. When he told me this, it totally blew my mind.. I just thought I'd share that to you all and see what you thought about the entire thing. I know I will have some skeptics, most likely all of you and I can't promise to you if all of these things were true or not but I do have trust in "Bob" and believe what he tells me.
  16. I know this doesnt have anything to do with the topic but I figured since we were on the dream subject, I will share this very cool dream I had a couple nights ago. Let me tell you first about some background about myself. I just started playing guitar roughly 2 years ago but have been writing songs for about 5 years. My friend and I have to this day have about 35 songs finished and written. By written, I mean the lyrics are finished and we know how to sing them (such as a way to sing the words and make them sound good) but we have no music to it. We also have a band name with 3 members, but unfortunately we do not live near each other. So we try to record ourselves playing the guitar, singing and then send it over the internet to each other... Anyways, my dream had to do with a concert that we were giving off and we were singing our #1 song. And dont get me wrong, it wasnt me in the audience listening to other people sing the song, it was first person and me and my friends were on stage singing this song. Now, the drums, guitar, etc, were all in tune and the song sounded unbelievable. I then woke up after the crowd finished cheering and was speechless. I want to know if this is an omen to start the band and go for it or just a wild fantasy that i conjured up in my dreams. I just find it hard to believe that it is something I just made up due to the fact that we are so close to becoming a great band...Thanks a lot yall!
  17. "However i agree that in any forum people should be treated with respect no matter whom they are, what their politics is, their beliefs or what they do or where they come from." I agree and respect should not only be in forums but in real life too. I enjoy reading everyone's dicussions and posts even though sometimes it's hard to grasp the subject you are talking about. But I respect all you point of views and agree with Creedo on this..
  18. What do you all think about this excerpt from the new book, Breaking the Time Barrier...?? "Frank Tipler had discovered a fundamental problem with experiments such as the one by Lucas when he had designed a time machine based on an artificially created black hole. Such a device wouldonly allow travel back to a period after its own construction. In other words, if you were to build teh prototype in the year 2020, then a decade later it could be used to return from 2030 to the year 2021, but it could never go back to 2019 or any time earlier than that. This may well explain why future time travelers are not all around us. Our present time is unreachable because it predates the moment when the first time machine is activated." I just have a hard time believing that...
  19. http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=time_travel&Number=29170&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=10&vc=1 I don't know if these are the ones you are talking about or not. Hope they are what you want. It's from the end of page 10 to about 12 or 13. Some people we're talking about the whole YS thing.
  20. "Maybe not wanting to live in Baghdad, but maybe one where there was no money, television, or material posessions. Hey, maybe I want to be an Idian. Yea, that's it!" I agree with the money aspect that you said. Instead of having money, we should strive to better ourselves and the rest of humanity....sound familiar?
  21. Hey all, Here are my predictions... 2005 or 2006 - Yellowstone (super volcano) erupts setting many things in motion and leaving the United States in constant turmoil due to the shift in the earths rotation from the Dec 26th earthquake. 2005-2008 - After the eruption, Bush trys to keep America together but fails to do so, this leading to the Civil War between the Cities and States (as said by JT). 2008 - "...we realized the world we were living in was not the same" -JT This being said, people begin to panic and the war takes a turn for the worse. 2009 - People begin moving away from the cities if they can 2010 - The last organized pro sporting event takes place for the next 20 years... and we all know what happens in the following 5 or so years!
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