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  1. Yeah let me know when Larry is on jimmy church. I really don't keep up with that show. The above was proof for 9th wave. I logged in my account and posted part of his letter to prove it was me. Obviously not enough proof for him. "Rolls eyes" lol
  2. pamela

    Donald Titor

    Can I put in my request now for money for a completely paid off new house? ;-)
  3. pamela

    Donald Titor

    I'm really friends with the future president of the United states???? Wow that's quite a stretch and a leap.
  4. Miss Pamela, you are a folk hero of a strange variety of fame. I hope you are well and having a wonderful 2016 :) Thank you for being a steadfast presence on these forums and a contributor to the peerless wonders of fantastical inspiration leading to new standards of innovation.  Best regards to you and your family.

  5. Hmmm I would ask? John...could you teach me what you know about growing a healthy garden? What the heck happened to the departure video? Can we just spend an afternoon together? I have a lot of questions. Can I just touch your arm to see if you are vibrating different from me?
  6. I agree with Mr. Cane. Please stop trying to guess the song. That was between John and I.
  7. Wow. you guys couldnt start your own thread? you ruined my "john" thread. :rolleyes: Love you John! :D
  8. J did the IBM 5110 have all of its filters removed?

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