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  1. He isn't the only one who doesn't know what happened. :confused:
  2. Re: Principle I personally don't believe either should be banned, but RMT does contribute to the active discussions and is hence infinitely more valuable and is a seemingly good guy ;) Thats not to say though that TTA is not a good guy (although I'm not sure that I agree with his motives for posting here), he just doesn't contribute on the same level as RMT.
  3. Re: Freudian Yeah, it wasn't your fault.
  4. Re: Freudian Honestly, I think this thread should be locked and/or deleted.
  5. Re: 1st Annual \"Titor Was BS\" Party- 1 Jan 2006 It seems to me that neither party would waste an election and support a female candidate.
  6. Re: Freudian Hey bogz did you get a Wii or are you just excited about it?
  7. I've never thought Ray was a bad guy. Hes long been my favorite member of this board. ;) So you are working on UAV's now? Thats pretty much where im hoping to go in life, I'm thinking somewhere in the robotics field is where im best suited. On a side note, I was accepted to Michigan Technological University on monday, which is kinda cool because it is a pretty decent engineering school.
  8. Re: 2-Nite___Full_Moon_! I'm really starting to hate physics, now that I'm taking "AP Physics".....
  9. Ray, based on your descriptions I would think you describe more of an Apollo space capsule than a space shutte. Is this the case?
  10. Now hijacking the thread a bit, Ray can you tell us anything neat about this CEV or is it top secret. I suppose I'll pose some specific questions. Is it a reusable craft? Does it use space shuttle like heat tiles? Does it need external fuel and rockets to lift off? If you can't answer these I understand.
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