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  1. I am trying to figure out this really easy problem and I feel really stupid, can somebody show me how? Ok, If you have 2/3 of a cup required for 8 servings. How many cups do you need for 30? This is set up as a proportion like this: 2/3 cup x ---------- = ----------- 8 servings 30 servings If anybody can show me how to do this it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Does anybody know for sure the factors leading up to the isolation of the AIDS virus? For example, was animal testing involved? The whole thing happened before my time so obviously I don't rembember, and I can't really find any information on the history of it either.
  3. In the following essay I shall elucidate both the positions of the proponents and opponents of the cosmological argument for gods existence. First, I will outline the proponent's cosmological argument for the existence of god. Then I will outline the opponent's position, followed by analysis of both positions, followed by my position, critical analysis of my position, and finally, my conclusion. Somebody who believes the cosmological argument proves gods existence would say something like this, 'Look around the world, everything you see is either caused or uncaused.' 'Most or all objects/entities rely on something else for its/their existence.' 'There cannot be an infinite series of causes, so there must be an uncaused first cause.' 'The uncaused first cause is in part what we mean by god.' 'Hence, god exists' Or 'The world contains a collection of contingent things.' 'The argument from contingency states that everything in the world could not be contingent.' 'If everything in our world requires reasons for why it exists and why it has the properties it does then we believe that the same is true for anything.' 'The argument asserts that our existence is a necessary condition of the uncaused first cause, and that uncaused first cause is god.' Opponents of the cosmological argument would raise several objections, such as the infinite series objection. Why can't there be an infinite series of causes? Another problem with the cosmological argument is that it fails to identify the uncaused first cause with god. For example the uncaused first cause may have attributes god does not have, eg: a will and self-awareness. And even if there was an uncaused first cause, that uncaused first cause is not necessarily god. The argument from contingency applies necessity to god, in other words, it claims that god is a necessary being. But we cannot apply necessity to an entity, necessity only applies to propositions When we use a propositional linguistic in referring to god we can say whatever we want, ie: 'god is a necessary being.' But in reality, god is what he/she/it is and our propositions do not apply to god in reality. The opponent makes many valid objections to the cosmological argument, it would seem that our propositions about god would not affect reality in any way. For example, I could propose that all dogs are named fido, but that does not mean that in reality all dogs are actually named Fido, and even if all dogs were named Fido, our words are inert and therefore allow for no way of altering Fido in any way in terms of pure physical reality. The same is true when we apply 'necessity' to god. We can say what we want, but our statement is not a determinant of reality. Here are some reasons to worry or doubt the objectors positions. - Many human beings tend to over estimate their ability to predict the properties of the universe, we tend to think we can disprove even the most obvious facts such as looking out into the sky and believing that there is some sort of divine intelligence, maybe doubting that fact is the same as doubting 'I am reading an essay right now.' - In this information age we tend to think we can explain anything and everything, we sometimes feel almost invincible and eternal. It could be this mind state that leads us to believe that when we die we will be saved by a god and live an eternal life. I align my position on this issue with the infinite series objection. I think that it is just as hard or harder to contemplate infinity as it is to contemplate the absence of infinity. For example, it may be very hard for many people to imagine a universe with no boundaries, and no end. But it becomes even harder to imagine a finite universe, suppose I travel to the edge of the hypothetical finite universe, what happens when I take one more step? Do I step into a hypothetical brick wall, or can I keep going just one more step. If I can keep going, the universe is infinite, if I am stopped by some kind of barrier or obliterated by a black hole or something the universe is indeed finite. But if there is nothing on the other side of the barrier, where would I be? It becomes very scary to think about what nothing might look like or be like. Therefore I think it is reasonable to assume that just like the universe could have no barrier, so too could there be an infinite series of causes. I think that our universe was caused by another universe, and that our entire existence(universe included) is contained within a higher universe. For example our entire universe could be contained in its entirety within the dumpster behind Wal-Mart or some higher universe and perhaps that higher universe is contained in its entirety behind the Albertsons of yet a higher universe. As so on. What I am getting at is that I think it is ludicrous to think that there could somehow be an uncaused first cause. I could be wrong because my feeble mind cannot understand how it is that god/ or an uncaused first cause might cause himself to exist. But in all probability, even if god was uncaused and did cause him self to exist, there had to be something that gave him/her/it that power to do so. Something cannot come out of nothing.
  4. Think about it, this is time travel related... Ok, so I just got my paycheck and took it to the bank and cashed it. For some strange reason they were stupid and gave me my check back. They didn't make any markings on it, but I have no idea whether or not they already ran it though the computer or not. It seems they usually just look at the check and put it in the drawer to be processed later, but I don't know. Should I take the check and go deposit it again in one of my other bank accounts? Or do you think that would come back to bite me in the ass? If there are any bank tellers among you your advise would be especially helpful.
  5. What proof do you have of this claim, the whole thing sounds made up to me, "everything looked more futuristic".
  6. I tried mushrooms once. I think it helped open my creative mind.
  7. About the difference between dream time, and reality; I read that your brain stays active for another 6-12 minutes after you are dead,. And if a few minutes of dream time can seem like hours then think about it, that could be an entire hallucinogenic second life you can live and explore after you die. It wouldn't be real, but in theory, that dream life could be every bit as real as the life we are living now. When your brain completely dies and shuts off you may cease to exist and become nothing, or perhaps go to heaven or hell. Depending on what you believe.
  8. Last night I was taking a nap on the ground in front of the couch in our apartment with my wife(Starting the 23rd of this month!). I dozed off for about 10 minutes, but the dream I had seemed to last over an hour. The first thing I remember was walking around my dark apartment looking for a either my wife or a light switch to make looking for her easier. For some reason our apartment had 2 bathrooms instead of 1. Keep in mind that it is pitch dark and I can't hardly see anything this entire dream. As I opened the door to the first bathroom I got this tremendous sense of fear, as if I was worried about somebody waiting inside to kill me, so as I went into the bathroom I had my fists up ready to defend myself in case anybody really was waiting inside the bathroom for me. There was nobody inside the bathroom. I tried to turn on the lights but it didn't do anything when i flipped the light switch. I assumed the light bulb must have burnt out so i continued to look for my wife. I went into the other bathroom right next to the bathroom i was just in, just down the hall. I tried to turn on the lights again, but again the light switch had no effect. At this point it became somewhat of a lucid dreaming experience. Because I have heard that if you try to turn the lights on it will not work if you are dreaming. Same goes for if you turn them off when you are dreaming. It is also interesting that if you are able to lucid dream, you can have full control of the dream and make anything happen, except turn of a damn light switch. I also thought my power might have been shut off because my electric bill is overdue (in real life). The next thing I remember I am back on the ground cuddled up next to my wife(she is laying next to me in real life but I do not see her or know where she is in the dream). From this point on I was paralyzed. (Once I woke up I realized it was because in real life my arms were tucked between my legs and one of them was numb because it had fallen asleep) I tried to call out to my wife but all that I could do was whisper. At that point I felt like I was trapped inside somebody else's body and I had no control of the movement of the body i was in. I could speak, however all that came out was a muffled whisper. I was fully aware at this point that I was dreaming, but for about five to ten seconds I thought that I was going to either die or be paralyzed for the rest of my life. I called out to my wife about 10 times at least(I said "Kellie, Kellie, Kellie, etc. I forget exactly how many times I called out her name) I wanted to get up and look for her but I was paralyzed. I tried to look around for her but my range of sight was limited, as if my vision was limited to whatever I could see without turning my head or neck (this again gave me the impression that i was stuck inside somebody else's body which i could not control. I began to violently struggle to get out of the body i was in so i could look around for my wife. The struggle lasted only about 10 seconds and i managed to slightly move my arms a bit at one point. I then began a conscious travel back to reality. The final interesting thing about this dream is the exit from dream world back into reality, which i was fully aware of. You see, Normally when I have a dream I wake up with no memory of the transition between dream world, and reality. Even if I remember ever other little detail about the dream I have never remembered actually traveling from the dream into reality. Normally just wake up with no memory of waking up. But this time was different, this time it was as if I was stepping from one room into another, or one dimension to another, or traveling through a tube with many convulsing colours all around me, mostly blue colours. Until finally I was back in the real world, with full control of my voice and body, and full memory or the dream and the traveling transition from the dimension I was dreaming in back to reality. My wife had been awake the whole time but said she did not hear me calling out to her, but I am sure I did call out her name, even if was jut a whisper, which she would have heard anyway because she was laying right next to me this whole time. Here are a few more interesting points: -Kellie was awake and could not hear me. Why would I be so sure I called out her name if I really didn't. She later said that she might have heard my but she was a little tired as well. -Overall Crazy dream. -Unique dream exiting experience, like nothing I have ever experience in my life. -Seemed like a mix of my apt and Mario's house. -Most of the dream I felt like I was floating around rather than walking. This further supports my theory that I had some kind of out of body experience. -The dream lasted only about 10 minutes in real life, but seemed much longer in the dream, about an hour or more. Since the time is different between these two reality (dream world and real world, [assuming it is a real world]) It is interesting how this time difference might tie into time travel and time in general. -At the end of the dream I felt like my soul was the inhabitant of a foreign body. -Most of us know you can't control lighting even if you are lucid dreaming. But what if someone turns on the lights (in real life) at the exact time you flip the switch while dreaming? Would the light stay off in your dream? Or would it stay dark? Or you might possibly be forced to wake up by this contradictory axiom? -What is it suppose to mean when you dream about being paralyzed?
  9. "Doesnt this mean that the reflection actually exists at all points of time and space?" Very interesting question. Two people can be looking at the same object from 2 different places and see 2 different things. I would conclude that it does exist at all places in space and time whether somebody is there to see it or not.
  10. Ok, so then by your reasoning if we somehow had an ultra powerful telescope and could look far into space at some alien planet we wouldn't actually be seeing the aliens walking around in real time, but rather we would see the delayed image as it takes time for the image to reach our eyes. Time itself is not traveling, but the image we see is. Time is relative. So time would stay the same for the aliens on their planet as well as on our planet. Does time travel? Or does it just merely exist? What if, we could launch a satellite into space and view our earth from the satellite, or maybe even from some the far off alien planet, if we could do that then we can watch our own history happening. Interesting. Of course, we would only be able to see as far back in time as when we first launched the satellite, assuming our satellite is traveling at light speed. If our telescope we launched into space could somehow go faster than the speed of light then I guess that would mean that we might be able to see time from before we launched the satellite. And of course this is assuming that the satellite is capable of instantaneously transmitting the image of our earth back to us, which is impossible as far as I know. Does anybody know of any theory that suggest that it may be possible to travel faster that the speed of light. Light speed could theoretically be possible someday, so why not faster?
  11. Yes, I can understand that the light from stars is old. But is it the same with regular objects? Such as a rock, dog, person, or tree sitting 10 feet in front of me? Are you saying I am seeing that particular object, but a fraction of a second in the past? Light travels, we all know that, but does the image of a rock we are looking at actually travel to us? Or do we just see it in real time.
  12. Interesting, but how does the fact that something is far away while we are looking at it mean that we are actually looking at the past?
  13. so then by this theory if we use an ultra powerful telescope to look into space at a far far off planet then the events taking place must actually be from some time back in the past.
  14. Wow, that whole story did seem a little bit far out, but it was a good read nevertheless. I liked the part about the hypothesis that the earth is oscillating, and who knows, perhaps if we did find some way to exclude ourselves from the rest of the universe or "shield" ourselves as the were saying, then we might just be able to move around in time while the earth is oscillating.
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