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  1. Hey Joe, You said you dreamed about angels can you tell me about that?
  2. Its one of the last things John said to me also. He told me when he leaves its possible things could change quickly and to keep my eyes and ears opened. Its weird you would say similiar words to this girl. Do you think its possible you are remembering different or altered worldlines and its coming forth in your dreams? Or do you think its all just one big coincidence mixed with several creative dreams? I guess we may never know.
  3. Hmm I read back my other post and realized I wrote it kind of confusing.Just using "he". The handcuff guy was the only one who was nice to me. The director guy who shoved me toward the handcuffed guy was an ass and treated me like I was a pain in the ass. I really didn't want to go back there after the trip to the restroom. Probably why I woke up!! I actually am sorry you are having a continuous stream of bad dreams. That must be aweful.
  4. Joe, you don't have to wait to finish the book you just end it with words like this is the first book others will follow or something like that. I am trying not to think more into it but I did pick your picture out of hundreds that only had your name and nothing further. When I found out that the picture did indeed match your profile all these emotions came flooding out. Sorry. You can ask poor Kerrtexas I wrote him right after I realized it. The dream seemed so real to me almost like a memory than a dream. It was very scary to me also. I don't even watch scary movies I don't like them. But you are right I won't read anymore into it. I'd like to remember more but I don't like thinking about it. It was so long ago also and I don't have continuation like you do. I don't think anyone likes remebering scary dreams and I have so many good ones about fantastic inventions and good people. Why remember that one? :)
  5. All I know is that guy was the only one who was nice to me. After he shoved me toward that guy and he caught me he told him to take me to the restroom So I could dry my eyes out and then bring me back here. The guy said it in a way like I was a pain in the ass or something. The guy took me to the restroom which wasn't far away and then he told me to go in and that he would be outside here when I came out. There were no windows in the bathroom which had several stalls and I think three sinks. I just stood there by the sink with a tissue in my hand wondering what the heck just happened to me in that room. That's the last thing I remember. The only thing I remember before that is walking handcuffed to the room handcuffed to the guy.
  6. Ok. So what does this mean? We both have some kind of strange ability to dream the exact same dream or does it mean more than that?? I have to go to bed I stayed up too long waiting for you to get done chatting with your mother. Lol Ps. Stay out of my dreams.
  7. Well....looks like I will be getting the answer tomorrow. I hope.
  8. Well? Did you receive them? I hope your not gonna make me wait until tomorrow. :(
  9. Ok I will send them in a couple of minutes. Please do not post them anywhere.
  10. OK....Is it possible for me to send you two pictures of myself? One from ten years ago and one current. I would just feel better if I knew for sure it wasn't me. Its possible I may have some kind of ability I don't know about as well.
  11. Does one need to blink their eyes underwater?
  12. Trojan, I've been thinking about you off and on tonight and I went back and reread some of your postings to me. Remember when you said this? "Hey, I can play this game to...since you actually believe this crap..lol. So Pam," After all things considered I think it is too coincidental that you would claim to have a similiar dream as me infact several similiar dreams as me. Describe a woman similiar to me you could have easily got this information from Darby who has seen my picture. He probably shared it with you. And the only reason I could pick your picture out of hundreds of pictures I looked at is perhaps because maybe I do have a little bit of psychic ability. Who knows. But I think you did this because of john titor and how I said I had a dream of someone similiar to john in 1998 before I even met him and that his description of time travel was the same as I saw in the dream. I think you saw my other dreams and made up a bunch of crap to see if I would believe you and you personally made sure they were as similiar as you could. I mean come on. Hope you had your laughs. I wouldn't be surprised if you and Rainman were probably in on this together.
  13. Ok....maybe you just look similiar to the guy in my dream. Last night I was doing searches for your name and it brought your picture up but I couldn't tell if it was you. I thought this guy looks almost exactly like the guy I saw in my dream. the face looks the same but this guy I saw did not have blond hair in the front it was all brown in a military cut. Then this morning I found a way to access myspace and looked the name up again and it brought up the whole profiles. And I saw that that was indeed you!! Freaked me out!!! However the guy I saw had all brown hair. So maybe it wasn't you. You sure the heck look like the guy in my dream and I have to say it really freaks me out. That's a little too weird for me. I was having a good day today to.
  14. Trojan, Ok... I was able to see your picture on the myspace account. What the hell are you involved in. That's what I want to know! Is this some kind of freakin joke??? You know what this is a little too freaky for me. This is a little too much for even me to believe. Who the hell are you?? I know I am not a freakin psychic. I do know that!
  15. You said you also took this woman back. How long was she in there and what was her state of mind when you took her back. Did she say anything? Where did you take her to? I have seen those hairless cats and they are butt ugly! Lol Did any of your dreams involve sitting down with a military man watching a dvd on blackholes/wormholes that you were told was classified? I wish I could see your picture.
  16. Hmmm....sounds like they were coming through when no one was there as well.;) Its weird everyone had similiar dreams. Do you think we all saw similiar movies or something That affected our dreams?
  17. Trojan, Did you have any other dreams of taking people into conference rooms or just this one lady? What did the lady look like and do you know why you were taking her there? I would like to hear more of your dreams they are very interesting. Can you share more of them? Also I was wondering besides your dreams did you ever see any ufos or aliens? What kind of experiences did you have with them in your dreams?
  18. Trogan, I had an uncle who was in the military who was staffed at wright patterson airforce base I tried to get him to talk to me on what he knew but he kept telling me he couldn't confirm nor deny if they existed. I only saw him a couple times in my life. But he did tell me once after thousands of questions. (I was always good at that!) That they were not green. Lol.
  19. There must be 50 billion joseph cochrans. Sigh! Can't you just send me a picture?
  20. I much rather dream of Jesus, angels or timetravelers than aliens. Infact there was a short time I dreamed about aliens but I really don't anymore. and I don't want to either. I never got a good feeling about them like the one guy posted. I would love to dream about the angels again. Talk about a good feeling. That was awesome. Love dreams like that.
  21. You don't dream of aliens but you dream of ships....hmmmmm. Who flies the ships?
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