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  1. I for one can't wait for the new improved 'form' of Titor. I just hope he doesn't conform too much to the standards of most shallow cash-ins designed to capitalise on the success of the original that just regurgitate the beats of the first one. On the other hand, if they stray too much from the formula that could suck too. I mean, if he fails to be preachy, patronising and prone to providing ridiculously bad predictions it just won't feel like a worthy sequel. What's really important this time is that he comes up with a legitimate reason to actually sell some PRODUCT as the real failure of the story last time was not setting up a viable means to get the merchandise going. Imagine the ire caused when other people are selling mugs with your logo on it! As for those who are on this board working tirelessly to promote the upcoming sequel I hope they have factored in the fact that there have been a million Titor clones since he last warped out of our time zone for good (or at least until his return could be worked out in a way that hopefully lives up to the hype. ) The impact of fresh new Titor material could just vastly diminish the brand as Phantom Menace diminished the Star Wars legacy. I personally believe this has already happened. Regardless of what time looping methods are used to bring about MORE Titor the fact that he's back at all is a really bad miscalculation in what could have been one of the great hoaxes of the internet age. Already it seems, it's perpetrators have been unable to resist making it cheaper and crappier than it was.
  2. Hi Darby, Rainman and Co! It's been almost seven years since I posted on this site on the subject of Titor. The last time I started a thread thread here it was titled, 'Pamela's Top Ten Most Leading Titor Questions' in which I queried the logic and veracity of Pamela's involvement in the the Titor hoax. Having lost interest in this internet myth for a while, I just thought I'd pop in to see the latest 'developments' and was not in the slightest surprised to to learn that Scampboy still has his misguided defenders. Nor was I in the least bit amazed to discover that...GASP!...he's on his way BACK! And, I'm guessing..this time it's PERSONAL!!! Aaaahhhhh........................................................................................................................................Yawn.....(!) Exactly like any number of fantasy movies that don't require (or even rule out) the possibility of a sequel, it seems that the Titor legend (commercially - or otherwise -) simply DEMANDS a return! What form will it take I wonder? We can but speculate... Will it be... Highlander 2? (There can be only One! ...or, perhaps, two sequels?) Will it be...Grease 2? (Like many a terrible sequel, this one falls down on simple maths, as it tries to rehash the original without the talent, energy or essential ingredients that made the first one a hit. ) Will it be BENEATH The Planet of the Apes? (In which there's a proper END to the idea of any more sequels built into the story - as indeed there was to the original story! ...until we can think up a time-twisting, commercially-lead solution to the problem of no more sequels...i.e: ESCAPE from the Planet of the Apes, CONQUEST of the Planet Of the Apes and BATTLE for the Planet of the Apes) Will it be the odious Sex in the City 2? Where the commercial necessity of a sequel DESTROYS not only any vague artistic credibility but also any moral credibility (Not, to be fair, that there was much of that to begin with) Will it be Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest? (Unnecessarily complication of the plot puts the brakes on any real fun.) Will it be Beethoven's 2nd? (Silly shaggy dog story gets shaggier and sillier?) Will it be Escape from LA? (Cool, low budget original idea scuppered by poor low budget and shitty sequel idea) Will it be Highlander II: The Quickening? (This oddity just complicates things further, frequently contradicting its predecessor in a derivative future setting. ) Will it be The Lost Boys: The Tribe? (Just about everything gets a downgrade in quality) Will it be Blues Brothers 2000? (None of the goofy charm that made the original such fun, and the big set pieces feel forgettably shallow) Will it be Speed 2? (Unable to summon any of the tension, thrills or wow factor of the earlier high-concept hit) Will it be American Psycho II? (Gone is any satire, tension and black humour. What we're left with is a reputation-tarnishing stinker attached to the original by only a tacked-on intro) Just saying :)
  3. Re: FAIL There cannot be one single person on this board who knows your history, HDR, who buys this simple and plain falsehood for half a nanosecond. :D You clearly live in a world of fiction and make-believe if you believe it yourself.
  4. Razimus, Its possible the degree of reaction you've had from the likes of Olav might be attributable to the fact that there is at least an odious element to the perpetration of the hoax. Who would really wish to be associated with it? Far beyond how clever the hoaxers might regard themselves, there is the question of their dubious moral outlook when it comes to their 'using' of certain individuals. I share your dislike for those behind the Titor scam for this reason. As I've said elsewhere, if Pamela has indeed been an innocent dupe, she ought to - given the chance - slap those dickheads hard across their cruelly manipulative faces. I suspect that's one of the reasons they will now fight hard to keep the lid on the 'making of' story...the sheer shame of it.
  5. Thanks for the context, Darby. Without the back story it just didn't sound like the Darby we know and love. It seems that the sheer frustration the mystery behind the hoax can create is enough to get people riled and rattled when their faced with a brick wall made up of possibilities but no hard answers. Rainman's thread is at least an indication that Razimus isn't alone in wanting to take decisive action. Hell, my own 'Pamela's Top Ten Most leading Titor Questions' thread stemmed from a recognition of what Razimus has been probing - The dodgy Q&A sessions that got the hoax rolling. Still, I believe the truth will out eventually. Its just mnore likely to come from within than without I guess.
  6. Hey Darby, Is it true that you sent Razimus an email that contained the following? "If your decision is to put yourself and your family at risk for a typical Internet fable then that's your choice. I've done my part in giving fair warning. Have fun with this but don't put your family at risk." If so, what did you mean by that?
  7. Given the amount of sheer crap and bare-faced lies HDRKid posts, its hard to believe anyone here takes it seriously. Hence 'Fan Fiction.'
  8. Re: Pending Pole Shift The homage is, clearly, to The Terminator.
  9. Nice work. You can't beat a powerful opening event when telling a story. Looking forward to seeing more.
  10. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! Same old, same old. HDR living on Planet Cuckoo. Think I'm just going to bug out from his/her nonsense as every post just provides oxygen to the lies.
  11. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! Seriously, you can forget it. I've tried to pin HDRkid down many, many times in this manner. As have many, many others. He/She will just ignore you. The Kid's ability to do so is legendary here which is why few take the HDR posts seriously. It is in fact, one of the things that leads me to suspect that he's a genuine delusional. Any of the occasions HDR's been shown without any doubt to be lying, fraudulant, inaccurate and just plain wrong, he/she sweeps efficiently under the cyber-carpet and moves right on. He/she's as slippery as he/she is deceitful. And always with the irritating 'the debunkers laughed when...' crap. And when the economy bounces back, anyone trying to haul him over the coals about this current line in b/s will just be soundly ignored. Little wonder this thread was moved to the 'fiction' section.
  12. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! OOoooooh, I like this game! Let, me just get some popcorn.
  13. Re: waiting for 7th october...2008 Yeah, I'll settle for that too. Can you give us the week GM goes under?
  14. Re: waiting for 7th october...2008 Hey HDRKid, Why don't you remote view a news event from next week. Something specific that you couldn't arrive at by guesswork?
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