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  1. Time is not preordained. If the future is preordained as is the popular belief, then it is obvious that our past was preordained as is our present. In that case, the so called prophecy that our descendants from the future will travel back by time to visit us is a sham. Because if time was preordained, their travelling to our time should be preordained as well. In that case, why arent they here? There are two possibilities that I see, though I may be wrong. First is that, travelling back in time is too complicated for us to achieve. We will never master that ability even in refined states of our future. The other is that, because the future has not been 'written' or 'happened' yet, we have not met our descendants. You can look at it logically, travelling through time is not like a wormhole, we cannot possibly jump from eight o'clock today to seven forty five tomorrow in an instant. If I go by what I have learnt about Einstein's theory, we travel to the future, the faster we go, the more ahead we are of the average flow of time for us. So, to go further than a year or so, we need to be travelling mind-numbingly fast. So, time goes as we go, we do not 'jump' in a preordained future, the future happens taking the natural course of 'what has to happen, happens'. When we travel to the future, time is simply going faster for us than for anyone else. Our travelling is not preordained, but it will no doubt change the way the future will be brought about as per to the rule I mentioned. Furthermore, if time were preordained, It would mean that nothing is for real, the very fabric of the universe is surreal, the big bang singularity would also have all the laws of physics viable because we could be able to travel to it, it being preordained, but that is impossible. Because the singularity erases physics, any preordination(sic) cannot be possible. I also find almost nothing written about the effects of time-speed on the universe. We have lots on black holes and stars, but what about galaxies? If I am right, galactic rims travel extremely fast. And the galactic nucleus must be very slow. Then our galaxy in a 4 dimensional universe IS a black hole, with the far reaches of future on the rim and the deep abyss of past in the core. It would be a warp in reality. Furthermore it would mean that travelling to the rim would get us to the future and travelling to the core would get us to the past. To explain my idea, let us imagine three stages of a man's life, A is his childhood, B is when he goes to school and C is when he is an adult. Now, if that man is preordained to go the past, he can go there. In the past C will see himself as A. Now, C suddenly goes insane and grabbing A, he kills A. Now, with A dead, he will never reach position B and hence he wont reach C. But C already exists, so it will be a chaotic eternal paradox in which he both exists as well as doesn't exist. This cannot be possible in this dimension of space time. So either a new dimension exists of which we cannot comprehend or the fact that time is preordained is false. All of this was cooked up while I was eating dinner watching discovery. Maybe some of the info i relied upon is false and some facts i held true screwed up. I dont know if I am right or wrong. I just got a brainstorm and puked it here. Can anyone there with any academic knowledge of this stuff help me where I went wrong or whether I just got a new theory or broke one.
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