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  1. >Greenspan: Iraq war was really for oil Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, in a memoir to be released Monday, says the prime motive for the March 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq was oil, The Sunday Times reported.< http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2007-09/16/content_6736088.htm it's good to be right once in a while. >A Eulogy for 911< http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=time_travel&Number=48471&page=1&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=14&vc=1 This is my absolute favorite website. I visit this site 2-4 times a day, every single day. I love this site as much as I love Google news or YouTube. But Making RainmanTime a moderator is like using the wolves to guard the sheep. It will not be easy for me to leave this website but this is my last post. I have often wondered how much money this website makes from its banner ads. I always hope it is enough to keep this website running. That is why I am not offended when a Monster.com pop-up pops up or really dumb ad banners run on the top- because I know they are keeping this site alive. But putting RainmanTime in charge of ANYTHING here is like putting Brownie back in charge of FEMA. I respect and admire the owner of this site for simply keeping it up. And I respect his decision. And I thank him for having this website in the first place. Thank you. Adieu
  2. Re: THE AMERO MONEY >is not only the coin but the gold price of the coin ...< There is a direct inverse ratio between the price of gold and the stock market. Take any gold chart, flip it and reverse it and put it up against a stock market chart. It's been that way since 1933. The same also applies to the US deficit. >did you read the red letters...< You mean this: >Due to the increasing market value of gold, the American Eagle Gold Uncirculated Coins are temporarily unavailable while pricing for this option can be adjusted; therefore, no orders can be taken at this time. We expect products to be available with adjusted pricing on or after September 27, 2007.< Yeah- gold is volatile, like the stock market. >This story explains why you own gold: not so much to make money but to protect it.< I own gold because I am a coin guy, I have always been a coin guy. To me, it simply makes sense to own gold. You want a conspiracy? Look up US gold bolds. Gold is still readily available- eBay, coin shows, etc... but now is not the time to buy gold- I'd go with stocks until things settle down a bit. "But stocks are volatile". Exactly- get it now while everyone's panties are in a knot. Another thing I recommend right now is real estate simply because it's all volatile and the idiots have already left that market. >"Here's a WILD hyper-inflation scenario -- far worse, and happening far faster, than I can imagine. But it is useful for personal mind-stretching and scenario-izing. It is also darn funny." I do not believe there will be a recession or depression. If such a thing happens, that's the end of the dollar and bread and cars and street lights and civil order... the last thing on everyone's minds at that point is gold. Are you going on record predicting a recession/depression/hyperinflation/whatever?
  3. Re: THE AMERO MONEY I have been collecting those coins since the mid 90's. What is your point?
  4. Re: answer to hdrkid Is it safe to say DarwinMurphy fugazi snarfed back to the future at this point?
  5. I much prefer it when they come clean.
  6. Re: Dubai - What's up with that? :) Titorian turned me on to Dubai. From all I have seen, they are the good guys over there. Why? Because they took our US dollars and are upgrading to a 22nd century country. They love our US dollars... THEY GET IT. By doing all that they are doing, they are ensuring their currency well into the future, unlike all other middle-eastern countries. And since they have roads and highways and fire hydrants, the people of Dubai are happy, and happy people are less likely to strap on explosives.
  7. (Might as well beat a dead horse) >I cannot divulge exactly where it will take place due to the distortion it may cause, but a tsunami wave will envelope highly populated areas in the south-pacific.< Excuse me- but aren't EVENTS defined by REACTIONS? You can TOTALLY go away now... in fact:
  8. >i saw something on tv yesterday that gave me an idea. what if you drilled a hole deep enough into the ground to get a fair amount of heat, like a narrow circular hole, and then put a fan and generator over the hole. anyone have any idea how much energy that would produce?< In theory it would work- with some sort of magic "heat compressor", which currently is a contradiction. The ground temperature on the Earth varies between -60 degrees and 140 degrees, but when you get 10+ feet below ground, the temp is a constant 60... that ten feet of earth above you is enough of an insulator to insulate a 200 degree swing. So yeah- if you dug a hole 10+ feet into the ground, you'd tap into a volume of a constant 60 degree temperature, but how do you turn it into energy? How do you bring it up to ground level in the winter? And that's where a magic heat compressor comes into play- a windmill. A giant, closed pipe- half is above ground, half is 10 feet below ground. Connected to a windmill that generates X2 energy (thereby keeping the air in this closed system flowing at "X2 speed") and you have a house that is 60 degrees inside, 365 days a year. At that point, all you need is a way to go from 60 to 72 degrees (a +12 degree shift) and that's where a passive heating system comes into play: Another closed system made of black tubes on the roof and a water heater/coolant tank in the basement. The black tubes absorb sunlight "all day long" and heat up the tubes, which heats up this closed system, which heats up the (probably pressurized) water in the coolant tank. When the sun sets, the hot water in the coolant tank evaporates and radiates up the pipes as heat, to escape through the roof (or be reabsorbed via another process). In other words, a closed system house- a house that's 72 degrees all by itself 365 days a year. All of this is possible and very practical- only someone has to invent it. PS- the energy source of this is a windmill, which is reliant on the Earth's orbit. In other words, "as long as the Earth spins, this system will work".
  9. Darby- What do you make of this: http://www.expanding-earth.org/ It makes an awful lot of sense to me- it's very anthropic. It's also very profound.
  10. >I have been sent from the year 2011. >We have had the ability to travel time for about seven years So this time machine you went through was invented three years ago in 2004?
  11. Actually, I rarely edit what I type before I type it- I am hyperlexic and pedantic.
  12. Re: answer to hdrkid Took me a little while to find it. It's worth posting to put this issue to rest. The original article: http://www.freemarketnews.com/WorldNews.asp?nid=47425 "These private-issue fantasy pattern coins will be struck as an annual series, starting in the latter part of 2007."
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