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    How to go warp

    Poynting out speculation, is half the fun!! :P
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    I wanted to point out that the observed motion is very similar to gravity. I see objects with mass attracting toward each other. Objects that normally cannot be made to behave this way if the attracting force was magnetic in origin. I know there is a strong electric field present. The gravity like effect only occurs if I keep the secondary coil of the Tesla Coil from completing a circuit to ground. So I have no magnetic field or moving charge field. But I have speculated that the voltage field constantly decreases in intensity everytime the primary side of the Tesla Coil fires. This is a DC Tesla Coil. It only fires in one direction. I think I built this particular Tesla Coil from plans out of Popular Electronics in the early to mid 90's. I did stick to the plans with one exception. I reversed the leads on the number one transformer. So this coil doesn't behave like a regular Tesla Coil because of the fact that it is a DC coil. Response) I think that you might have misunderstood the term "DC" with a DC response as far as field generation is concerned, this refers to the points and which the waveform output, is both positive and negative with a interval of time, Tesla coils by design, work on a resonance between tha primary and the secondary, with the storage of the energy in some large capacitor, I can completely understand the gray areas in your experiment, but let me refer you to a papers that I have read, this should make your project fly http://www.coe.ufrj.br/~acmq/papers/is00mr.pdf, and with a more focus tesla coil, I think that you may get some very interesting results There is another piece of test equipment that I made that also leads me to believe this is a way to access gravity like force. I have a solid state accelerometer microchip. It measures acceleration in any direction. I hooked it up to an old analog oscillosope. It appeared that I was getting 30 pulses per second of a 2 millisecond spike of acceleration. So I do have corroboration from the sensor that something is causing spacetime to warp in pulses. Most electronic equipment that uses voltage regulated circuitry will not function correctly within the fields influence. Response) With all elements of any experiment, you would need to analyze, the function of all test elements, as far as the accelerator microchip is concerned, I would review the specifications of the chipset, to determine if the chipset, was not suseptable to ambient EMF, as with all solid state circuit , there is a specific operating point, that needs to be maintained, and the original design was not intended for experimental use, so reviewing that element may answer, the the 30ms pulses of a 2ms spike acceleration, sometime you can't go on raw data, causality needs to be investigated also. So I am of the opinion that this is another way to access gravity. I've speculated that mother nature is causing gravity because of the constantly declining mass on the sun due to the nuclear reactions. But that method only produces a very minuscule force to mass ratio. Electrostatic force is many many magnitudes higher in intensity. I suppose it would be possible to create gravitational force intensities similar to what is on the surface of a black hole using the electrostatic force. Response)I regards tp your speculation on the formation of gravity, you would have to look at not only the process of the hydrogen cycle, but what are the results of then, it is true that the most massive stellar object are neutron star, but behind that is billions of years of stellar development, so the speculation is unfounded, unless you have the a lateral cut away view of the sun, but the miniscule force to mass ratio, is the key, as billions of reaction per second creates one to one ratio, to the miniscule force to mass ratio, over time the value become infinite, and as the nuclear fuel is spent the minscule condition still remains, making the origins of gravity present not only at the stars end, but at it's beginning. I think I pointed out in another thread that there appears to be a pattern which I noticed. The electric and magnetic force seem to be a combined linear and curvilinear force. The electric force being the linear force. But the Tesla Coil is making the electric force behave in a curvilinear fashion. With the result of a linear gravitational force accompanying it. Because of this pattern, I am predicting that there is one more linear curvilinear combination. There should be an interaction between magnetic force and mass. Mass would be the curvilinear form of gravity. So the magnetic field would have to behave as a linear force for this to occur. Have you seen my sticky space demonstration? I think this is the third combination. Response)As the paper, will show a Tesla Field, creates Nth order harmonics, and the electric fields lines are under Fourier transformation, there may me some departure from linear electric fields to non-linear electric fields, but the transition time are far too short to measure, unless there is a magnifying element in the field. and by the way this may also contribute to the electrostatic condition as well, the departures fix electrons of relative charge to there initial positions. As for the math? The oscilloscope shows sharp acceleration spikes. Variable spacetime, where the dimensions of length and time are changing in rapid bursts. Sounds like a real fun job for someone. I may even have to do it. But I would have to fix all the things wrong with our mathematics first. One step forward two steps back. Response) Yes, but with math, you can eliminate all the steps, and jump to your result, and that is the pont where you formulate your theories, and get to the real business of experimentation. and as for O-scopes, they vunerable, to short wavelengths :D
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    The way to best analyze the problem, in order, to determine if there some gravitational effects, going on is to rule out all others factors, Tesla fields, by design work with the High frequency HV range, around 1MHZ, so to speak, that leads to a weak skin effect on any conductive surface, and charging the surrounding air, with a dielectric constant of air equal to 1, and the HV pulses of the tesla coil at or near DC, this should be sufficient to set up a slow building but substantial electrostatic field, and wood is a very poor dielectric, for this type of HV experiment, you would have done better, to rule out all the other cofactors, by using, mineral oil which has a much higher constant. If you better result, design a coil which resonates at of near the Lamour frequency of the sample that you are testing, replacing the inductive field, with conjugate Magnon vectors, this is a closer step to the Electro-Gravimetrics of the experiment. yo dog if you want the math I can email you!!
  4. 1) Has anyone discovered the real working method to travel forward or backward in time? Answer);If you understand the theory of early late times, and late early time in the field of electrodynamics, then the phenomenon occurs every second, within normal spacetime. The question of who? when ? and how is subjective 2) Is John Titor a real time traveler from the year 2036? Answer);I feel that if someone like that is from the future, then his whole mission is to come back in time to become a hoax, and discredit the entire notion of time travel as a whole,??! 3) Is blackhole the only tunnel to be used in time traveling? Answer);they best way to answer that, is that you can't have the "hip" if you dont have the "hop" ya mean :) 4) Does a person or an object have to or must be traveling faster than speed of light in order to successfully travel forward or backward in time? Answer);the term is "Superluminal", and the kick is that you are moving, very slowly at that speed, but the answer is yes, 5) I recently read a story about several battle aircrafts back in the WWII was being somehow discovered and the aircrafts were still traveling but in a very high speed on the moon's surface by a highly trusted authority. My question is... how did those aircrafts travel from earth to the moon? Teleportation or time travel method was discovered by then or what? Dude! Answer);Whenever our government talks about aircarft that they did not have some hand in building they are talking about. Extra-temporal vehicles, and that particular one in question has not only been filmed and documented, by our government, but by every government, on the planet 6) Besides John Titor... if he ever existed... Is or was there any time traveler existed? If so...who are they?, Answer);Baby boy John, and Baby Girl Jane. 7) In the Philadelphia experiment... Duncan said that he traveled to the year of 6069 and described some stuff he saw to us. My question is: did Duncan really travel to the year of 6069. If so, how did he do it? Any clues??? Answer);Dude, I dont know if that is true, but I do know that after the experiment, Einstein fired his barber. :D
  5. I'll have decaf Please!! ;) Never a Borrower, or a Lender be :D
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    Looks like brass, and the surface area, between the two larger disk develop an electostatic potential, bring them together, by EMF, the smaller disk become field polarized after the breakdown of the two larger disk, and again is under the field influence, the "Emitter" is configured to collect charges at the tip. that may contribute, to the motion of the plates :devil:
  7. Beautiful!! Really!! and so elegant, but this is a forum on time travel, and I don't know about you, but if someday someone develops an actual time travel device, there will be no place for soft, and tender hearts, whether a person travels into the un-enlighted, and brutal past, or to the cold and un-empathic highly intelligent minds of the future, the traveler will need to be of the sternest stuff, and not driven by his or her's perceptions of the world, because honey!! to quote a familiar phase " You ain't in Kansas any more", and what may be every day experiences, for the local inhabitants, of some local past/future will in all likelihood, shock and confuse the traveller, so the best attitude that one may arm themselves, is humor, which has proven do be a very successful means in which human beings in all times, in all places to share something very common, but powerfully real, so when you interact with any being, that happens to cross your path try humor, even though they may not get the joke, they will understand the smile. :D
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    In reckoning you have to think about the nature of time itself, in our experience, we are born, grow old, then die, don't you think that in the relationship of time to itself this is also, true, or are he concepts, of the past the present and the future, just so much fairy dust, in essence, there is a very pervasive WEC going on, so as for as going back and forth thru time, we think as hot and cold in relation to temporal heating, as the intrinsic Now is ever preserved.
  9. Next time you see him tell him to hook up your iPod, I would love to know in what direction the music industry is going :oops:
  10. Ya Know!!, Faraday would appreciate, the thought :D
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    With Gravity, Alice calls Bob, AAALLLL the Time!!
  12. I have a theory about that, the Aliens, as we like to call them are, Us!!, HUMAN BEINGS, from a Nth future horizon, that have developed not only space travel, but Time travel,the thing about it, who else would take such a vested interest, in a single blue planet on the outer rim of this enormous galaxy, unless there origins, where right here from mother Earth, and the conspiracy, that our dear government, is trying to cover up, is in part a way of preserving that temporal line, with time travel, you can carefully engineer, you entire genetic history (experimentation??!!), from the dawn of man to the present, and subsequently all religious, and socio-developments, Not one alien abductee, is a simple random occurance, that all have some part in future events!!:eek:
  13. Time travel itself creates a whole new time line outside the event that happens in this time line, the Einstein-Rosen bridge, is just that! :mad:, a bridge, outside event space in which you and I live in, so the assumption is critically flawed!!
  14. Yo RmT the nick is solid!!, your assumption, is correct in the initial, but all deterministic 3x3 tensor decompose to a unique set of eigenvectors, under rotation of axis translation. and you take into account that Space is a 3d vector quantity without taking into account the influence of gravity, after the eliminatation of all other external fields, thus you are now dealing with a free fall reference frame within an unspecified Gribov's universe, and I know that the argument of modeling Mass and Space and Time as a 3d vector models of physical energy is sound, but in the presence of a uniformed gravitational field, the models primary components (it's matter field) is defined by Quantum constants namely g, h and c which define the changes in velocity and subsequently any changes in in Mass, Space and Time, so in short the energy expression is more clearly define by (E)delta v/v= m(gh/c2)2 (Einstein equation), which is 50 orders of magnitude squared less the any ratiional value, this would reduce Massive spacetime to Quantum spacetime :)
  15. To answer the second half of the question :devil:, maybe all future time machines should also serve as space vehicles, HuH!! :D
  16. Let me pose a question?, since the motion of all object in the universe are determined gravity, why isn't there a fundamental velocity for gravity itself?, or do you go by that standard assumption that it is this Godly enigmatic force without any real source of it's manifestation? :)
  17. Un-nailed, the problem is your point of origin in 3 dimensions (0). this value is an itinerate of the of 4 values, so that in relationship to the 4 dimensional universe, so to truly evaluate the size of the universe you have to think of the infinity of the "small" that is the "Point" or Zero point in which time begins, the smallest value in our reality is 0, so that in actuality, the universe is not flowing around us be is a zero point projection in every part of itself 0 + or - j(x, y, z, t) o_O
  18. { ;)Triplex Physical Matrix of Massive SpaceTime} I thinks this should be changed to "Triplex Physical Matrix of Quantum SpaceTime" as Lorentz invariance would dictate
  19. I think that problem with your question, is that you are appling a "flow" to time, when there are a number of unique causal pre-factors, which bring about any event in time, one of which is the stress tensor energy of matter, depending on it specific density, and the amount of surrounding space that it might have an effect, has a unitary effect on any changes in time, so the rate at which time changes if directly affected, by any fundamental changes in the stress tensor. :eek:
  20. At the initial it looks like a vortex formation, the curvature of the beam is consistent, with spatial deformation, and the light almost greenish color show some evidence of Z "Naught" effects.
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