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  1. Your liquid metal seemed very familiar. I seen it on a show or something. They had a piece of metal that when balled up returned to its original shape. Want to say more but out of time for now.
  2. I have seen a lot of cool things in dreams. I don't know where it all comes from. People in my dreams just show it to me willingly. My favorite are the angel dreams. And the ones with the cool inventions. Trojan I can't see a picture with the link you provided. Does the link work for anyone else?
  3. In my dream the guy sat beside me after he unhandcuffed me but in your dream you went outside the door. Its weird that the dreams are so similiar though. I had no intention of running away from him since he took the handcuffs off.... but dang!!! Here was this thing coming right toward me I didn't know what it was! Actually it might had been better had it just continued down the row. What would you have done?? That was one scary dream. Did your dream involve aliens?
  4. I don't know I just wrote down exactly what I remembered. What do you look like?
  5. I don't understand how you put the energy around the vehicle by using an hdr. If its mind travel why do you need a vehicle? Can you perhaps explain further?
  6. I think you were asking if it was a continuation of a dream? It wasn't. In the first dream I was in a room in some building. The second one I was outside in my side yard. They were very vivid and the only strange thing was my friend did actually let me borrow his telescope and I did set it up in the yard. I actually remembered the dream when I realized I had set it up in the same place. After I remembered the dream I couldn't believe I subconsciously set it up in the same place. But it was the best place to see mars and that's what we were viewing. Nothing happened. Nothing with aliens anyway. Lol :) It just looked like the same alien in the first dream as the second. But then again perhaps they all look alike. :) I have never seen an alien in real life. I don't think I want to either if they exist. The only continuation was the alien that was it. (In the dream) Is this what you meant? What was your dream about?
  7. " that you can time slip by creating a magnetic field that would vibrate at such a low frequency that light would flow thru , thus achieving time slip" No I am not aware of this. Are you talking about physical time travel??
  8. I'd like to know where the info comes from too especially when you hear about people dreaming of car crashes and plane crashes and yet barely avoiding it in their real lifes had they not been warned in a dream. What about that stuff are they all coinicidences??
  9. I think your dream was very interesting. Perhaps the subconscious is very fast or we slip out of time when we sleep.
  10. I don't think I was related to whoever john titor was but the whole reason I asked him so many detailed questions is because of a 1998 dream I had of a time traveler visiting me with the same physical description that john gave of himself and the exact same description of what it looked like to time travel. I also felt like I knew him. This dream was never posted anywhere online but it still exists today in an old diary. If john was a fraud lucky for him for such an amazing coincidence even down to the april 1998 date. It was one of the major things in the beginning that caused me to question the heck out of him. I don't think Iam psychic or anything. I also don't think I am related to him but not knowing who he really is I really don't know. I could be.
  11. Concerning Twilights posting. I don't know if he is serious or not because he already admitted to lieing and making up stories.So I assume he is just playing here as well. Anyway I just was pointing this out to Kerr. Something we discussed on the phone nothing more. I really didn't expect anyone else to comment on it. I just wanted to put it up here so he could find it as I have a hard time with links.
  12. Re: Changing The Universe, One World Line At A Tim One wonders...will one really know if cern creates a blackhole considering all of the negative comments they got about destroying the world? Or will everything stay under wrap until later. ?
  13. What I always thought was interesting about sleep is the complete lack of time. You can have a whole days adventure in ten minutes of sleep!
  14. Re: Changing The Universe, One World Line At A Tim As it is listed those numbers are for another John to understand and apply. They are not meant for anyone else to figure out especially since we do not know how the computer works. What other numbers are applied with it or even what a divergence is taken from. If you are a spy and need info someone could code them for you so only you would know from a series of numbers what they mean. We are seriously lacking info to understand what those numbers are meant for. THey could be just a bunch of BS but there would be seriously no way to know with the lack of info.
  15. Re: Changing The Universe, One World Line At A Tim Perhaps its as simple as those are just the numbers he needs to put into the computer.
  16. " If you do not agree to these Terms of Service please do not view the site or participate in the services. This forum is moderated according to these Terms of Service"
  17. "Show respect to others. Use constructive criticism, rather than being abusive."
  18. " The purpose of these Terms of Service are to make the Discussion Forum a safe and friendly environment for everyone."
  19. "Inappropriate Content Profanity, obscenity, insults, personal attacks, accusations, derogatory or defamatory comments, or other abusive or inappropriate content is not acceptable"
  20. Actually it was really rather simple. I read his posts thought he would be interesting to talk to and asked him to post so we could ask him questions and find out more about what he was experiencing. It really wasn't anything complicated at all you made all the rest of that up in your head. You are really quite ridiculous to tell you the truth. Simply interested in what he had to say...that was it. You had your chances to ask him your questions but you didn't. Then you blamed me for not asking the questions you wanted to ask. I am still interested in him and what he has to say so I will just be talking to him offline. You didn't want to talk to him anyway. I am embarrassed I asked him to come on and share. I should have just communicated with him by pms and emails.however I thought the other people on the board might be interested to hear what he had to say as well....I was wrong. Know what it really comes down to? Perhaps you were not worthy to hear what he had to say. This is not an atmosphere that is friendly toward sharing at all. So it seems like you want only scientists to share on here. Well who is going to be the brave one to ask them here? Yeah...none of you. Don't look at me... you guys can just talk amongst yourselves.
  21. Hmmm... One wonders why the anomalies board is not that active anymore ? You can say all the nasty things you want to say Darby. I am well aware of your tactics. Anymore I just laugh at them. Don't blame me because you didn't ask your questions when he was here. You had every chance to do that. You know what?....he didn't leave because of me. Infact he mentioned one of the reasons he left was because of you. If I leave the board can you promise me this board will still be active? And that you won't let the place die like you did anomalies?
  22. ROTFLMAO!!! Rainman you are just too much lol :) Liked all the bold words as well but remember: John Titor is unfalsifiable. Meaning You cannot prove him false. Sorry... but that's the way it is. You do not have all the info. You really don't but I do very much enjoy reading your posts! :)
  23. Another thread turned into a john titor thread. Boy for not believing in the guy you sure do discuss him a lot. Lol By the way just because you don't understand the physics behind "the bubble" does not mean it could not produce this result. If you don't have all the details how do you know it doesn't work? Just because you "say" it couldn't work.
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