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  1. Oh, God. Yes. And the same conspirators went back and refused to allow me to keep my Frank Thomas foil rookie card or... maybe Topps publishes so damned many cards in every set that since about 1982 their cards ...all of their cards...are considered to be $0.05 "commons" no matter who is on the card? "Added gravity to the room"? What does that mean? But what does any of this have to do with the physics behind the "cigar" photo? The cigar photo shows light being bent almost 45 degrees less than 6 meters from the camera but that's it. The world reacts appropriately to the gravity of a black hole over "there" but over "here" a few meters closer to the camera the laws of physics do not apply? Light suddenly fails to react to gravity? I don't think so! Either the laws of physics apply or the laws don't apply. And, please, before you reply to my post...let me know what you have done toward studying Special and General Relativity. Making a statement that "well, we don't know all there is to know" is a dodge. I don't care what you don't know, I only care about what you actually do know. PS: I can hear the cogs turning now. What do I know? What does he know? Are you really sure you want to ask that question after my posting here for 16 years?
  2. In case you don't understand: Let's suppose that the quantum state of an object falling past the event horizon of a black hole can be stated as "Psi(A) = 123", Great - we have, in our very uncomplicated world, a complete quantum description of "A". "A" falls into the black hole. Over the course of time "A" is re-emitted from the black hole as a series - 1,1,1,1,...123 times. We have the original state of "123". Wonderful. But at the same time that A fell in B, C and D also fell into the same black hole. Regardless of their initial quantum states they are each also re-emitted as a series of 1,1,1,1... So you have A, B, C and D, with absolutely zero information lost, having their individual quantum states re-emitted as a net series of 1,1,1,1,1,1,1... You can't tell one "1" from any other "1" but have all of the original information. However, it is all mixed up and you have no possibility of distinguishing a "1" from A from a "1" from B, C or D. The information is perfectly conserved but it is of no use to you. Hawking's complete thesis clearly makes that statement. That the quantum state of a chrononaught entering into a black hole is conserved is in no way the same as saying that you can enter a black hole, exit and live to tell about it. That idea is most definitely whistling in the dark.
  3. This thread has absolutely nothing to do with gravitational waves. It is about Hawking and the conservation of information. It's an interesting pop-sci article that somewhat correctly states the gist of what Hawking was stating. But beyond "the gist" its a misleading pop-sci treatment. Hawking, in his paper, is attempting to maintain a conservation law by stating that "information" is conserved thus never lost. The article, however, takes that idea and without any scientific support expands it to "if you go into a black hole you can escape" with the implied message of "you can escape intact". BS That is not the case and it is not what Hawking has said. He has said that "information" goes in and the same information can come back out (eventually). That it comes out one bit at a time, one bit every hundred years, is not in conflict with his thesis. So, if you go in and come back out one atom at a time over the course of a billion years that will be in strict compliance with Hawking's thesis. Great for the theory but not much use for you if you are literally atomized in the process..
  4. Correct. In fact the only time frame that you are able to see is the past. You stand in from of the mirror in the morning and you are seeing yourself about 2 meters in the past (1/150,000,000 sec). The present isn't something that you can actually experience in "real time". All of your senses, including thought processes, operate so slowly in comparison to the speed of light that "the present" is long gone before your mind processes the incoming sensory input.
  5. Yes, that's correct...Once Every Two Weeks Or (so) But it doesn't apply to you or your story. I made it up a decade or more ago when, about every two weeks, we'd have yet another story posted by a hit-and-run poster, i.e. post an outrageously silly story (usually involving Titor), reply to a couple of posters responses and then disappear never to be heard from again.
  6. Titor was right about what? Not a thing that he said would happen has happened. None of it. As of today this planet should have a population that is missing 3 billion people because Russia and the USA had an all out nuclear exchange last year. Didn't happen. Back in 2004 a civil war was supposed to break out. In 2008 that civil war was supposed to have consumed the entire nation. Nope. The proof that he was right is that nothing that he said would happen didn't happen because he said it wouldhappen? So all one needs to do is go online, post a story on a BBS that makes certain predictions about the future and when they don't actually occur you accept that as proof that the story was factual? Wow. You do know that (within the context of this fictional story) Titor/TimeTravel_0 wasn't making predictions? He was describing what his character was supposed to have observed in the future in another, not this, universe. How do we know that he was talking about some other universe and not this universe? Because he told us that that was the case as he described the "email experiment". From "I Am From 2036" thread on Art Bell's "Post-2-Post" BBS This "will not affect you", he says. And in the very next sentence he has a brain fart or assumes that the TTI members are idiots and won't remember two seconds later that this "will not affect you" by writing nd says that it will affect you. What?! One "prediction" that he failed to make? How about the prediction that within just a few weeks of his last post Keith and Mary Rowland (the Admins on the Post-2-Post forum) would get fed up with the BBS, go to Art Bell who in turn would go to Premiere Radio (the radio network that carried Bell's show Coast to Coast AM) and after they all got together they would pull the plug on Post-2-Post BBS without any prior warning whatsoever and shut it down. He never saw that coming. Oh, yeah. About those DOW records in advance? Never happened just like the promised "departure video" never happened. As I said at the beginning, nothing that he said would happen ever happened. :)
  7. We already have a physical science that deals with the relationship between math and music (or sound in general), yes? We call the general science "acoustics". When it relates specifically to music we call it "musical acoustics". With respect to purple squirrels, we call the bio-physical science of reacting to sound, including speech, "psychoacoustics".
  8. Holy crap. You mean that just because there is currently a major war going on in Syria that there will be an otherwise undefined "major assault" in Syria in 2016? A major war will lead to further violence. Wow! Really? Whoda thunk it? If you're going to make such a total surprise prediction let me make mine. My prediction is so over the top that only a legitimate time traveler could make it. I predict that the Los Angeles Angel's center fielder Mike Trout will hit at least five home runs in 2016. OMFG! That's so off the wall. Five...count them...five...home runs hit by Mike Trout. Predicting that is more difficult than predicting a "major assault" in Syria...especially when we don't bother to define "major assault".
  9. Yeah, Matey a bit of explanation is required here. The first explanation should be a concise definition of "center of a black hole." No rambling. Concise definition. I'll give a hint: Because we are talking about black holes we are therefore speaking about a specific class of spacetime geometry. Given this specific class of spacetime geometry defining the "center" is going to be a bit problematic. The second definition might be the class of black hole we're talking about and the parameters of the specific hole.
  10. In Titor's Saga Boomer used the idea of a Kerr-Newman class black hole for his time machine. You can Google Kerr-Newman Black Hole (KNBH) for specific details. The short version is that a KNBH is a spinning black hole (Kerr Black Hole) that has a net electric charge, i.e. it is completely described by its mass, angular momentum and charge. So your recollection of the Titor Saga is correct. He said that his "scientists" spun up the black hole by injecting it with electrons. This might sound convincing but it is utter BS. Yes, there is definitely a KNBH solution to General Relativity. But the solution isn't doable in the real world. Injecting the first electron is no problem. After that every new electron faces an ever increasing repulsive Coulomb Force. The force isn't minor. The force is 10^39 times greater than gravitation. In order to get electrons in they have to be traveling at a large fraction of the speed of light otherwise the repulsive force deflects them. Eventually the net charge would be such that further electrons would have to travel at the speed of light. This isn't a viable solution. Recall, Titor's supposed black holes (two of them) had a combined mass of ~225 kg . We know that because he clearly stated that the entire gadget (box, components and 2 black holes) weighed about 500 lbs (226kg). The box and components had to have some mass and we can assume the two black holes had near equal mass so their individual mass was something on the order of 95-100 kg. A black hole with a mass of 100 kg would have an event horizon smaller than the classical diameter of a proton. You might have a problem sliding a Chevy truck through a BH with that diameter. It actually wouldn't make much difference had his BH's had the mass of Earth. If Earth were to be squeezed down to a BH the event horizon would have a diameter of 9mm. Chevy trucks still have problems fitting through that hole. For his gadget you would need the mass of multiple stars. In order to safely traverse the throat of his wormhole it would have to be hundreds of kilometers in diameter. Gravity isn't the only factor. You have the electrical forces to deal with because in the case of multi-stellar mass BH's you did start off with both protons and electrons. Matter may no longer exist (at least from the perspective of being outside the event horizon) but the mass, energy, charge and angular momentum of the star remains and can be detected outside the event horizon (and down the throat of the wormhole). The throat will be an electrical hell if you don't have a sufficiently wide mouth and manage to navigate right down the middle.Then you have the problem of having the BH in the real world where incoming matter falls into the BH. This results in a gamma ray hell. Matter being accelerated to near the speed of light in a huge gravitational field radiates electrical magnetic energy in the form of gamma rays. It's a nice story but it's also really bad science. Boomer was a decent writer but he didn't know much about physics other than what he would quickly glean from some website. Generally speaking he not only posted the high school physics version he only seemed to have the high school version as a foundation for his personal knowledgebase.
  11. What is the shark chum agreement? Ummm... What does any of the above have to do with "hard science"? What does a 1m wave have to do with time travel? Who said that a 1m wave is a standing wave simply because it is propagated inside a copper sphere? Why a copper sphere instead of an, oh...aluminum, iron, barium, krypton, etc. sphere? Where is the hard science that states 1m EM fields "restore to a previous state, rejuvenate [or] heal" anything? WTF is a "morphic field"? Come on. You made this up just to make a post. Right?
  12. Crap! First it was Philadelphia, then it was Washington, DC followed by Omaha. And now you say it's Miami? Once upon a time it was "First in war, first in peace but last in the American League (the Washington Senators) and now it's the Marlins who are last in the National League? Wow! You are surely a time traveler.
  13. The 1960's are very similar to what?! :thumbsdown: What the hell did 2010 have in common with 1960? The 1950's and the 1980's? Sure, both were similar in the sense of a poor economy but the 1950's were the continuation of the Great Depression whose liberal progressive folly was temporarily interrupted (and propped up) by WWII. The 1950's saw the rise of communism. The 1980's saw the fall of communism. Other than a bad economy what in deep substance do they have in common?
  14. Absolutely perfect. Did Eddy mention that if you look at his website that you eventually discover that it's all about selling books at $30.00 a pop? Eddy, you old rascal. I've called you out on this before. "Academic Paper" my aching ass.
  15. Why, based on legit published reports about the LHC (published, not alt-sci crap ) would you think that the LHC has anything at all to do with time travel? There's nothing in the LHC except a few heavy atoms. That's thousands of atoms, not septillions of atoms. A few thousand atoms in a collider are interesting but they have no effect what-so-ever at a distance of 10^-15 cm (that's 1000 times larger than a typical atomic nucleus, i.e. about the size of an atom). If you know something that the rest of us don't know pray tell. Please; no bat shit crazy Internet silliness. Give us actual scientific papers that we can refer to.
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