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  1. Funny that............. People often ask me, "Where do I think Alien Intelligence might come from" & my standard reply is "Did you say Where or When"
  2. Hi Elfin, All I can say about Alien Intelligence is that id find it strange if we were alone.
  3. Hello everybody, I used to come here a while ago, but were more lost than lost. But now im a little wiser & older, I should have a little more fun. I like the new set up mop. How do reply to individual threads, or can I only reply to the main note????. Any other tips would be appreciated..... Bye
  4. Hi Time, All things happen for a reason & if you have had a glimpse in time, then id say that the Intelligence that give you that glimps had the ability to travel in time & knew that you would eventually end up here (At this site). So, I go on to add that this Intelligence would also like you to share this knowledge, Otherwise it wouldnt have been given to you, Unless its some sort of test to see if you are able to keep a secret!!!. Also, Maybe & just maybe time, that when you divuldge the secret, that the combined thought of the people here will leed to the creation of a machine that will enable people to travel in time. And you never know, due to your participation in the development, it may even be named after you, It can be called a Time Machine!!!!!!!!!. Have a Goody Bouncer <This message has been edited by Bouncer (edited 31 October 1999).>
  5. Elfins Bard.......... If you could travel faster than the speed of light then you would be right, BUT nothing of Mass is SUPPOSED to be able to reach the speed of light as it will keep creating more mass as it get faster thus requiring more energy to go faster thus getting more mass which would reqire more energy & so on & on & on...
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