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  1. I do believe (very often) that there is millions of parallel "lifes" (our lifes and everything). OR The whole universe (or my brain) is redoing the same thing over and over. SO... On what would you bet? :yum:
  2. I agree with Swiftinfo. ? It is good tough to be aware, or have an idea, of what could be going'on "up there". The thing is that we're affraid, feeling that we don't have the control over events. Everything organizations that try to controlate the "world" crash at some point. The church, some gouvernments, some twisted leaders. We wants a perfect world, which smell like: Having one language, one big country, the same leaders, equal rights and equal ressources... This is what we tend to do naturally and we might fight for it, but it's so far away the real perfect world, which is not based on "material" but on will, on respect, on honesty and so on. Oh yes! It's interesting because it's secret, and blablabla. Allright! Some kids grow up with the fun of playing in big tonka truck, an other who likes the numbers will stick to accounting, and there is a bunch that kept the fun of having secrets, I have no problem with that. ? ... dob
  3. 2003's tour :) Almost one year and an half has passed since my last visit, it is great to see that there is still activities in here. ;) I found that is good to take a step back sometimes, it help to see the global aspect of the picture. I've started to read the posts that I missed, good ones, some better, some are still repetitions, what can we do about that? I'm just a visitor. :D I'm still concern to make the research and experiments further. I guess everybody serious in here, take it seriously, it's a life time research. :) For that period of meditation, I got deeper in the perspective where time travel is possible thru psychic (mind). In a lot of theories about greatful writers or something we mention all the time the black holes for instance. Each time we explore "formulas" about the capabilities to travel in time - we find new interesting datas. BUT, each time, it's about the mass. And what means mass, either means "crushed" or "extended". This is a lack, and it makes us focus on the effects instead of the cause, it's thinking backward. Nobody wants to be crushed into a black hole in a suffering death to "feel" that time has bend (...). O_o The only way (so far that I found) to let us do that kinda trip is to go OBE (Out of Body Experience). This is cheap, needs practice but it works. I had few experiences regarding that, where I saw "futur"'s stuff. :eek: This kind of travel eliminate a lot of paradoxes, it's very coherent. It may be easier to travel that way then in our 4 physical dimensions, but it's still not so evident. The key to achieve a successfull timetravel trip in the futur, is to avoid paradoxes, you might think it's not possible, but see: An example: You might not see something so clearly that you're gonna think about it and avoid it, by will or by mistake. This is serious. :D :) Remember when you were young (some people may recognize themself here): You taught you had the "power" to predict things because your brain was starting to think further then present, you drop a ball -> it's gonna bounce. At some point, at a higher state it become "intuition", and those intuitions that you can't stop, are those who have a chance to become real. But it have to be unclear and messy. :P Nostradamus is the perfect example: Most people will say that this is a big joke where this guy, from Notre-Dame, invented a pure ficive story that could be interpreted in 900 ways. It's a matter of fact, if you predicted something that it's gonnna happend, it's not telling it that's gonna avoid it, otherwise you could'nt had that vision. (Where I consider VISION to be a cheap way to travel into futur). <font color="black"> Anybody with OBE experience in here? [/color] :confused: <FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/dopoll.php"><INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="pollname" VALUE="1050369028dob"> OBE? <input type="radio" name="option" value="1" />> What's that !?? < <input type="radio" name="option" value="2" />I don't believe that crap! <input type="radio" name="option" value="3" />Never did that, so far <input type="radio" name="option" value="4" />I had an experience... <input type="radio" name="option" value="5" />I'm a professionnal at that!
  4. TIME OUT::::: I want to know who is using my name ( dob ) as a guess when I'm out????? This is just so wrong! :mad: The invitation is launched!!! :)
  5. I'm laughing so loud!!! that was 35 emails that I didn't replyed "in between", can you believe it?<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left"> <IMG>http://www.dobdesign.com/dominic/images/menu-symboles_Over_04.gif</IMG> < dob > What's important it's what's valuable.
  6. <font size="1" color="#FF0000">LAST EDITED ON 17-Dec-01 AT 01:49AM (EDT)</font> Just wanted to see how things were going inside here. For those who remember Celebi, this is the latest news I got from him; for a month I wasn't able to take my emails, something was "jamed", but one day, I received a bunch of emails from Celebi, almost 75, incredible. I copied them somewhere because I knew people would'nt believe me about this case, so I pasted it here. What else, about the "apparition" of a fantomatik-ghost, that was month's ago, and it seems like already like an old time for me, first I moved out of this place. since there, I never catch any other "ghost" my luck has gone away somewhere. I believe that people can make things append by their mind, this is the same about time travel, (at my sens) - that when we'll do it, it will be by brain. Anyway, for those who wants to laught, this is the dope show: (Sorry Michel.) --­> Michel Yero it is real name. I told him many times to get some help. MICHEL!!! IF you're reading that, go get some help, this is a healty advice. ­­"""""" Dob, did you email me after? After we last talked? I got banged. I'm nothing alone you know, and still love myself too much. Don't panic. If I don't get a reply, I won't continue. I'll tell you something that you've never heard before in your life... So look at the smart All you have done is insignificant with your practice. Just look at me, new to the internet, don't even know how to type fast. I beat you with my webtv, and my mind. Think you're tough too? If you were in front of me, I'll advise you not to trade blows. It's a pity how you played with my letters. You should respect others doby, more when you're not in front. Don't worry, I'm sure others think I'm a coward. Why don't you answer? This is going to be my third email, and last. After we talked, I did receive three also. Listen doby, you're not alone. "Friends don't care if you're serious or not" I've discussed with Javier, and he finally cut me off. He was also in the party, and he left in a hurry. That's not a friend sign. All I did say wasn't serious, because he shown me a page with sleeping problems. I offered him a deal. I expected from him to let others know that I would change as his rules, even send a picture of me in my home. He refused. This is already a change that I was expecting. Now I'm ready to change. Remember, I'm ready waiting for the call, if some of you are capable (real like me). I should visit the board again, because he did continue after dropping me. That was the change (a good one) Are you ready for a change, "brake rules". You were still after the dinosaurs. Trust me, have no fear. I'm still in my home, and you're in yours. I welcome all of you. Don't leave me, or let me go, both the same. Stay with me, "words can't kill, but can teach". If you treat me bad, I will defend myself. Treat me good, and you'll see. n/a dob, I don't know you. I need you to do me favor. I was upset because they treated me bad. I live here with no problems. It was a misunderstanding. The moderator thought I was someone else. Please answer me this time. I'm not homosexual like they said. I did said all of that because they got me wrong. They laughed at me with rediculous pages, and I thought I was in some page, because the board changed. doby they gave me 36 hours You'll always be my friend. I was playing, and I'm afraid you believed it hehehe. All was to express only "Time is not a personal thing". Believe me this time. Sorry for being so mean. I knew you were going to say everything I've been telling you. You did great for them to know me. I've never being upset. I'll try to go back and tell. You know why I wasn't upset, because all this is very old, and doesn't impress me. My father used to tell me that. Friends to the end if...by the way, I stay up late because I'm still waiting for my job. I should wait a little for a special position. dob, what's going on! People think I'm some Renaldo. I only was kidding to Javier when I spoke about sex (only humor) I thought he wouldn't mind. Also I suspected that wasn't the real board, but I see it now. Listen, I know why they think like that. "I saw someone mentioning that name, and talked just like I did about prays". If I was that guy, I wouldn't say it". Look, if you still think I'm a menace, you should save my emails, and report it to the police. I'm not lying. You know them, please tell them that I'm willing to show anything they ask me. I'm hiding nothing. doby help me! Javier just killed me. He didn't save me. I wanted to return with much less posts. He didn't give me a chance. They called me homosexual, you know I'm not. I did say it to you. I used sex because I thought he wouldn't see it bad. It wasn't pointing at him just telling what has happened to me kidding. I was an imbecile, see, I never lie. Do something. Do you remember when you all talked bad words? I always learn. Such a great data, and it has betrayed me. Re: doby help me! You don't remember when they were saying bad words, and insulted me. They pushed me to the end, and Javier didn't tell me about the real board I was in. He changed it somehow. I've never meant anything bad about you. You were always the upset guy. You know I 'm not homosexual. Please talk to them, I wanted to help you before. I'm Michel Yero, and want to be your friend, even if I don't have a penny in my pocket. I was using humor, trying to immitate you. Please help me. Re: doby help me! dob, were you the one sending me all the emails? You can change the email too. dob, do you want to kill me. I haven't do anything to you, only asking questions. I was taken away from posting what I like, and looked for in the internet. I'm serious about time travel. If you don't help others, you won't be helping yourself, because we must do everything together. Don't take me apart. I feel needs for others. The way of standing again is look for something better. I was afraid of you when you were talking behing me. Remember dob, don't be a bad person. You're a laughing boy, and doby, you know that. Re: doby help me! As you pulled off the page about aliens, and gods, you did it this time again. Please tell me what did they tell you. I won't say anything. People are selfish, and you know that. I replied before you got a response. I didn't mean it like that doby. Why can't they forget that. I did apologize, and I want to return. I recognize my mistakes. Are they going to give me a chace? ? Are they going to give me a chance? Tell them I won't be like that again. I miss the board, and having bad days because of it. I'll be ICE. About pamela, I felt something, she's beautiful, but I'll ignore it if they let me again. I know maryjane was a fake. Were you her kidding? Did you tell her what I said? About the name, and the way she played with me. Remember "up and down" and you said that after. I liked her when she taught me the happy face. She might be older, or compromised. Would you listen? Dominic, I felt strange among all of you. When I see a person confused (me), I try to talk. You did good in giving me your email. Never think I try to conquer you. I'm different, but not bad. You shown me that you were the only participant in the whole think. doby, how did you get such practice? Listen, I was rude to you before. I don't know if you can sense my sentiments. doby, I love you not for being gay (maricon, or could be also homosexual)) in Spanish. I'm a man not a gay. I need friends, even if I look ridiculous. You haven't tell me what's going on around. I feel in cage. Tell me what happened to me. It's wierd, but it seems that you are the moderator, or settled some joke planned before. Of couse, you couldn't be all at the previous board. You wouldn't be crazy talking to yourself. Well, I did it just to clarify my mind. Do you? You know my insides now If you're interested I can tell you the answer of time. I can assure you that you've never heard it before. I don't have any friends. "I'm a neutral energy" looking everything around me. I prefer to call you doby because is my feeling (the real one) on this universe. I like sex because I feel motivated by a woman, but I don't consider it a profession. When you look (no matter to what direction) you see things. Never ask questions, just follow the line, and don't leave. If you see an obstacle try to avoid it, and keep going. If you follow my answer you will survive. PUT ME ON THE BOARD AGAIN, AND YOU'LL SEE THE BIGGEST TREASURE EVER. The price is so BIG that you can't still believe it. Don't you? I never lie, just testing actions like I've been telling you. When the truth is so near it becomes quickly far. That's only one secret about the little things humanity has done. I can drastically speed it up. Test me for real one day only. Don't underestimate me. This is not a menace doby, just a help for you to think better. Once you become afraid your mind turns down. Remember doby, I'm asking you for the impossible that can be possible. Concentrate a little to what I say. I think you're capable by the actions I've been watching from you. Do you know why your % rate about me never gets to 100? Because you're powerful, looking for something better. Example of time: Look at the big letters. Those are the beginnig (my desire) and look all the way down here. It never ends....I see you low in energy. What's wrong? Don't think about defeating me, or you'll never do it. Not a challenge doby. Just follow me, and you'll be thinking powerful. Answer me letting me know about this particular topic. My mind can't go further if you stop yourself. Remember, "when you laugh is because you don't understand" You cheated You've forwarded different emails to me with adult sites!!! What are they going to do to me now? You're a danger man!!! I'm afraid I'm talking to pamela, Shadow, and dob. My three friends had betrayed me. All because I want to be your friend. You certainly don't believe in it. Want to know why I've realized it? "I did think a little". That's the power of the mind doby. I hope when the police comes after me, you're going to talk with then, right. Can *I* expect that from you? doby you've made me cry for real. You're a master, and I wished to join you. I had real fun with you at the board. I did ask you to take me back, and you didn't want to. I was right after all. You want to eliminate me, but I'm still cool. doby we could have fun, unless you think I'm nothing next to you. I'm part of you, and love you, and we're still big men. doby do you know any girl interested in me. Please introduce me to some. Am I right? We traded our minds. I feel you like a brother now. Are you myself? You're part of me now. We are one different, like my theory. No matter if you're she/he both the same (no sex) only mind. I love you, I can almost sense you near me. It's like looking to my both hands. My feelings about you is doby my brother. I never had one, only sister, but you are like me. You're my likeness, and my heart is with you now, and forever.....even if you don't like it. I love you now like my parents, brother. I've never mentioned that word before. I need you. This is my heart doby. If you kick me, I grab your foot. Don't be upset. Give me time for you to understand me. Remember, if you say NO, I'll still be crying. I was mad at you, and happy. I called you puny, and tell you master. If you're sick, I'll be sick too. Don't let this get you confused, now that I love you. You asked, and you denied If you let me go, I'm more than sure you'll never find someone like me. Too long lonely I have enough knowledge, even better than an old man. As I said you were a fool. You just cut your answer. Keep trucking....I'll be traveling, and you stuck in your time frame. Remember "I live in the infinite" Use your time machine to get me, otherwise you'll never do...... You mixed my email Do you know why I like sex? Because I like to see girls like it. Like I'm the man with them, not looking at the man (I have the same) it's a waste of time. I asked you for help, not for battle. You're not letting me perform my activities. Please, I ask you to cease. "I have to pay something, and you're not going to get it". You're receiving what I suppose to get. I only was playing, and you're not. You're not answering my emails. I won't send anymore for you. I'll report it to the police You're violating my email, and my transactions. Hiding yourself You're glad talking to yourself. Why don't you ask another? I've said the truth. You didn't answered to my questions because you couldn't. Think you're a mastermind? You've just descovered yourself. You're a violator of the law, just like your Shadow part said. I'm afraid you've just betrayed yourself. LOL now. Go tell your other parts. You're lost like I said. I beat you Here's something for you:..........my BIG DOLL What's your answer? You have time until tomorrow at 12:00pm. You've being kind to me somehow, and I can't hide my feelings. You're acting weird. I don't know if you're playing or not. You're not offering much communication, but giving me a perfect training. I need your response by that time. You just faked the entire Ebay site! I can't send my payments to the seller if is not the one it should be. If you accept my friendship as I asked you, I would tell you my secrets. Remember, I never lie, not even betray. I sense something in you. You're a kid like me, and I love you. You don't have a heart if you erased all my posts, but if you did, you're free to do so. Have you ever met someone like me? "I miss the way you used to talk to me". Don't ever turn your back to someone who really loves you. It's so much love that you can't believe it. You don't seem to remember my past when I was in the board. You want to know me? You're doing it, and I suggest you take a look to my posts, and follow them to here. "My mind is me" You know it now. If you finally decide to be my friend, do as I ask you. I'm not sure of your actions. You told me "I don't want anything from you" in one of your first emails to me. I didn't know at that time you were the master. I'll be waiting for your answer BY WORDS WITH THIS EMAIL by tomorrow at 12:00pm "I'm just protecting myself as I told you before" You're putting pressure on me. Telling you this in a good way, please understand. E-yes What is that mean? About Jennifer Lopez and her eyes. "The more you look, the more you'll find". Are you female? What does that "yes" mean? You know (Eyes) You're copying my style. Are you learning some from it? Remember, tomorrow at 12:00pm, and I don't want to lose a master like you. Ebay item 1142855279 (Ends May-14-01 15:50:11 PDT) -1975 AMAZINGSPIDERMAN#141VF Here's an example of what you did to me. Take a look at the comic. I'm Spiderman, you are mysterio. <http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1142855270&r=0&t=0&showTutorial=0&ed=989880611&indexURL=0&rd=1> Forgot PS Remember.....tomorow at 12:00pm I must get your reply with this email [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> by words, and good ones. Whoever you are You may not be the moderator, or any that I've mentioned. One thing for sure, tomorrow I'll find out early. Someone has put me in a bad situation, and will confront the police. The time I gave has changed. My password at http://www.ebay.com <http://www.ebay.com> is been discovered by someone who's doing illegal actions. I see your power You've desabled me completely. You have altered everything that only you can control. "Not for long". You've changed the recent look at ebay, and put my "activities" as I've been telling you. What's wrong with the contractions aren't they correct? It's my style, and I use it whenever I want. I can call webtv to change my email. Although I'm a little bit upset, I feel pleasure for your entertaining, and time dedicated. I know, you consider yourself the digimon emperor right? Well, you've got me. That was the fury you were planning, I see. You may have those illegal disks with information, or many facilities. A lot of money! Please send me a check, I don't have a job. You see now my theory about the powerful god, in this case a devil. I'm little with no potential in my mind, go pick your own size as you said before. I have something I like at Ebay, and have to pay on time. Please release me. "I only want friendship, and that's the biggest offense you could ever get":) You claim to be a man, well, see you now as the master. I'm not sure of what you are. So many at the board. Which one is closer to you? I know you're all of them, but what is the gender. The positive feedback I have at Ebay, wasn't easy to get. I've ever met you before. You're treating me like your enemy. Do you think I'd be helpless having your abilities? You're not scaring me, only impress. I can start all over again, and lose you. It's up to you. I went to the police At 4:00am to the local station. I spoke to the speaker. Whoever was it, didn't want to work! He just told me, take a sit, and wait. I waited half an hour, and called again. Then he said "where do you live?" I gave him my address, and he replied "you don't belong to this station". I guess I have to try later, and you were lucky. Let me see the real Ebay I need to see my situation there. You already know my password, and username. I won't like negative feedbacks because of you. Fun? I didn't ask for that kind. What gives you see me down? Someone did it to you before. Not me. I was asking for friends at the board. I never got replies. You're about to destroy my little dreams. This is personal for you. Play fair like I did. I told my truth. Remember, "there's no winning, or losing" if you win in destroying me, you'll lose, because you did it with no reason at all. All because I wished to join you. If you damage me today, tomorrow you'll get it worse by something, not me. I will stand up again. You will fall When I ask for help, and go to your forum. You asked to be visited. For what? To steal from others. I didn't know where I was for real, but I know it now. Try to drive away by saying I'm someone else. I've saved all your emails for the police. Can you change them? I seriously doubt it:) I believe now all those emails you forwarded me before were your victims. The only difference is that others can change like you. You know me So, what's left for you? Don't do bad things on me. I've never done it. I asked you to be my friend, not my enemy from a distance. You can't feel the pain, but see the agony, and it gets you somehow. I can be lower "please, I beg you to release me". Can you? I can do better than words, and it's waiting. Time will take care of it, and probably not me. I haven't get your direct reply. You're torturing me, after I tried to help you. Taught you my secrets (not all) and you're missing a lot, trust me. You don't know yet what's in my head. You won't learn them by doing this. Real place to learn? The board and getting me released. You'll see then full capacity. Listen B Maybe "they can't find the whole alphabet", but listen to this: I don't care WHERE the whole alphabet is, and you know that. Please check the time I know those people you were faking, then you'll see I'm not lying. Sorry for being too intelligent, and I advise you as a friend. "Think better, you're giving away your identity". Whoever you are, I like your mind:) Love me for real as I feel about you, and you are blind. Use love instead of hatred, then you'll succeed. That's my mystery doby my brother. Use the mind of a friend, not of the enemy. Now I realize your behavior. Remember, I won't get old (not for accident) but for mind. Thanks for the purchase: (The robot toys) I thought that was [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> after all, you know your territory. See ya in a million years... B you're still wrong I always said the truth about me. Don't play your mastermind tricks this time, remember my advice. Learn to LOVE. I hope you release me soon. How long will that take? I have the Starsky & Hotch car toy. That isn't the seller. I have to contact him for payment. Please leave the artificial at Ebay. If you want to keep in touch with me, leave the above email active. I'll keep you near my brother. Won't you mind? I won't bother you anymore at time travel. Everything The webtv too, and email correspondences.
  7. dob

    Creepy shot!!!

    Pamela: You know, I'm going to SHOW you something even more special. Since the event, I did passed less time in this forum and more in a spirit forum. For those who wants to see it, it's a video of "something" like a white ball flashing over my little 2 months kid. My wife saw it too, so we're 2 witnesses and an half... Email me, and I personnally send you the adress of the movie. But I won't put any promotion of it on this forum. (why should be the purpose anyway?, this is more a time travel forum) See-U!
  8. RE: I've discover the little game! interesting!
  9. RE: I've discover the little game! Hi! I'm back, and I'm laughting a lot! I taught that it would be a good thing to let a little space to give a break, but I realize that between that time you got confuse, from the 4 pages of posts I've read that you taught that I'm jalous?! Jalous of what? Sincerly this is funny, I'm not mad at you, where did you got that? Sorry to desapoint you - I'm not. Yes, I've been busy the last days, studying new forms of life. I'm gonna post many post with Interest, just to help your thread growing... See-you later! TimeTravel Activist: Keep going on, there's a reason for everything, maybe God send you on earth to find answers?! The Females: Keep going on, (I don't know why I call you that, I do respect womens a lot, but because you don't seem to minds...), you're doing great! The others: Keep truking. And remember: This is the Celebi Time Traveler forum's party!
  10. dob

    Creepy shot....

    Since I'm infested of virus very deeply, I won't send U any emails until I'm free. I pull out hundreds of files that was contaminated, but there's still few that I can take out (@%?$!%[email protected]!!!). So the party will be going online instead that by mails... About the crucified from... I think I just have too much imagination an openness over cruality. And I can't tell everythings, many of you would react badly. BUT! Maybe this ghost came for my punishment... oops! dddooooooooohhh! :)
  11. dob

    Creepy shot!!!

    You can't send the picture in the forum, you have to send it anywhere else than copy the path INTO your post. By exemple you got an account at geocities and the image is at: geocities.com/sidewalk/4213/creepy001.jpg To SHOW the image put a "<img>" on the left side and a "</img>" on the right side of it (sticked to it). If you can't do it, just put the URL adresse to reach it. Thanks!
  12. dob

    Creepy shot....

    "GOSTBUSTER!!!" "I hate the ghosts, I like the girls!"
  13. dob

    Creepy shot....

    I should go to the city's hall and get old plans of the city, to get an idea of what could have been there before my appartment got built, the guys is going to ask me why I'm looking for those information, <[euh, I'm a ghostbuster, you know...>] Do you know if they sell electric ghost trap (like in the movie) at the HomeDepot or PriceCosco? TTA: I didn't notice to have more headache that the normal, but since this appened I feel a bit weird an makes weird dreams the last days, I didn't felt that this priest or church boy was attempting to communicate in any way (by showing me his back) I think this is maybe just a coincidence, maybe I wasn't suppose to see that. You story is interesting, have you "seen" anything about it? I believe that some people are more sensitive than other, I know that I am, but not as much. Have you ever got this feeling? If I can confess something, I could have chance is this priest come back... ;) I have big sins!!! (remember when I was young, I crucified a frog, make fried frog's eggs in a pan, and cut of the wings of the dragon-flies... :(
  14. dob

    Creepy shot!!!

    djayr42: Men you effraid me with this face thing, post whaterver interesting you find I beg you! Oh! I just look back at the picture an other time, maybe your mentionning the flag of the earth on the wall; it's a blue planet on a back tissus. Now that you mentionned it I see a headbone...
  15. dob

    Creepy shot....

    It's always easier to believe that this kinda thing are "false", even more in my case, because I'm a 3D artist. I'm not mad a you when you suspice me of having did it in 3D, almost, I take it as a compliment. But I do 3D since only 1 and a half year, I'm already a trainer and proclame myself as an artist, but this doesn't have anything to do with this picture. You should have a look at my stuff later (I'm building up my portfolio at this time). To achieve something realistic like this I would have pass a lot more time then just click the "photo" button of the camera. I can't prove you that I didn't make it . Even more difficult than that, the camera is numeric, so if you're skeptic then forget it. As I mentionned earlier, I would have thousands of skeptic comments (myself) on that picture if it wouln't come from me, so. If I've post it, it's not to convince any skeptic, I would be skeptic myself - in the inverse case...,no, it's to get peoples point of view about the nature of the event and the thing. I really want information about it, if I can't find any here, I'm just gonna look somewhere else, I don't want to get in any fight-it's not my goal. For the approvance of the picture, I've send it to a friend of a friend of mine who got the picture (skeptic) and want to get involve in the process of finding an evidence to proove that this is a "false". If the photo reveals to be "true" then I guess I will have to take an other one in front of , I think that in Quebec, there's an association of skeptic that can give you a lot of money if you prove that you can show something extra ordinary. Let's see! For the guys in my picture, it could be a servant of mass (church), but why he would come to my place, I wonder. The nearest church is at the end of the street (250 m) and it's a Greek Orthodoxe (old style) church, the next one is about 400 meter, a regular Orthodoxe one, then a Catholic at 550 m. (I never been in a Orthodoxe, do they wear like that?)
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