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  1. OMG that's [censored] hiLARious! I was pushing for that for years! How about chronohistorian? Whatever happened to that fleshbag?
  2. Did he finally get on the meds he so desperately needed?
  3. whee. Outlasting the best of 'em! =)
  4. So aren't you crazies worried about Planet X???? OMG W3'R3 ALL GONNA DI#!!!1! click here to learn the TROOF!!!
  5. Oh yeah? Well you're too old and frumpy and gullible. Titor my ass! Ooh... that sounds gay.
  6. I personally think that Siegmund was the most convincing time traveller
  7. I am posting from my mom's basement.
  8. Re: the year 2007-2009 are very telling years why? Your questions aren't relevant to anything.
  9. I formally request that bogz stops whining.
  10. "Intelligent"??? You obviously haven't been reading these forums long!
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