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  1. From Robot,



    May 1994 paper


    Alcubierre is best known for the proposal of "The Warp Drive: Hyper-fast travel within general relativity" that was published in the science journal Classical and Quantum Gravity.[8] In this, he describes the Alcubierre drive, a theoretical means of traveling faster than light that does not violate the physical principle that nothing can locally travel faster than light. In this paper, he constructed a model that might transport a volume of flat space inside a "bubble" of curved space. This bubble, named as Hyper-relativistic local-dynamic space, is driven forward by a local expansion of space-time behind it, and an opposite contraction in front of it, so that theoretically a spaceship would be placed in motion by forces generated in the change made by space-time.


    Miguel Alcubierre - Wikipedia

    for a event that occurs at a FTL limit you may wish to investigate Cherenkov radiation



  2. Quote
    Perhaps I'm taking the thread too seriously and being a wet blanket on the conversation ?

    the wet blankets are usually are the ones who things get done, but with any distortion to space-time the wavefunction of the distortion is asymptotic to infinity, FTL is possible due to this condition, the distortion is local to the ship but the effect of the distortion on spacetime approach infinity due to the continuity of spacetime

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  3. Excellent point. Hypothetically, if that happened one day (and hypothetically no disasters occurred because of it), would we as humans change? Could we even survive or does it matter if we have those reference points or not? I personally believe our biology depends on our perception of time here on Earth. We sleep for 8 hours, our babies take certain amounts of time to grow...etc... Similarly, would humanity adapt if we were moved to a different planet with a totally different time reference? Would our menstrual cycles and sleep cycles change, or would we become ill because it isn't what we are used to?

    I do believe that the circadian rhythm is biological and they would take a primary to an temporal changes due to entropy



  4. Humanity definitely perceives the world in a linear fashion. While I was editing a video, I realized that the entire process is based on everything proceeding in a line. It's time line based. It is the same for Flash programming, audio editing, etc. Why? We space things out so that it doesn't all happen at once. Is this also our brain's response to the concept of time? Does our brain make time linear in order for us to understand and it and not perceive everything at once? If so, can we then perceive all space and time at once when we die and our energy no longer has a brain to sort everything out? And can this concept help us time travel?

    What are your thoughts?

    The human perception of time is only through clocks and the rotation of the planet, let say that the Earth no longer rotated on it axis and was fixed, still under that processional influence of the gravity well of the Sun, then all the days would be the same on one side and all of the nights on the other side, the human would have not reference point measure the passing of time from and at this point time would conceptualized there would be an all at once event for our time,but for the rest of the still rotating universe their perception and their MEASURE of time would remain static and going back to the learned Herbert George Wells who had a very informative description of time travel, the eyes, the body and the brains perception is greatly altered to the point that not only is time imperceptible but also space as well



  5. A couple of months ago I was over in Hawaii on a working vacation. Anomaly investigations, University research, Hawaii could be considered one big Military Industrial Complex, with the civilians right in the middle of it. Where there are military, there are anomalous phenomena. (Both now and in the past and future).

    I submitted a report to the National UFO Reporting Center (Perter Davenport's website) at that time.


    The report is here:




    Peter e-mailed me back telling me to contact the media.


    My first thought was-Do you have any idea how many of these things and other phenomena I see and experience?. But I e-mailed him back and explained that I investigate and have an expertise in this field, and that what was seen was a time based technology, and that while it shows the appearance of shooting off at a very fast rate of speed, that is just how it appears to look. (Like what something in another dimension would appear as from our point of view). I went on to explain to him what to focus on if he and his colleagues were to want to know how to detect such time technologies.


    This was a craft exploiting time based space travel. The technology is very real.

    There are an interesting correlation of the glow UFO and the frequency in which atmospheric gases turn to plasma for that gas. this would give a good indication of the centerline for the field propulsion



  6. You are welcome to ask me anything about the time period in which I am from. I do not care about screwing up history so anything goes, except sports scores (I have never paid attention to sports much, so I wouldn't be able to tell you anyway). I will try to speak as plainly as possible, but the english language may have evolved a bit between your time and mine (especially if you live in the Central or Mountain time zone), so if you have problems please do not hesitate to ask for clarification, as I am well-versed at speaking in sentences of simple three-letter words (I can also use numbers in place of words, such as using the number "2" to represent "to" or "too", if that is what it takes to communicate with you). Please be aware that I am not psychic. I probably don't know you in my time, and I probably don't know anybody you know, but I might know somebody they know, and there is a very good chance I know somebody that knows somebody your ancestors know. For further degrees of separation, I can check myspace, no doubt they are connected to me there in some way (myspace is a modern website in my time where people who spend way too much time online collect virtual e-friends to feel like they aren't so alone). I also have access to a huge database of information at my fingertips, so if there is something I do not know I can simply "google it" (our futuristic 2007 way of saying "look it up in our vast online, publicly accessible network of interconnected database servers").

    You are welcome to believe or not believe, either is fine.


    I am quite confident there will be a lot of questions about how I travel in time. Time travel has been around for a long, long time, but in our current time (2007) time travel is still very slow. If I were to travel from say, October 27, 2007 to October 28, 2007, it would take approximately 24 hours. There are people in our time who are looking into speeding up this process, but I find that reading a good book, or playing video games speeds it up a bit. I will be posting a photo of my time machine later on when I get around to it.

    2007, went at a pretty good pace for me, I did not detect any slowing



  7. Interesting term. It has been proven that a particle's past state could be change by changing the present.Don't know about this source, but it's all over Google.


    Scientists Show Future Events Decide what Happens in the Past.


    Now, why don't our memories change?

    What gets me about High Energy physicist is that they feel that the sum up the entire Universe, solely at the quantum level!!, which is pure nonsense. the dynamically workings of the Universe is only rooted in the quantum field , but does not determine how a star is form or where or which planets from in a "Goldilocks" zone. This reasoning would lend credence that the way an apple taste is dependent on the taste of the roots of the apples tree not what it takes in and the sunlight making it grow. Memories are electrochemical process, with the chemo-dynamics determined by how well the brain is function. The question would mean absolutely nothing to a person suffering from Alzheimer's in which the electrochemical function has been greatly impaired and they have limited memory capacity



  8. Could reshaping spacetime be used to make a time machine?I found out my circular motion device could do this.

    Circular motion, that would only involve the energy that would be generated in air displacement. this is frictional, the displacement of time does require more exotic methods, the contextualization would more to cylindrical space-time than circular motion



  9. The problem and a constructive solution with this Idea is that it is primary based on a complete intangible, The technique of "Lucid" dreaming is the best solution to this cognitive puzzle. Employing techinques, while one is dreaming will aid in constructing a enviorment to facilitate cognitive time travel, once understanding and mapping of this plane is accomplished. techniques must be employed using our own understanding of physics must be use to determine the "physical nature of this plan of existence to determine whether time is linear or non-linear. Once modal determination has been estalblished, chain conveyance are manifested and used to create a compiled link beteween the member's of your selective un-conscious global group to relay messages of the future to their local group. There is no real causality violation because the entire process takes place in un-conscious time, and the action of website posting is delegated to the sub-local, preserving he time line in the integrity of the global. Knowlegde of the causal pre-tense would be mutually shared amoung the global group through the initial primary during conveyance and compilation actions. This would be especially true for non-linear time modes. :P [/color]



  10. They are ordered, m1 to m2 through the loss of generality of the gravitional field G, over the square of the light cone d. The force (F) is apparent in this system. The action of which your are eluding to is converges of field lines along if decomposition of the light cone, creating subsets for (f1m1, ... , fnmn) as a iterate function, this would account for all masses and resulting forces, thus making the "atom" of mass the point-source isotropic region of the gravitional plane wave and is a resource to the explanation of General Relativity ;) [/color]



  11. There has been a theory, that has been refined since the 80's known as a "fracton" the result of a fractal state of dressed electrons which are generated by transmetallics liquid states formed by massive scalar fields in materials with a high dielectric constant. The interesting feature of this "particle" is that it is 2D and has a periodic "edge" states. The propagations of these "particles" occur in dense spinor vector fields. As a supposition the particle is invariant to time as 2D plane function and is only observable as it period edge state, which given the spinor field density can occur in any point in time to it's intial Past/Future pointing dephased direction. The coordinate system is essence Minkowsian from it's transmetallic, with a ever persistant Hamiltonian in it's spinor propagator, that transistion to it's Jacobian identity as it's edge state. The subatomics (Neutrons, Protons) are held in X_zero state space as the result of the massive scalar constant leaving the mind and the imagination to experience the hyperspace observable. I hope this would shed some light on your question :D [/color]



  12. D5 extractive, the issue in a larger sense. is to conditons that would allow you to make the at 1 mph, in the first place, the a number of empirical constants, that must be in place, you can't decouple the driver from the machine!! spaceship are held to the same fundamentals, as centers of gravity and moments of inertial, by definition the static observer, is just that static!!, but does not preclude the ability of motion in the static reference frame, but changes in velocity of the static reference frame, in relationship the observed frame does limit the abilIty to move within a as an observed event time interval ( lets say 1 second ) due to the effects of Lorentzian invariance, and time dilation/contraction EFFECTS , So that you would not be able to move at any speed, 1mph, 20mph or infinity, because of changes within your local space (relative to one frame to another)as you approach the speed of light :mad:



  13. But there is no taking into account the mechanism of time travel, with would not create, Many world dimension, but a stable "actuality" in the present universe, so the it has to be taken at face value, that any possible temporal incusion into the past have been self corrected, to sustain the present, lets say, that a large rock falls on C before he goes insane A, so that the "actuality' of this causal connection is that A reaches B, and suppose C does kill A, then the "actuality" is that there will never be a B in this temporal Scenario, in this case all of the local b element, will be aware of the the absence of B, and the destruction, of A by C, but over time this singular event will be absorbed in the group world/time line encompassing (A, B, C) so at several positional stational depature point, the effect is abelian, to the universe, not to the elements of the universe, But the effects are additive to incusion from the future to the past, Like if B invents a vaccine, in B's future temporal stational point, that cures C of his insanity before he kills A, then this restore all of the b elements, to the group world/time line, so that this singular event again changes the "actuality" of the original "preordained" scenario, there is always an issue of consevation of mass, wouldn't you agree?, since C is the least order to succeed, in the temporal ordering, his appearance Past or Future, are still determined by the relationship of A to B and B to A. :)



  14. I won't take up the entire post, pointing out the some of the mistakes that you may be making with your experiment, like epoxy resin, shields from High voltages, but not RF electromagnetic interference, or the fact that the DC operations, has a transform response of a DC transmission, or even, the fact the your assertion of changes in spacetime, and it's relationship to gravity with your device, is no way related to the velocity of charged particles, collisional momentum distibution to inelastic mass surface, but I will say that science, is as much as learning as it is understanding, test and re-testing your theory, it is very easy to see thing in the same color, but very difficult putting it into the rainbow, which encompasses scientific enlightenment. :cry:



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