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  1. My favourite time travel movie, as well as the book is "Timeline" by Michael Chrichton. It is a story of a group of archaeologists that go back in time into the middle ages. It is very exciting, and I really enjoy reading it and watching it. :D
  2. So long, not a single prediction Titor has made, came true. Some people would say that he is a fake. But. What if we prevented those things from coming true. Did then Titor change the timeline?
  3. Hey people! My name is Marko Vrbanec and I'm a writer (at least I hope I am). I'm about to publish a book. It's my first book and I hope that everyone that read's it will enjoy it. It's a story about two friends who accidentally find a time machine that takes them into the past. After they encounter a bunch of dinosaurs, the time machine takes them into the future, where they're forced to join a group of people, called The rebbells. They help them in overthrowing the government, but the time machine get's stolen. Now they need to get it back from the hands of the evil Gregg Vankelos. Interested? ;)
  4. No, I know that I stood up and went to the toilet. I turned all the lights on and I knew that I wasn't dreaming. My clock isn't electrical. Thank you for your reply.
  5. Sorry, I ment it was 1:45 am. I'm very sorry about this mistake.
  6. Hi! I'm here to tell you my story. Now, you may think that I'm crazy, but I believe that this really happened (it was no dream, I pinched myself). Last year, I went back one hour in past. It was 1 am. I was goin to sleep after a long day. I went to bed, but I couldn't get any sleep. After an hour and 15 minutes (believe me, I looked at the clock) of staring in the ceiling my eyes finaly close for a while. Then, after a while, a noise woke me up and, after reasuring it was nothing, I looked at my clock. IT WAS 1:45 PM! Send me your answers, please! I really want to know if you had a similar experience.
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