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  1. Hello DarwinMurphy. Could you give us a description or possibly even draw a picture of the political boundaries (nation-wise) of any point in the future?
  2. Can you tell me if any new countries are founded or if any old countries are obliterated? Does the USA cease to be a superpower in the future?
  3. Hello. I'm not saying that I believe you, but could you give me an account of what happens with the situation in North Korea? Seeing as how you gave us a Japanese name earlier, I would also like to know how Japan and South Korea are doing in your time. Are there any names, or at least initials, of famous East Asian people that you can remember? Thanks.
  4. Knowledge

    The Secret

    Sounds like something from Nostradamus. :) I would know ;)
  5. Also, I read somewhere that different wavelengths of light travel faster or something.
  6. Re: Hurricane Katrina ties it all together (Civil Also, as I have stated before, I believe that your "Titor is BS" party should be moved to the start of the 2006 Olympic Games. Once again, John stated that the start of the Civil War would be somewhat hazy.
  7. Re: Hurricane Katrina ties it all together (Civil Just to let you guys know, if there are Olympic Games in 2006, I will drop the whole Titor thing and I bet that a lot of other people will.
  8. Actually, I think that a lot of us have used the phrase before. There is no evidence that states that anyone definitely used the phrase first.
  9. Another link (this one is "AMAZINGLY" paralleled with John's "prophecies"): Nostradamus and World War III (Link 2) This is amazingly, strikingly similar to John Titor's prophecies and current events. I will attempt to highlight the parallels. NOTE: Italicized sentences are my comments. Amazing.
  10. Nostradamus and World War III I was surfing the 'net, researching the Illuminati, when I came across this. If anything, this is interesting, considering the cover of this book says "2006-2012," close to what Titor says but not quite. (I think Titor said 2005-2012) Does anyone feel like checking out this book and its connections with John Titor?
  11. Re: Let's Talk Divergence... Shall We? Where did you get the idea that RMT said anything about each universe having its own "unique gravity?" I don't agree with this. I'm just assuming, but I don't think that RMT does either.
  12. Re: Let's Talk Divergence... Shall We? Are you saying that you believe that the Everett-Wheeler-Graham interpretation is correct? If so, did Titor influence any of your beliefs in this matter?
  13. Exactly what I've been thinking. Both of us are going to branch off into different worldlines if the concept of choosing your worldline and the Everett-Wheeler-Graham interpretation of quantum mechanics is correct. I personally want Titor to be right, because I believe in quantum immortality. Titor said that we'll get time displacement machines in 2034; if I want to, I'll get one, assuming that my mind actually can sway my fate. You're living in my worldline and I'm also living in yours... Maybe in the future, I'll take my time displacement machine and meet you in your worldline! :)
  14. I'm not sure if I ever said that these hurricanes would cause civil war - please correct me with some direct quotes if I am wrong. Maybe the whole of them, combined with other influences, will start civil war. Also, John told us that most of us would not recognize the start of Civil War II but that everyone would find out a few years later. By the way, I'm just curious... How would you react if Titor's predictions came true? Are you completely sure that it will never happen? I was thinking that you should move your Titor is BS party to the start of a more certain event, like the start of the 2006 Winter Olympics.
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